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  1. i live in a kind of council estate if that's what you want to call it but my right side breed dogs in there hundreds so all day(and night) it's barking and howling, they're real creepy too! And the other side are even worse, what can i say benefit scrounging druggies alcoholics sex maniacs! end of.
  2. Two men dancing isnt a problem at all. But as soon as me and a couple of girl mates get up and dance together it's instantly lesbian action! Once this guy tried setting me and his sister up, it was real creepy.
  3. I know someone called Tom Scott Noballs HEHE!
  4. cheers people, we've decided to go into Pompey and get wrecked there :)
  5. when did i say i want people picking me up :?:?
  6. Me and my mate are in Bournemouth on Friday and we can't get home because the trains like finish at 11pm. I was wondering if anyone that lives in or knows Bournemouth well, knows anywhere really really cheap to stop the night without actually doing an all nighter???? :?
  7. Kate


    Yesterday i had a tad too much to drink and apparently(i dont know i can't remember anything)i ran out of my house and fell face first into the pavement, so today i've got a headache, bruised knees and a bruised head. But it was worth it was a good night i think :?
  8. Happy Birthday Colin! :bw
  9. Kate

    Your Name

    most people call me Kate as it's the shortest form, my male mates call me Parky, as my surname and most people write my name K8. It doesn't bother me as long as the don't call me Katie, that really annoys me and i refuse to answer to it.
  10. Kate


    i hate it, its disgusting i don't know how anyone can actually eat the stuff :sick
  11. i used to think that if you ate apple pips, that an apple tree would grow in your tummy :)
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