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  1. Are you a fan of wrestling? Do you like to write? Want to voice your thoughts and opinions? If your answer is YES to all 3 questions then please get in touch ASAP! Kayfabe Today/Pro Wrestling Journal are looking for contributors on all aspects of the wrestling business, from previews, reviews, opinion pieces and podcasts, please get in touch You can find me on twitter @TheCiaranJames Facebook - Ciaran James *These are voluntary positions
  2. Any excitement, even if there was any has all been sucked out of Fastlane and Wrestlemania....The Machine says we will love Roman Reigns
  3. Breaking Ground was a great watch, however showing behind the scenes stuff is very detrimental to the product
  4. MVP has announced he is parting ways with TNA
  5. Why not create an interim IC title thrown in Ambrose and Neville and make it a 4-way
  6. He's improved a lot this year, I feel for the guy. The IC tile is becoming a poison chalice
  7. So Del Rio was at home, healthy? no more to say?
  8. Triple threat US challenge match was awesome, Cesaro vs Rusev needs to be added to Battleground. The NXT 'women' debuting on Raw was also very refreshing, I thought Paige looked a little out of place??
  9. Wrestling will have another boom period, it's in transition right now
  10. I just think the industry has changed, I actually believe the performer are overall better
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