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  1. AC Milan 2-0 Fenerbahce Artmedia Bratislava 1-2 Inter Milan Chelsea 3-0 Anderlecht Lyon 0-2 Real Madrid Olympiacos 2-2 Rosenborg PSV 2-0 Schalke 04 Rangers 1-1 FC Porto Real Betis 1-0 Liverpool
  2. To me, Kurt Angle is one of the very best i have ever ever seen. Now, im normally not a fan of smark favourites like Benoit or whoever, but you cant help but love King Kurt. When he first came in he was more of a whiner type characher and played the part to perfection. His winning streak was brilliantly done. Always leaving Steve Blackman to get pinned in tag matches, to complaining that the Tazzmission doesnt count, to having the Bulldog whack him across the head with a kendo stick all so he could kept his streak, it was great. Then his big push started, and became the first Euro-Continental Champion in history (well, besides D-lo Brown but he doesnt count :worship ). Won the King of the Ring, and then later won the WWE title from The Rock within is first year in the company. In that first year he was involved in some memorable angles, namely the one with Triple H and Stephanie. Aswell as constantly putting on awesome matches with the likes of Austin, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Jericho, Benoit, Kane, Big Show, etc. Not to mention, being involved in those fantastic skits with Edge and Christian. In 2001, he was turned face because of the Invasion. This is when i really started becoming a massive fan of Angle. His comedy skits with Austin and Vince were on par with his ones with Edge and Christian. Then later on his matches with Austin during this time was top drawer. I also remember him getting a really good match out of Booker T to win the WCW title, only to lose it back to the Book 3 days later. One thing ill remember he had a stunning match with Kane from this time period, im sure Angle was in the Alliance at the time, and the match was for the US title on either RAW or Smackdown, cant remember. Also, aswell as putting on great matches with the same opponents from the previous year, he was having great matches left, right and centre with all these new guys who had just come in. Back to a heel now in 2002, Angle was more over than ever. This is when Austin's ''What?'' catchpharse was just getting started. The whole building would chant it at Angle, and IMO, he deserves some credit for being able to get such a responce. Sure every other heel would get it, but none got it louder or reacted better than Kurt. Also, this is when the ''You Suck'' chants during his entrance began, which started out as ''You Suck, What?''. Angle was really really over during this peroid, that not even one person would cheer him. Sure he's still really over as a heel now, but you'll always get a section chanting for him. During this time he was involved in a really really good feud with Edge, which ended up with Kurt losing his hair. Then the next week on Smackdown! your waiting to see what he looks like bald, but what does he do? He comes out in a ridiculous looking wig, and claims he grew is hair back in 4 days. 2002 really was a great year for Angle, aside from his matches with Edge, he even managed to put on an enjoyable bout with Hogan at the King of the Ring, was involved in one of the most underrated matches of all time at Vengeance 2002 along with The Rock and Undertaker. Had a cracker with Mysterio at Summerslam, aswell as the on again - off againt tag team partnership with Chris Benoit. And ended the year off with a really good title match against The Big Show. 2003 was a new start for Angle as this was the first time in his career where he was playing the serious heel, and not the goofy character. He was still good as a serious guy, but not as good as goofy Kurt. His feud with Brock Lesnar was awesome, and it was a shame that he had to get injuried when he did. He then returned as a face, and once again started doing comedy skits this time with Brock Lesnar, which would end up turning Lesnar heel on him. After his feud with Lesnar, Angle then moved onto feud with John Cena who was a heel at the time. They had a really good match at No Mercy 2003, which did alot for Cena and had the crowd more on his side than Angles. However this was the time when Angle started that ''For the troops'' crap and it got annoying real quick. Thankfully, he was turned heel a few months later, i dont think i could have handled anymore of that rubbish. 2004 started really bad for Angle, IMO. I found his feud with Eddie Guerrero crap, thats probably more to do with Guerrero though. I found him really boring as the Smackdown GM, although his little feud with Cena was alright i suppose. Once he was back in action, he had another good match with the Big Show at No Mercy 2004. All in all though, 2004 was a shaky year for Angle. But 2005 is much different, and im loving Angle more than ever. This year alone weve seen countless classic matches from the man. We've seen him play the goofy character, we've seen him play the serious heel character. His serious side has really improved this year, i remember the time when Angle invaded RAW and beat Shawn Michaels to a bloody pulp, he didnt even have to say a word, that one moment put him over as a killer heel, more than anything hes ever done in his career. So, IMO, Kurt Angle is one of the very best EVER. No matter if hes a face or heel. Whether hes playing a whiner, goofy or serious character, Kurt Angle will go down as one of the all time greats. Its just a shame that all these injuries will cause him to retire sooner rather than later. Kurt Angle = Future Hall of Famer. Oh its true, Its Damn True!
