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  1. It's still a very good card, considering the lack of current TNA guys due to the ridiculous booking of the shows. I'd love to see it live, but due to a mixture of mitigating circumstances, that isn't going to be happening. I hope that those who do go to see the show have a good time though, and keep supporting the promotion.
  2. If you need someone to make up the numbers I'll take part. Problem is that I hate playing with large companies, so I'd either get bored easily if I had to run WWE, TNA or ROH, and no one's going to really care if there's a battle at the top for supremacy while I'm struggling to fill a 1000 seater venue. Use me as an emergency back up if you can't get enough people, but it'd be smart not to have me as first choice.
  3. Potentially crap thread lives up to all expectations. Anyway, that'll do for these type of threads for now. I hope it's a long, long time before we see the next variation of NAMEDROP TWO MEMBERS.
  4. This has been a pleasant start to my day, as I imagine Dave Meltzer writing "Bad Undertaker". It also adds more weight to my arguement that adding "Source: WO newsletter" to anything makes it SECRET INSIDERZ NEWZ.
  5. Russ

    3 good, 3 bad

    Bad: I'll guess I'll never know the reason why you love me like you do I can't help falling in love with you We can't go on together with suspicious minds Good: Got a whole lot of money thats ready to burn Since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell You were always on my mind Yup, I've had mixed fortunes lately to say the least.
  6. Samolian Joe is gonna go far in this business. Mark my words.
  7. Stop making these kind of threads. We've had about 20 variations of "WHO DO YOU LIKE?" in General Chat lately and each one has been awful. No more.
  8. Keep all wrestling threads in the wrestling forums.
  9. It's the way Hogan should be used, to create new stars and let people have the rub just by being in the ring with him. The problem is that it'll never turn out the way you suggested. If Hogan refuses to let Shawn Michaels have a win over him, there's not much chance for the half of 3 Minute Warning who didn't stay with the company when the team ended. Michaels is a legend, and every time he stepped into the ring with Hogan, he ended up jobbing. If we got a Hogan Vs Umaga feud, it would involve 4 weeks of Hogan beating up Umaga on Raw, followed by squashing him in 10 minutes at the PPV and punching Armando in the face. And that's exactly how Hogan should NOT be used.
  10. The direction is really worth mentioning on the show too. Last night's was a perfect example. The cut from "Ladies and Gents, Russell Brand!" to "Drug addict." was terrific. It's not very mainstream comedy, and isn't going to attract the wide audience of a show like Little Britain, but at the same time I hope that the fanbase becomes quite vocal and ensures we get at least one more series.
  11. My aunt is dead, you insensitive jerk.
  12. This thread is an obvious attempt for people to post MY GIRLFRIEND without looking attention-seeking, when it's less than subtle To my aunt, last Thursday
  13. Much like your posting. THREAD DEAD EVERYONE OUTTA THE POOL
  14. That's interesting stuff, feel free to post a link if you wish. I know that the Italian market was red hot for wrestling around a year ago, with some big names appearing in the country and selling out some huge arenas. There was also the New Japan show in the country, although I heard that was pretty poor. Former TWO moderator Simon is an Italian-Scot, and has an interest in his home's country's love of wrestling. He's mentioned to me stuff about during a football game in August of last year in Serie A between two big teams, the commentator said "This match is the Hulk Hogan Vs Shawn Michaels of football". Inter Milan's radio station also had John Cena's album on constant play for a long time too. Rikishi's booking of NWE left a lot to be desired, hurting the promotion financially, but the demand for WWE still exists. It's interesting to see that smaller, Italian based promotions like ICW have set up to try and catch some of the demand for wrestling, as you'd expect in a place where the fans are rabid for the product. A few of the Italian workers might even have success in the US, Claudio Castagnoli has proven that central European wrestlers can do well in America. WWE is currently trying to recreate the incredible demand for wrestling in Spain, using the same plans as they did to make the Italian market red hot. It could be a more difficult job, the Spanish market has never really had an interest in wrestling or MMA. Still, with Italy being a lucrative money making area, it'll be in WWE's best interests to have success in Spain.
  15. OK changing vote to Draven because he mentioned me. This is circlejerking basics, look and learn, people.
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