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  1. Hi, I don't think people who tried to judge someone by their appearance and wished them bodily harm can try and take the smug moral high ground in anything tbh. Bye
  2. See, the proof is in the pudding (that you then ate. in a rage with all forms of dessert)
  3. Really, from my experience, if you've got a fed head on who wants to talk about his fed and promote it, you normally end up chatting away to them for at least a half hour. Nothing wrong with that. I speak based on two months worth of experience, the most factually accurate kind!
  4. I refuse to appear of shows with men who are seething with rage. Especially Gamer Rage. That's the worst one!
  5. I agree, Dante's post. There's just no words. And Kurtmarks... Phil's for that matter.
  6. I CREATED A WHOLE BELT. A WHOLE BELT. RESPECT ME! Even if I did then go on to win the belt I created.
  7. Sorry for the double up. Not the greatest stuff in the world but time got away from me last week and I wanted to make sure I got the ball rolling this week.
  8. We return from our illustrious sponsors to find Mr. Fotherington and Nanny continue their jaunt around the backstages of the MEN Arena. As if by television magic, we find them inside the office of Darkstar, the guy who does all the things. Darkstar has a an expression of confusion and anger at an intrusion. MF: Mr. Darkstar, you know who I am so let's move this along quickly. Did you know that your company is celebrating a man from Manchester tonight? Do you know what the message that sends? Children could be watching this! Darkstar: I have no idea who either of you are and I'm very busy running a television show right now so if you wouldn't mind... Darkstar begins to gesture them out of his office in a rather forceful manner. MF: My father told me that I was expected. Cecilworth Fotherington. Darkstar puts momentary breaks on his ushering. Darkstar: Fotherington... Fotherington... as in... C-Worth: As in Cecilworth, yes. Darkstar: No that's not it... the name seems familiar. The other shoe drops Darkstar: As in Lord Fotherington? C-Worth: Yes, my father, as I said, he told me you were anticipating my arrival... Darkstar's eyes widen just a little and he quickly goes in to crisis control mode. Darkstar: Oh! Of course! Cecilworth! Sorry, slipped my mind. We weren't expecting you this week but I promise you we will have everything ready for your arrival next week. C-Worth: I understand, you're a busy man but I would hate to let my father know you had forgotten about the arrival of his son. Darkstar: The job will be lined up and waiting for you next week. C-Worth: Splendid! Now about this Mancunian issue...
  9. The show finds itself, as most parties often do, behind the curtain. Only instead of finding some kind of exciting sex party we find ourselves in the company of two rather unknown types gallivanting about the backstage area. Man: So this is Manchester? Less people with knives that I would have thought. Woman (a female man): Maybe they're concealed Mr. Fotherington. Mr. Fotherington: Don't be silly Nanny, the chattering classes don't have the foresight for such things. Nanny: Quite right Mr. Fotherington, quite right. Now identified as one Mr. Fotherington and his associated Nanny, they continue their travels around the backstages of the MEN. Upon turning a corner, they happen upon a small room with balloons and a single cupcake with a candle on top. Nanny: Your name and arrival precedes you sir. MF: No expense spared it would seem. Still have to grin and bear these things, in the name of business after all. Nanny: I wonder if they've got any bacon sandwiches... MF: Nanny, this is neither the time nor the place for you to be building an extension on your posterior. The two people persons continue their walk towards to room when they are suddenly stopped in their tracks by a hapless chap with a clipboard in his claw. Hapless Chap: I'm sorry sir but do you have permission to be here? MF: Do I... *splutter* Do I have permission to be here? I would bloody well hope so! This is my party! HC: I'm sorry? MF: This party, that cupcake, those five balloons, it's pitiful but it's mine! Mr. Darkstar can really put on a warm welcome. HC: I think you may be confused... MF: Nanny! Get me my dueling glove! This ragamuffin needs a lesson in respect. Nanny begins to rummage around her oversized purse as the Hapless Chap looks completely flustered at the situation. HC: SIR! SIR! Please, can you just listen? MF: Make it quick boy, these ears are valuable. HC: This is TWOStar's party for Evil Gringo... MF: You... you give the janitorial staff parties? HC: He's a wrestler sir, quite a big deal. He's being inducted into the companies Hall of Fame tonight. MF: Makes sense, I understand Mexicans made wonderful wrestling talent. Still, they're not really worth celebrating are they? They're not like you or me. They're... they're... oh I can't even bring myself to say it. Nanny turns her attention away from her hunt for a dueling glove for the briefest moment. Nanny: Foreign, Mr. Fotherington? MF: Yes, that's it. They're foreign. Unsavory elements those foreign types... HC: I actually believe he's from Manchester. MF: MANCHESTER? Nanny, we must find Mr. Darkstar right away, we can't celebrate Manchester. Just think of the damage it would do to our company. Mr. Fotherington and Nanny storm out of camera view as the show takes a brief commercial break to advertise I Love Horses Magazine and Diggerland Devon.
  10. Hmmm poop. I was sitting around thinking the entire day thinking I had two days for two words to write, I blame having a cold. I shall write one words for this week.
  11. Colin


    Nice thread Nicole.
  12. Colin


    This one time I got really drunk, I got really drunk, I don't think anyones mentioned it before but this one time I got really drunk.
  13. They'll let anyone moderate that Video Games Forum
  14. Two exclaims! That makes me doubly excited!
  15. Man, they really let anyone into that Hall of Fame.
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