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  1. Nicole I was gonna say you look like youve lost weight then I saw the scoffing-face pic! Verb still looks cute!
  2. Drake what the hell is your costume supposed to be?
  3. Miss T


    I'm confused I always thought it was the woman who was spooned..?
  4. Nobody in my life knows I post on here so I guess it wouldnt matter anyway. I dont think anyone would care anymore either!
  5. BRM is that when geri flashed her knickers.....?
  6. "BLOWJOBS ARE DISGUSTING AND WRONG".. now all you do is twist and gulp!
  7. If you patted him on the head you could maybe patronise a little more :lol
  8. My mums side are Cornish and my Dads are Romany Gypo.. with a hint of Italian Mafia thrown in there somewhere I think.. wouldnt have a clue where to start actually building a family tree!
  9. It's brand new though and more and more is added each day!! Give it a chance, I'm addicted! Also.. Mad Capsule Markets.. what the hell!?!?
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