  3. August 26, 2005 - Let's say you're a fan of the sporty theatrics of pro wrestling. Let's say you own a DVD player and would love to spend some time watching said wrestling for a hearty chunk of time. Let's say all of your wishes came true in the form of one Wrestlemania DVD package that ruled over the land like Sauron. Well, guess what? Your dreams might even fall short in comparison to the massive Wrestlemania: The Complete Anthology DVD set on its way into stores on Tuesday, November 1st. Coming in at the lofty price of $279.95, the set covers twenty years of Wrestlemania events, the first fourteen of which are as yet unreleased on DVD. Five discs, each covering a five year span of the event arrive in a gorgeous package that isn't stacked with special features but plans to deliver no shortage of the action that has already netted over a million sales on home video. In short, it's a wrestling fan's dream. In addition to the twenty discs there's also some value added goodies tossed in for extra measure. Historical DVD photo gallery. Four collectible cards each featuring a famous WrestleMania moment captured on a replica piece of film. http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/4443/wrestlemaniathecompleteantholo1.jpg http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/3425/wrestlemaniathecompleteantholo.jpg
  4. Aston Villa 2-1 Blackburn Fulham 1-2 Everton Man City 2-0 Portsmouth Tottenham 1-3 Chelsea West Brom 1-1 Birmingham West Ham 2-0 Bolton Wigan 2-2 Sunderland Crystal Palace 2-0 Stoke Sheff Utd 1-0 Coventry Southampton 2-0 Crewe
  5. Aberdeen 2-0 Falkirk Hearts 3-0 Motherwell Kilmarnock 1-1 Livingston Rangers 2-0 Hibernian Airdrie Utd 2-1 St Johnstone Clyde 2-0 Queen of South Hamilton 1-3 Dundee Ross County 0-0 Stranraer St Mirren 1-1 Brechin Partick 2-0 Raith
  6. I think the card will look something like this - WWE Title: John Cena vs. Kurt Angle Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters Intercontinenal title: Carlito vs. Ric Flair Trish & Ashley vs. Torrie & Candice Kerwin White vs. Shelton Benjamin Tag-team titles: Rosey & Hurricane vs Cade & Murdoch Kiss my foot match: Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky First Blood match: Edge vs. Matt Hardy Not really much there that catches my interest to be honest, hopefully some of those predicitons are wrong. Anyway, Angle-Cena should be really good. Angle has been on fire this year after an average 2004. Also, im actually looking forward to see how Chris Masters does against HBK. He looked great in that segment on RAW, and didnt look out of place at all.
  7. Cant people wait until after the show's over before commenting on whether its 'brilliant' or 'overrated'? Your basically saying the show is going to suck, so why bother watching it?
  8. If they were sacrificing a main event angle for the Diva Search then i could understand it. But they are only dropping people like Conway, Venis, Viscera and The Heart Throbs (ie. people who arent over and no-one cares about) onto Heat. I personally enjoy the Diva Seach much more than watching those superstars wrestle.
  9. Good, i liked her alot also. I still dont get what everybody has against them, they're only on TV for about 10 minutes a week. But oh yeah, that time could be used for a Rob Conway or Val Venis match, because these men have outstanding heat.
  10. Gotta be when the Coach was searching for the Undertaker and found Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan in a closet with Mae Young and Moolah. Definitely a career altering event and my favourite WrestleMania moment bar none.
