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  1. look i found another I hope mine are right cause i have Row A for RAW which in my plans is Ringside
  2. What i would likt to know is where u got the seating plan cause i have 2 and they dont look like that http://media.ticketmaster.co.uk/en-gb/tmimages/venue/maps/uk2/uk2372d.gif & http://img253.echo.cx/img253/8367/seats3au.jpg
  3. hard choice but i picked black books its so funny
  4. Kinda gone off it in recent weeks but i honestly think that Jason will go
  5. damn i'm a avil listener of the asylum but the one night i'm busy and cant listen to it they have some wrestlers on
  6. Its a good storyline cause thats now stops JBL and Eddie feuding and give The Undertaker a chance to get his title back of JBL
  7. I like Abyss's one even though its kinda like kanes but hey there not many gimmicks for a 7 footer with a mask
  8. when i went on i could get seats in block B
  9. Gonna buy tickets to both events next monday when i get payed
  10. Look at my sig its been like that through the whole tournerment cause at work we had a Euro 2004 sweepstake and i picked greece out and now i have won £10
  11. Gemini And yes i do have a split personality so dont get on my bad side :angel1 :devil
  12. Omen


    Still have it and want to lose it but cant for the love of pete find a girl! If you look in the picture thread you will see y :S
  13. Damn looks like i ent got a team well i will turn up and if you need a replacement then pick me pick me
  14. ok back to A Apocolypse Now
  15. might go if i can get a ticket just to cheer orton
  16. No just find another Z Zulu if that ent gone
  17. lol u gave out my magical secret but still Z was hard Marlon Brandon
  18. Is it by any chance Ringu 2
  19. Allways wear clean underwear incase your hit by a bus
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