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  1. That is indeed the idea of a forum. You are however going about it in the wrong way, and not making yourself look smart. No offence intended.
  2. Wreslting is a tough sport. Some of those who work in the business tend to be on the stiff side, and these kids need to learn that. Did anyone notice that Chis "Harvard" Nowinski had a black eye a couple of weeks ago? No.... Was there a big deal about him crying, and moaning? No.... The only time you hear about these things is when they are on television, and the "fans" are outraged.... Like the Perry Saturn incident. If that had not been televisied, no one would even know about it. The other wrestler did not raise a big stink about working with someone who was stiff, the "fans" did. There is a point in your life were you have to just grow up, and accept that there is a certain way to things. This is Matt's time. If he does not come to the realization that sometimes it will be hard, and that people will try to push your buttons. Then he should just quit now.
  3. Do not be absurd... Everyone knows that it was a spoiler. If for instance they opened the show saying "The Undertaker is here..." Then fine it's not a spoiler, but if he came down during the main event and interupted the match un-announced then it would be a spoiler to tell everyone that he is coming back at a certain time. To make it more simple for you, the way the thread was titled was a spoiler, simple. It was also my call to make, when changing it, and if you do not like my decision... Tough.
  4. I edited the title of this thread out of respect to others who may have not seen it already. JoeJericho in the future you must not post the spoiler in the topic title. Being from the U.K you know full well what, and when a topic will be considered a spoiler. I am in full support of changing the title of the U.S section, as it is only used for posting spoilers anyhow.
  5. SPOILERS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Look fo Nathan Jones to be at the Rumble, as they are now advertising him as coming to Smackdown.
  6. When he forced his mother to throw in the towel during the Bret Vs. Bob Backlund match. Which was also quite ironic as Backlund lost the title years before under the same circumstances.
  7. It is fun. Nothing better then knowing that guy you just wasted was not just some A.I. jocky.
  8. Cartoons are not real. ;)
  9. Do they show "A Christmas Story" in the U.K? One of the best holiday movies ever made. Over here they run it 24 hours straight on TNT the old home of Nitro.
  10. What exactly is this poll based on? It can not be looks or wrestling ability...
  11. I got six pair. But I always ask for socks. :D
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