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  1. Do any of you folks think that Takers retirement has had a detrimental effect on Vince's mental state? With recent events seeing him turning up late for Raw andi rewriting things all the time, do you think this has affected him deeper than we think?
  2. Having been a "Creature of The Night" for longer than I care to mention this recent run that The Deadman is on against Lesnar I feel that it is tarnishing the character of The Undertaker. Watching the match against Lesnar at Summerslam was almost as painful as watching the Streak end. My main concern is that the way 'Taker has been portrayed is in direct opposition to the character he has always been, one of his famous promos once contained the lines "what we have here is desperate men resorting to desperate measures..." which is the exact way he is being portrayed now. In the long run The Undertaker character at the very least has been the glue that held it all together and deserves all the respect he has earned, even though I realise the next match he has will be the last one he has I hope they restore the dignity the 'Taker has always had.
  3. Well the clue is kind of in the title........Which conspiracy theory is the most intriguing or which one is the most plausible....?? Do you think it's all a load of old rubbish?
  4. You guessed correct DC, that was the end of that sentence ;)
  5. It was merely a debate Beltster, one that did raise passion and ire, but a debate none the less.
  6. The question in and of itself is about understanding the rights of your daughters as adult human beings. Don't mistake the memories of their childhood with their adult choices. You made their choices when they were small, but they will make them when they are adults. If you continue to try to affect change or make choices for your daughters then they will just do exactly what they want to do anyway. If they do it with spite in the hearts then they will suffer but if they make choices from a position of love then you should be confident enough in your own parenting skills to allow them to make those choices for themselves. Your happiness is irrelevant. Teach them how to think, not what to think.
  7. I was discussing this recently with a group of friends both male and female and it led to interesting discussion and how men view women and women view men, also how daughter's see their Father's. I simply asked the group that if you had two grown up daughters, one was married to a horrible man but she had two young children and he was a good father to them though he was a useless and angry husband, and the other daughter was a high class prostitute, who did everything in a very professional and safe way. Which daughter would you feel happiest for? Whose life choices would you be most pleased with? What advice would you give to both daughters? This led to quite vociferous argument but it was very interesting none the less and no one caused irreparable damage.
  8. Growing something from a seed...simple but so perfectly wonderful.
  9. This country's political game is sewn up already. It's a game to those who play it. We the voters are irrelevant unless we put into action the policies they send down. The government is set up only to protect The Queen and her country, the rest of us are merely peasants in nicer clothing. They are taken to specific schools to learn how to "lead". Beyond that if you are Catholic you cannot be PM. How archaic is that...beyond The Magna Carta the subjects of this country have no say in anything that policy makers do, because they got a majority vote. It is never those in power who wield it, it is the career civil servants who stay in their faceless positions kissing the next PM's arse for their entire professional lives.
  10. I'm just wondering what piece of advice would you give the opposite sex about your own gender, I'd just like to say to the girls, we honestly do not know what you want, just tell us...
  11. Somedays you just want to scream...what is that really bothers you about this day and age? For me it texting if there was ever one way to totally miscommunicate with someone then that is it.
  12. No offense taken...times have changed indeed...;)
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