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  1. I searched for it and I couldn't find this topic started. Anyway I'm just doing this for a another feature I have to do (I have to do two) for my Speacalist Features unit. Anyway I want to know do you think Black History Month is something thats a good thing that will get more people aware and bring unity (or something positive in race relations) or do you think it's a waste of time/something pointless or even something that divides people more? If you can go into detail why, all the more better. And if you didn't know it was BHM, then say so lol and don't forget to vote I (assume anyway) there aren't alot of black people on this forum but that's okay, i want anyone's opinion - regardless of race and colour. Oh and arguing is cool but no flamming ^_^ Aplogies if a similar topic was already started
  2. One of my units for my journalism course requires me to write two 1000 word feature on whatever. One of the features I have decided to do is on "unusual hobbies". What i would like to know (if you consider to have a unusual hobby) is to tell me what it is, why you started, what keeps you going and what others think of it and any other info you feel is worthy of telling me (thats me covering all my bases) Cheers
  3. It was announced on UFC 71 ^_^
  4. Well apparently Colture was going through a nasty divorce at the time and so his frame of mind wasn't there and there are those who say Tito is overrated (or just not that good). No saying Liddell isn't great (I think he is), I'm just pointing out what some people have said.
  5. Against a pre-silva almost getting killed by Mirko Cro Cop, yes I would agree Aginst the current Silva, Liddell would have a chance I reckon. Rampage has good punches, he's just more known for slamming and ground and pounding and the momentem combined with the force of that punch caused Liddell to fall down It was only after the first hammerfist that Rampage connected with on the floor that Liddell's lights went out :doh32:
  6. Isn't Kimbo one of those guys who makes a lot of noise but when it comes to the crunch (against decent fighters) he's actually not that good?
  7. Seabass

    UFC 71 Review

    Please be kind ^_^
  8. Like saying Cro Crop isn't a brilliant fighter because of his knock out to Gabriel Gonzaga. He is, he just got caught by someone who arguabably is as good (just not as well known) His skills are brilliant, but so are Jackson's and he just took a chance on a opening that may or may have no connected, and it did and well Liddell got knocked the f*** out and your new light-heavyweight champion - QUINTON 'RAMPAGE' JACKSON My money was on Liddell to win it due to Liddell being more active then Jackson and in theory being more prepared then Jackson, who wanted one more fight to prepare himself. Ah well, looks like he's was prepared all right. It's getting to the point where the underdog is pretty much the favourite now. I'm looking forward to Henderson vs Jackson In response to Draven's reply; (IMO) The fight was no way stop too soon, as soon as Rampage hit Liddell with the first hammerfist when Liddell was on the floor, Liddell's lights went out. I think Randy Courture should become a bookie when he retires from fighting...he's predicted right how many main events now?
  9. Well the way the camera angle was it makes sense and I was thinking "heh maybe the ref can't see it" and did think for a while they might use that as an excuse for Khali/Cena 2
  10. Matt Hardy is still part of Smackdown, so there's that reason for it and Cole and JBL has to call more then one match ^_^ It's most likely gonna be Orton vs Cena, prehaps a fued to keep us occupied till HHH comes back. I guess HBK will be written out due to him wanting surgery on his knee. I was expecting KK to come in and interfere with the Edge/Batista match or least assualt edge afterwards. Man...I didn't do well prediction wise >_< MOTN for me was CM Punk vs Elijah Burke. It had a ROH feel (for a WWE match anyway) and it had some good back and forth action. 2nd was Benoit vs MVP. I'm impressed hwo MVP has developed his skills (you can thank Benoit for seeing potential and taking him under his wing). Hope we get a decent title reign from MVP with some nice matches in the process. 3rd was Hardy's vs Lance and Murdouch - good tag team wrestling. Spot of the night was the forearm hit Matt Hardy did on Lance Cade...man that was either very stiff or he manage to make one hell fo a noise somehow On a final note...No ref bumps :O and the refreeing seemed more agressive then usual.
