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  1. Is Miz wearing a mouth guard? I didn't know wrestlers wore mouth guards.
  2. The conspiracy theorists are going to explode over this one.
  3. Well that is certainly... something...
  4. The UK usually gets it about the same as the US I think. One week behind or something.
  5. The UK usually gets it about the same as the US I think. One week behind or something.
  6. Yeah no kidding. I love it, but wrestling is the most backstabby, "who-you-know" thing I've ever seen. I knew handshaking and respect and stuff was important but I never realised just how important it was until I actually started training. It seems to be so easy to get blacklisted from a promotion for rubbing someone the wrong way. Wrestlers gossip like washer women.
  7. Yeah I'm not saying I hate him now or anything. The two things that spring to my mind are the rumours that Alex Riley got buried by him and some stuff Colt Cabana said in one of his podcasts about not getting along with him. Of course I'll never know what he's really like unless I actually meet him outwith the usual fan/wrestler way.
  8. The Gabe Tuft thing makes me kind of sad. I always imagined that Cena would be a lovely guy in real life. I don't really know what I'm basing that on it's just the impression I got. It's a shame he's probably an asshole. Tuft isn't the first person to say it about him.
  9. Do women normally go to hospital for several days for morning sickness or is it just because she's the Duchess?
  10. I would vote Mass Effect 3. Boring? Boring!? You joyless man.
  11. I thought 2 for 1 deals etc on alcohol were already banned, at least in scotland.
  12. We've got tickets for the televised Raw and Smackdown in the O2. We're supposed to be saving for a house but priorities y'know.
  13. http://www.sescoops.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/11895162-large.jpg http://www.sescoops.com/wwe-diva-kaitlyn-arrested-mugshot/ I like how she looks like she does not give one single f*ck in that picture. :)
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