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  1. Adamle gets a helluva lot more stick than he deserves in my opinion I think his play by play on ECW has improved dramatically since he first got the seat. No one saw him as GM coming and there's something about him that'll make it quite interesting As far as the rest of the show goes, anyone who isn't named Santino Marella who goes with comedy should just drop it because this guy steals it each and every week. He is by far the funniest character they've had in years Everything about Raw recently just feels fresh, mostly due to the roster changes but i'd say partial credit goes to having CM Punk at the top. There's so many guys he can work with the raise his profile and taking the title off him any time before Survivor Series would be a mistake
  2. Say what you want about Batista, but THAT was quite possibly one of the most intense, chilling segments in Smackdown history Big props to Michaels for the part he played to. If they continue to book it to that level and make a match for Backlash; that will be the selling point for me
  3. I have to say, i'm a bit gutted to find out about this I've always liked the bigger guys, especially those with an amateur wrestling background. Whilst Lashley had amongst the worst skills on the roster, the rest was enough to draw me to him I think WWE did a pretty decent job in elevating him to main event status, all be it perhaps a little too quickly. Without a doubt his finest match was against Cena at the Bash last year He had the potential to become the working heel on one of the brands. I imagined him having a bushy, Mark Henry-esqe, beard and a mouth piece like Paul Heyman to do the talking. I definitely think this was in the minds of the creative team in where they were eventually heading with him For me, Lashley was a talent that WWE should have been striving to keep a hold of
  4. Just realised that i've been doing the same fantasy league all season as you chaps, so i've thrown my team in there Sitting pretty in 13th
  5. Telf


    Whilst i'm still mincing around studentville, money was much needed; therefore £400 has been deposited by the parents! Good to see others are seeing Korn. Going to the Plymouth gig in the New Year. They're being supported the rather Rammstein-esque Deathstars so this could potentially be the most awesome night of 2008 for me
  6. The Telf is in, whatever number that may be At least there's no chance of me drawing Road Warrior Animal this year
  7. Happy bday to you both! Have a good un' chaps! :xyx
  8. Looks clear to me that the Elimination Chamber will be the main event, with it being held underwater
  9. Whilst i'm sure many would be willing to support your cause, we are a UK based forum with predominantly UK members But i expect the USians amongst us might give you a response :)
  10. http://forums.pcapex.com/attachments/anything_goes/98d1160771072t-about_the_new_default_avatar-thanks4info.gif But on DC's point about Henry and BDV, i concur. WWE is in serious need of some old school legit tag teams and i think those two are a perfect pairing
  11. Armageddon was a solid PPV at best Match of the Night, for me, was HBK vs Kennedy. I was slightly concerned going in to this one that Kennedy had reached a road block in his career as i didn't expect him to win. Although he didn't, the psychology in this match was superb and he actually came out of it looking pretty good. Props to JR for putting him over after the match Triple H and Jeff produced a somewhat surprising result as i've read that they were looking at Hunter vs Batista for Mania, assumably with the Game taking the title from Orton at the Rumble, so i'm not sure how they'll work that one if that's the direction they take. I liked the part where they slapped each other; but i have to agree with an earlier post by Jimmy Redman in that there was too much Triple H offense. Hunter came into this one talking about how important the title was, but i don't think his post match reactions reflected this at all. The win meant it should have been all about Hardy, but that wasn't the case One rumour i'm hoping is true is JBL returning to the ring. The ending to the WWE title match was well worked and is obviously set up a feud with Y2J. Whilst i was one of JBL's biggest critics of his run with the title in 2004/5, i turned into one of his biggest fans - he's definately found a character that he can pull off and is 100% believable Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship was nothing special, but i loved the idea behind using the Major Brothers as 'fake' Edges. Although i don't think they made the most of this in terms of working the both of them into the match, it fitted nicely with Edge's cowardly gimmick Other things to mention off the top of my head were the nice finish to the Punk/Kane and BDV/Mizark match; and Finlay's establishment as a babyface - it'll be nice to see him work with some of the heels on Smackdown to help raise them up. MVP springs to mind here
  12. Wow, just an absolutely awesome show from top to bottom Anything whereby Bastion Booger, IRS, Repo Man and Skinner pop up on the screen is bound to be sweet Was it just me, or was Marty Jannetty trippin' balls last night?
  13. The opening DX promo had it's moments, but on the whole was rubbish. Bringing Khali out a having HBK and HHH belittle him was stupid. Boogeyman, on the other hand, was actually quite amusing Marella is just awesome. The segment with Austin was fantastic and the whole beer truck thing really took me back Cody Rhodes is being booked perfectly at the moment. Another 3 or 4 months of strong booking and he should be knocking around the IC title picture Other than that, i can't really say much else stood out Oh and Duggan and Super Crazy going over WGTT? :?
  14. A damn fine Raw this week, all around (apart from the Diva search) Santino Marella on the mic is just pure gold and the SAVE_US22 promo's are starting to get real interesting. Fingers crossed on Y2J; I can't see it being anyone else. I expect there to be some altercation between Santino and Austin this Sunday which i'm looking forward to Triple H and Umaga pull off a fantastic brawl which was made to look legit. Great build for the match going in to the PPV Women's match, up until the unfortunate incident, was probably the best women's match i've seen in a long long time - and it showed as the crowd were into it The booking of Cody Rhodes has been superb as of late. Having Holly bring him up is all kinds of awesomeness and the face turn worked out really well Closing tag match was also fantastic. Simple, yet effective match structure with the heels doing exactly what they needed to do. It's obvious that they're pushing for HBK; but i guess we'll find out just how many fans Jeff truely has out there - either way, Orton is bound to retain So yes, this week had absolutely everything i look for in a "sports entertainment" show
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