  11. Final Fantasy VII I'll do a list when I feel up to it but for now, that's my fave game right there.
  12. I see cena retaining via DQ and another much set up for Khali and Cena, altough there's the chance HBK will resume his fued with Cena (and my prediction of HBK beating Cena for the title comes true) I really hope Edge retains the title, as Batista dosen't need it at the moment and a fued between Edge and Mr Kennedy has the potential to be awesome
  13. for those who missed the Ukraine entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHR491s3iSw For those who want to see the music video:
  14. Or just go and do what I did and go somewhere else and wait till it's over (of course make sure you can hear it lol) Dunno why you guys are all bitching abt FTV though, if someone dosen't like where it was slotted then why should that bother you...seesh lets not turn something so trival into flaming material ¬_¬
  15. Meh we watch Eurovision for comedy (and at times appreciatation) value...though this years offering was pretty subdued...more crazy acts next year please ^_^
  16. It was a good film, but it was serverly flawed. Too many villains spoil the broth was the main case. Really should have just either been Venom or Green Goblin as the main villian. GG turning good in the end was okay, but at the same time kinda weak. Would been better if GG was like a tweener, wanting to still kill (or defeat) spider-man but seeing Venom and Sandman as in his way to doing so. Still, there were some good. Bad Boy Peter was cool and the first fight between GG and Spiderman was just awesome and the four way was pretty spectaular although there was still too little Venom. And that's the main disappointment with the film I have, Eddie Brock Venom featuring too little. I heard Sam Raimi wasn't a keen fan on Venom and so If that is the case we can see why so little was featured and it's a shame. Sandman was good but we could have done without, even if the fight scenes with him and spidey were pretty cool. But why have spiderman let him go...tsk whatever. I would like to see a Spiderman 4 with Venom brought back :D
  17. And your winners - Serbia Deservingly so, as there song was good in an emotional sense and Ukraine also deserved 2nd place for that absloute bonkers song they did. I hope that gets played in some nightclubs that have disco or cheese nights :D Russia's song was good in a pop sense and so I'm cool with them in 3rd place...they always seem to give us solid offerings. Dammit! Why did did the UK not end up with 0 points ¬_¬ Like hell we deserved more...that song was just awful. If we're gonna do cheese, lets do it better people -_- Anyway Serbia and Ukraine were two of my picks that were likely to win and it was cool to see them first and second respectively. I hope we see Krisse more often ^_^...she was lovely (yes annoying but in a cute and bubbly way)
  18. While I do admit WWE should had definitly made sure KK was that injuired, I also see it as a blessing in disguise :P (remember I'm an Edge fan) and also could see a fued between these two over the title, if done well, be awesome. I was against KK being a face, but the way this has been built up for it, I'm all for it.
  19. She's got meat and is very bouncy...I'm gonna miss the days of her wearing a skirt (melina too )
  20. YES YES YES! THIS ROCKS I'm a huge Edge fan and I'm glad to see he's gotten another title run. Just hope it's not short. Thankfully with Ken Kennedy's injury not being as serious as most people thought (only 6-8 weeks of missing action) and KK being rumoured to be pushed for a title run, hopefully we'll see a potentially fantastic fued between Edge and KK. As for the other parts of the show, it was good. Felt kind of meh at times but it was solid.
  21. Perfect choice was Cena vs HBK Pretty much had more hype surrounding it and Cena and HBK combined are more over then Batista and Taker so it's logical that fans would see this match as more of the main event (regardless of which match was going to be better)
  22. WM 17 is pretty much as perfect a WM (let alone a WWE PPV event) your gonna get. Apethetic is more the word. True, WWE (specirfically) Raw has been more exciting due to some divine intervention *cough*HHHQuadInjury*cough* but there's still cases of me not caring enough Taker vs Batista - WM 23 MOTN
  23. FFXII - Awesome, Awesome, Awesome... This could very well eclipse, let alone the awesomeness of FF7 and FF10. Yes it has a few faults - Gambit customising and spending your LP (license points) wisely can be a pain and there's the occasional pop-up, but the strengths pretty much make you forgive that, plus it shows you have to use your noggin a bit more this time. The battle system is pure real time and there's almost no delay from start to finish (aside from when you beat mid-boss battles, your characters celebrate...weird.) The interesting thing is that it feels like your playing an offline version of a online game. I wouldn't be surprised to see if this is Square's way of testing a improved version of FFXI: Online. One of the games biggest strengths is the dialouge and the characters. You feel that the level grinding (it comes earlier then usual thanks to the LP system) and toughness start to wear you down. Then you come accross a cut scene and you feel its been worth it. An FF story has never been this engaging since FF7 (yes even FF10's plot was a bit lacking) and its thanks to the characters. Fran is just a hottie and Baltheir will even have men swooning over his cool voice and charming yet baddass attitude (Hell he's the Han Solo of FF.) The others do just as good enough job to make you care about them. Even leader Vahn, who could be mistaken for being Tidus younger cousin has enough character flaws that you don't find him annoying. One cool thing is that isnetad of having for you to wait for hours (in double figures,) you get access to some side-quests pretty quickly and the LP system - while not as fun as the Grid system - is a fantastic way of building up your characters. yes it's overwhelming at times, but it's means you can costimise your characters the way you want to. I may play this further and start to get bogged down or find another fault. But for now, I'm loving it so much. Square's last hurrah to the PS2 is truly fitting. The world may be holding its breath for FFXIII (and those who are holding their breath for an FF7 remake may be dying of oxygen starvation. But for now, they can get their kicks from FFXII ^_^ The crack cocaine of the RPG world just got purer
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