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  1. Right people listen up and listen good, I'm only saying this once. I'm leaving TWO. I've thought right from the very beginning once I reach 1000 posts it's time to leave and that time has come, not a moment too soon. To be honest I haven't really enjoyed the past few months here, I've seemed to distance myself from people who visit here (mainly because I don' like wrestling and have got more friends now). It feels right and with me going to Ireland for nearly six weeks in the summer it seems fate itself has arranged this departure. I've been getting a bit negative lately anyway, finding myself thinking "Man some of these people are losers." which I shouldn't but have. I've discussed this with one or two people and they seemed to agree. I only have one or two people who visit here's MSNs so I doubt I'll be that missed. However I would like to say a few things before I go. 1. Thanks to all the funny times I had here, whether on the forums or in the chatroom (Pete will understand). 2. Thanks to all the people who've said complimentary things about me. You obviously have good taste and understand my humour. 3. To the people who in a thread I read while ago said they're gonna spend all summer on the PC. Please don't. Get out and enjoy the fresh summer air, have fun and interact with people your own age,. maybe have a pull or two with a fit bird. Just please don't stay in and be a typical Internet geek. The world is a varied, bright and wonderful thing, particularly in summer and as our weather is so normally shite, don't be a dumb-ass (already told you, no better word) and waste it. 4. To all the people who will flame me once I've gone and who don't like me. You're all tossers. ;) 5.Try and liven yourself up. There are more important things in life than MSN or a website about wrestling. Stop with all the bitching and moaning and going on about cliques. Try and remember why you visited this website and joined these forums in the firstplace, because they are fun forums where you could have a laugh and not get flamed. I suppose this relates to point three. I would like to think that I was the type of forumite whose posts you would look forward to reading as you knew you'd enjoy it, who could also post serious MLM style essays (only very rarely though) ;). So in closing, I hope you all have a nice life and a good time. PS. The following people suck monkey ass........;) This is The Vulcanized One, better known as Sparky, logging out, for the last time.
  2. lol - made me grin lmao - made me laugh
  3. Are you kidding me?!?! It's ****in disgustin, it stinks like rotten fish and doesnt taste much better either.
  4. 5. Buttshafter 4.Salad Tosser 3.Cuntwipe 2.Wankmeat 1.Dumb-ass (anyone who's ever watched That 70's Show shall know what I mean. Nothing beats a good dumb-ass)
  5. Is it just me who's noticed this guy bears a striking resemblance to CfB with his non-stop spamming? Pull your head out of YOUR ass you moody teenager. Don't go taking your rage out on him for no reason you're the one who's seemingly sulking and acting like the six year old here. Frickin dumbass. Also what the hell are you talking about, some bandwagon jumpin? What bandwagon? I haven't noticed and also if you haven't realised this is a website about wrestling. I sincerely doubt anyone could be bothered to drag themselves away from FWL to form a clique you loser.
  6. I think the funniest bit is seeing the people's reactions. For example Kerry Mcfadden/Katona/Bittis reaction was hilarious. Also if you subscribe to the Mark and Lard school of comedy; you do it enough, it becomes hilarious. Always remember that, it's kept them in business for years.
  7. Well they've swopped Gaetano and Cameron again. Unless Cameron keeps his new found attitude, BB won't be worth watching. Was there really any point in swapping them for four days? ****in stupid move by BB that more than hints at desperation by the producers.
  8. Just heard this terrible news, seems he was playing in the match, went up for a header, no challenge or anything and just fell to the ground, dead. He was in real good form for City last year as well. I remember his screamer of a goal that was in the Goal Of The Season competition. What a sad, sad loss. R.I.P Foe.
  9. Maybe a hint of hypocrisy in that post there or is it just me?
  10. Guilty Ever asked a teacher for help with a question so she could lean over and you could sneak a peek at her jugs?
  11. Staqyed in chat for ages flaming Nicole (major fun) before joining the forums and asking Kam why I wasn't mentioned in a huge post he made including people he felt were more mature than their age. How shit.
  12. Just watched SA Big Bro on E4 and am now watchin Big Bro Uk. Good Lord ours is shit! This Gaetano guy is a breath of fresh air and is ****in hilarious, Cameron will probably provide a shit view of Big Bro UK but thats the luck of the draw. They should show big bro Africa even when cameron and gaetano swop again. It's way better.
  13. Guilty Ever had thought about a teacher you normally wouldn't through desperation (ie havent pulled in a long time)?
  14. No way will Nush go. No way in hell. If she does there's no point watching anymore, they can all go **** off. (apart from Scott)
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