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  1. Probably the most boring game of the season that one but three points all the same, it's nice to get back to winning ways. Young Zach Clough has been a revelation since breaking into the side in January. Six goals already to his name, his latest once was quality. Atleast now we can put any short-term worries of getting dragged into the bottom three to rest. If we can get a win tomorrow night against Reading (level on points currently), hopefully we can start to look upwards rather than downwards!
  2. A much improved performance on Tuesday but another loss in the end. Unfortunately we weren't able to replicate Leed's heroics.Heskey played very well and gave us a physical presence up top which we have lacked at times this season. A more winnable game at the weekend with Brighton coming to town. Currently both teams are on the same points so a good chance for us to get abit of breathing room between us and the bottom three. Brighton are no joke though, won their last two games. Just because we are a different animal at home, I'll go for a hard fought 2-1 victory. The slim hopes of a late-dash towards the Play-Offs are more than likely out of reach now but we still need a strong finish to this season.
  3. I'm surprised that they went with Reigns over Bryan to be honest, just due to Bryan being more over. I think Lesnar and Brian would have been the perfect Daniel V Goliath match up. However, I have found Reigns more tolerable these last couple of weeks, as he hasn't been coming out and saying goofy stuff.
  4. I'm quite worried myself but I think if anything, our home form will keep us up as we have only lose one league game at home since Lennon came in. The league is that close though, you could easily drop into the bottom three in the blink of an eye if you don't pick up points in a short period of time. What has gone on with Wigan, Magic? Hate to say it, but it isn't looking good for you guys. There is still allot of points to play for though, anything can happen yet.
  5. Well that was awful, if only we played like that under Dougie when he was still in charge here, he probably would still be in a job! This is the first time I am openly questioning Lennon's decisions, but playing people out of position, when we have perfectly good players on the bench. I can't believe we had Emile Heskey playing centre half! The fourth goal Forest scored was comical with Heskey completely mistiming his header. Very funny but at the same time, very concerning. Honeymoon period truly over now for Lennon, he needs to fix things ASAP before we get sucked into the relegation mix. Probably could not have picked a harder game on paper with Boro away tomorrow, no doubt they will be hurting after loosing to Leeds. (If we do end up getting a spanking, I blame you Omega! :lol). I can't see us getting anything at Boro to be honest, my wallets being kept firmly shut for this one.
  6. Yeah, he was a member of MVP's group, the Beat Down Clan. Anyway, no Joe makes me sad.
  7. Well that one was the best game I have seen this season. You know as a football fan, it always hurts to lose but sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say you were just beaten by the better team on the day. Were we naive to go for the juggler when we finally pulled the game back to 3-3 and subsequently get sucka punched at the other end? Well, possibly. But we were the home side and the game was that open it could have finish 11-10 by the time it finished. The difference in the end was that Watford could bring on quality players like Forestieri and Deeney whilst we brought on a youngster who was in the Oldham side not a week ago, and a Celtic Youth player. Definitely signs that we are moving in the right direction though under Lennon. I have high hopes next season (if he is still here). Next game on Saturday is very interesting, as we head to Nottingham Forest. Man, I would love it if we could get one over on Dougie Freedman. Sentiment way of putting the past behind us. Probably get stuffed now I have said that...
  8. NXT must have improved dramatically from the last time I watched it, as it was all a load of rubbish. I remember wishing for ECW to return it was so bad.
  9. I didn't think that this deserved its own thread as doubt many people care anyway (but I do!). New yugioh movie announced for 2016, but using the original cast of 1996. I'd be surprised if the Pharoah / Atem is in this though, looking at the below image, his millenium puzzle is missing. http://cdn.idigitaltimes.com/sites/idigitaltimes.com/files/styles/large/public/2014/12/23/yugioh.jpg?itok=HuC8oGjf
  10. Well, 9 first team players out for us, we're cursed: Bogdan, Trotter, Mills, Clayton, Craig Davies, Mark Davies, Heskey, Tierney, Pratley
  11. Indeed. I'll echo what Omega said at how damn unpredictable the Championship is. It was good to finally get a win last night, atleast keeps us in touching distance of the top half. Our home form has been terrific under Lennon and aslong as we keep winning at home, we will harbour those faint hopes of reaching the play-offs. Once again though, we had to wait until we go a goal behind in order to wake up but after that we were excellent. One for Gringo, Man of the match was Man United's loanee, Saidy Janko, who set up one and scored an absolute belter. His pace and determination was a breath of fresh air. We needed someone who could get in behind defences. On paper a tougher game on Saturday, as we play high-flying Watford. At home though, I fancy us to beat anybody. EDIT: Janko's goal:
  12. It would be a big shame if he was demoted for this, purely because I have enjoyed Rollin's work a hell of allot more than I thought I would. He is better on the mic than I anticipated.
  13. Wish Chris Sabin would come back to TNA, bring Alex Shelley back whilst he is at it. TNA needs the MCMG.
  14. 1-1 then! Nah, I'll go for 3-1 now...
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