  11. Imagine if Hardy and Edge shook hands at Summerslam and said 'we got ya'. Oh man.
  12. I reckon they should have Batista-JBL as the main event for the show seeing as Summerslam is in Big Dave's hometown and he will probably get the pop of the night. Also, i can see Lesnar interfereing and costing Batista the title. However, if there is no Lesnar, then Hogan-HBK should main event.
  13. Birmingham 1-1 Man City Blackburn 0-0 Fulham Charlton 2-0 Wigan Liverpool 3-0 Sunderland Man Utd 3-0 Aston Villa Newcastle 2-1 West Ham Tottenham 2-2 Middlesbrough West Brom 1-2 Portsmouth Crystal Palace 3-1 Plymouth Ipswich 2-0 Sheff Wed
  14. Falkirk 1-1 Hibernian Hearts 2-0 Aberdeen Inverness CT 0-0 Kilmarnock Livingston 1-0 Dunfermline Motherwell 2-1 Dundee Utd Rangers 2-2 Celtic Dundee 3-0 Queen of South Ross County 1-1 Hamilton St Johnstone 2-0 St Mirren Stranraer 1-2 Clyde
  15. Those dont try this at home adverts are terrible. You cant even skip them on the DVDs!
  16. Simon Dean was hilarious as always. The Flabby Wolverine! :worship
  17. Well, if we were suppose to believe Hulk Hogan and Mr America were different people i guess anythings possible.
  18. I posted this somewhere else, so i thought id post it here aswell. Does anyone think it would be great to have some sort of feud between the bWo and Simon Dean? You could have Simon start ripping on the Blue Meanie backstage for being fat and needing to use the Simon System,etc. Then have Simon Dean and Nova cut promos on each other on the same show but in different segments. Then one time the bWo call out Simon Dean to the ring, but out of nowhere Hollywood Nova attacks the Blue Meanie and Steven Richards from behind. I honestly think this could be one kickass feud if done right!
  19. I really feel like I am one of many few people who enjoys this years RAW Diva Search. While it's not meant to be on a wrestling show, WWE now follows the act of spots entertainment, and The Diva Search fits in with that perfectly. Even when it was on last year, I didn't care for it that much, but at least I could sit through it. I think the fans at the shows are really into it also, and often gets more of reaction than most matches. One thing i have noticed though, ever since that time in Philly when the 'boring' chant broke out, the segments have gotten shorter and shorter each week. Please tell me im not the only one on here that enjoys it! Also, while your here, who do you want to win this years? If i had to pick one i would pick Ashley. Although, I personally like all the remaining 3 and think each one should get a contract eventually.
  20. Aston Villa 2-1 Bolton Everton 1-3 Man Utd Fulham 1-1 Birmingham Man City 2-0 West Brom Middlesbrough 2-2 Liverpool Portsmouth 0-2 Tottenham Sunderland 1-1 Charlton West Ham 2-1 Blackburn Millwall 2-0 Stoke Wolverhampton 3-0 Hull
  21. Celtic 3-0 Falkirk Dunfermline 2-1 Inverness CT Hibernian 2-0 Livingston Kilmarnock 1-1 Motherwell Airdrie Utd 3-1 Ross County Clyde 1-3 Dundee Hamilton 2-2 St Johnstone Queen of South 0-0 Brechin St Mirren 2-1 Stranraer Raith 3-1 Gretna
  22. In regards to the Edge thing. If i remember correctly Todd Grisham said that if Edge gets drafted to Smackdown his contract becomes null and void, he didnt mention anything about the champions switching shows. His contract wouldnt be valid if he was on Smackdown, its only valid for a World championship match on RAW (or Raw PPV), and the WWE Championship IS a world championship title.
  23. If its about Lesnar it doesnt necessarily mean he'll join Raw. They could have Vince say that Lesnar is a free agent and that Bischoff and Long have to presue him into joining their brand. I dont think it'll be about Lesnar though, i reckon it'll be something about this Hardy/Edge/Lita thing.
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