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  1. Must do List: Slim down so my ab muscles show again (Started running a month ago) Practice my guitar Wash my Civic and my Jeep (Not been done in about a year and a half) Potty train my son (He'll be 2 in April) Wanna do List: Read more Find a better paying job Reduce credit card debt
  2. New MP3 player 2 DVDs PS2 wireless controller PS2 WWE SmackDown Bring the Pain game Pocket knife Chocolate Visit from mom My son had a HUGE day Wife liked the gifts I bought and/or made her Super Christmas all around.
  3. MachoMat


    I have been under the impression that steroid testing in pro wrestling is purely voluntary. I could be wrong though.
  4. MachoMat


    Up until I was about 22 I weighted only 130 pounds, the skinniest man in North America I think. I hit 170 pounds at about 30 years old. At 30 I began working out. I did use protein and creatine for a while. Creatine helped with strength but put on water weight and made me bloat somewhat. For a short time about 5 years ago I tried Androstine (sp?). It helped with strength but made me very irritable. Had to give it up but kept working out. Now, at 37, I stand 6'2" and weigh 245 pounds. (How much is that in "stones"?) I work out 4 or 5 times a week and run 3 times a week. I take a generic multivitamin and try to eat decently. No supplements, no 'roids, no extra concoctions needed. You can get pretty big naturally. You just have to put in the time. I wonder what might have been if I'd gotten off my lazy butt and gotten into the gym at a younger age. I do know that if I had the time and money right now to get my diet just right I could put on more muscle and easily lose the last few pounds of fat that I want to shed without drugs, although I admit that I'd probably do a cycle if I had the opportunity. **Bad Matt BAD** When he first left for football Brock said that he did not use 'roids. He said that he started working out young, I think age 12, because he saw what it did for his brother. A person can get big without drugs but he is REALLY huge, 290 if I recall, so I don't know.
  5. A few nights ago I dreamed I was back in high school. Tyra Banks was the gym teacher and she kept flirting with me. Didn't like having to wake up from that one.
  6. I would like to submit my application to rule North America as one of your top aides. I already have a plan that should make taking over this continent quite easy. Been sorting it out and going over contingencies and details for about 12 years. Please send me an application @ KingofNorthAmerica.com. Or just PM me. Oh... B.T.W... Congratulations on landing the job.
  7. I smoked for 18 or 19 years. I quit many times but failed because I didn't really want to. When quitting became more important than the nicotine cravings I was able to quit easily. You can do it. Best wishes.
  8. I'd like him to just come back and be a wrestler again. I know he's making money. I know that making movies is not as hazardous to your health. But come on Rock, either lace 'em up or hang 'em up. What's the point of getting into it with somebody for the sake of a few extra WM tickets sold? Oh wait. That's the whole point isn't it?
  9. As said above, Booker has proven his worth and ability BUT he may very well retire soon leaving them with nothing to build on. He could job hard to someone and go out that way. Mick Foley always said it's better to go out on your back, putting someone over fofr the betterment of the business. Realistically, in the best interests of the Vince McMahon $$$ Machine, your best bet is to go with a young guy who has more time left in the business.
  10. Hard to believe but I'm angelic.
  11. The same way he gave sucky gimmicks to Dusty & Dustin Rhodes, Adrian Street, Adrain Adonis, Lanny Poffo ana a slew of others who had crossed him or who he wanted to humble.
  12. I made a simple suggestion without making reference to anything resembling fairth or religion or any other TWO tabooed words. I made abslolutely no references to, or suggestions based on, morality. I spoke simply about people waiting to have sex until they are capable of caring for any children that be concieved from their sexual union. Why do you instantly begin making it about religion with the puritans remark? Are you a narrow-minded, intolerant hater of those who disagree with you? After all I was just saying something that I believe Jayden summed up quite nicely: Well said.
  13. An idea. Why don't people keep their legs closed and not have sex until they're able to care for any children that might be created? Just curious.
  14. No. It's funny that you take the verse out of context due to your being blinded to the truth. Well, sad... but funny at the same time. Perhaps you intentionally take it out of context so as to not have to see my point. I suspect that to be the case. But enough of this. You will believe what you want to, at least for now. I'll just leave you to it.
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