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  1. ...Teachers ARE getting bad. At school they can't even do things right for the right times, they give people detentions for things like sharpening pencils (seriously) sometimes... Now this... It's time I did the World a favour.
  2. There was nowhere to put this, so I will put it here. Who actually believes Theodore R. Long is... 50?! he don't look that old!
  3. Well yesterday ordered RE4 for PS2 and got it today. :D
  4. Got it now. I just wondered, how long is this game? I got to a house where if you go out of the backdoor one of them "bagman" things come after you... And I guessed the code right! I went to that door, tried loads of times and once I guessed the code right to get into the bedroom! :eek
  5. Happy Birthday Kurtmark. Hope tom... TODAY is a great day for you! Have fun and all and have a pint on me... :D
  6. They were okay, but they did job a lot. Bye Heart Throbs. Also bye Russ' Avatar.
  7. Oh yeah, I just thought. Is it unlimited ammo or something? looking at some Gameplay Movie's it looks like you still reload, but unlimited ammo? it didn't say anything anywhere like "Rounds Left" or anything... And is there a limit to how much things you can carry at the same time?
  8. This should be coming tomorrow, or on Monday. Who has this game and did you enjoy it lots? is it hard, do you get lost easy etc.? I remember getting confused a little bit on the older ones. Can't wait for it!:D
  9. Is it in the UK and is it treated like a PPV guys?
  10. Why is Monday... "Thursday Night" RAW on Thursday next week?
  11. Voted. LOL at Hogan's. TWO really is popular. ;)
  12. ... I think it's quite sad how X-Box once again steals. RR:XX should be for PS3!
  13. Hey guys the latest is up. http://www.wwe.com/superstars/timwhite/videos/
  14. Happy Birthday n00bs! (wow, everybody at TWO's Birthday today?!) just joking! Moobs ;) Hope your having a great day! :)
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