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  1. Good ole' JR and your man from neighbours
  2. I wonder if sky news will keep other people up to date, BREAKING NEWS: Triple H has actually jobbed
  3. Pretty sure they had beer guts years ago! :roll
  4. That site is so bad. What a waste of such a popular domain
  5. Brookyln Brawler. It has to be. If not you can eat your hat
  6. well doen to all involved and won:xyx I ain't jealous
  7. :xyx Shows doug has comitment, he could have just went from the us to japan but instead came back to the uk and wrestled
  8. Flair gets it, if we had to pick three austin would be second then The Rock (I dunno why though)
  9. D-lo your looking at the real thing!!! (his old music in wwe) Should be a good match on no wait it should be a squash
  10. Gotta agree foley is a great bumper, d-von can't bump at all. But Bubba I always found him to be a great bumper especially in his ECW days
  11. Find out what the promoters/wrestlers have to say An interesting joint interview with Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey can be found on the official NWA Ireland website, nwaireland.com. Or you can link directly from http://www.nwaireland.com/iview3.htm
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