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  1. Wednesday 20th Berlin (RAW)


    Thursday 21st Aberdeen (RAW)


    Thursday 21st Dublin (Smackdown)


    Friday 22nd Endinburgh (RAW)


    Friday 22nd London (Smackdown)


    Saturday 23rd Newcastle (RAW)


    Saturday 23rd Bologna (Smackdown)


    Sunday 24th Hull (RAW)


    Sunday 24th Milan (Smackdown)


    Monday 25th Cardiff (Smackdown)






    Hull????? Why Hull?????????????? Manchester is much better and they arent even doing a show their!

  2. can remember when victor called nadia hacksaw jim duggan when in the diary room





    Its a conspiracy! No It doesnt sound THAT bad. It could be fun, at least it will be something to watch on Saturdays. Im hoping it isnt on in like 6 months though because it probably wont be worth the wait

  3. David James. Nuff said me thinks







    James a rubbish keeper? Hes probably the second best in the prem!



    And someone says Fowler is rubbish as well! Have you seen him over the past few months?? His pace has improved, his mentality has improved and so has his confidence! Hes becoming really good!

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