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  1. If they carry on the dominance from Monaco then Mercedes are really going to start shitting bricks. If Ferrari can out power them then there isn;t really much car wise they've got to play with given that it's just an evolution on the theme of the last 3 years.
  2. Shame the race was so dull really, it had very little overtaking and even if the result aren't quite as predictable it won't keep the fans engaged without a decent bit of on track action.
  3. They are out there, it's really not difficult to find.
  4. Galloway is on the radar, if WWE are making UK tournaments then Galloway is on their minds somewhere along the lines. As a single UK star he's definitely the figure head of UK indie talent, ZSJ et al being all good and that but Galloway is the only guy doing it at heavyweight level for me. What WWE think of him is unknown but I doubt seriously thatbhis name doesn't pop up from time to time in terms of who they could really use.
  5. Well, basically that nails on TNA to have pretty much eclipsed WCW in the most absurd death of a wrestling company stakes. At least WCW never said "Our best and most recognisable stars? Let 'em sign for the WWF.". Ed Nordholm folks, the new standard for fuckwits in wrestling.
  6. When you look at it it looks like Hendry is dong all the forehead pushing, shoving and not releasing Lionheart from the corner. Lionheart works it our and then Hendry just takes him down to the canvas and shoves his forearms in his face. I don't see Lionheart retaliate until Hendry is literally on top of him. If it was in a promo then Hendry needs to buck up given that he's made a career out of singing songs mocking people. If it was backstage then punch Lionheart in the mouth and then have the match or don't. End of the day the ring is the workplace so be professional.
  7. Lionheart and Joe Hendry had a little shoot/handbag moment in Manchester this week. Rumour is Lionheart made an off colour remark about Hendry's missus backstage, Joe took that into the ring and shot on Lionheart. Lionhert was dropped from the tour which seems a little harsh given Joe took it into the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSoD28uTOoE
  8. Sauber have released some images of their new car and new livery: http://a1.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=%2Fphoto%2F2017%2F0220%2Fr182301_1296x729_16-9.jpg&w=570
  9. 2017 car launch dates Monday February 20 Sauber C36 Tuesday February 21 Renault, RS17 Wednesday February 22 Force India, VJM10 Thursday February 23 Mercedes W08 Friday February 24 (am) McLaren MCL32 Friday February 24 (pm) Ferrari Sunday February 26 Toro Rosso STR12 Sunday February 26 Red Bull RB13 Sunday February 26 Haas VF17 Williams dropped a CG video of what their car will look like, first chance to see how the new regs will look:
  10. Hands up anyone who wants an F1 2017 thread?
  11. What I'd like to see is them using NXT as a stagingpoint between theindies and WWE. I'd love something like PoloPromotions to turn up on NXT with the ICW titles and challenge whoever is champs to a title v title, lose, have the NXT guys do a few events for ICW alongside NXT and then allow Polo Promotions to win back their belts and maybe the NXT ones for a short period. Something where it could go on for a decent amount of time, expose the talents to the two sorts of audience (because I think WWE guys would benefit from working with the more interactive European audiences) and ultimately bring on lots of new talent without necessarily having to have everyone "on" the NXT roster.
  12. I'd assume not given that those take longer to produce and come out, I'd assume the streaming side is to prevent people booking talent after WWE makes them famous and getting footage out immediately to capitalise on it. I wonder how this affects Wolfgang, he's ICW champ so he's probably got to lose the title on a taped show. I wonder if Dallas has a "Special Relationship" given they are probably the big indie name that is being linked with the network that will allow them to continue to broadcast their own stuff in parallel. The weird things I've read is WWE apparently have some financial stake in Floslam
  13. The answer is maybe but... All the guys mentioned have missed a few dates but if WWE are thinking of actively using them (which sounds like it's true) then why the fuck would you not bin off indie UK/Europe shows to work with the WWE? Plus I doubt any promoter or fan would begrudge any of these guys the chance to make it however remote or limited. There's no indication WWE are pulling the guys because they simply don't want them wrestling with certain promotions, unlike what was said above where TNA barely tape and so barely pay people a regular wage so preventing them from working for other promotions would be incredibly shitty.
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