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  1. Ultimate Warrior because he was my real life friend and on a lesser note, my 2nd favourite wrestler ever.
  2. You've just answered your own question: Goldberg is sticking around, so they have a rematch. Brock getting squashed by Goldberg hurts less than just losing a regular long match, he can claim fluke and it also adds intrigue to a rematch. Seems pretty obvious whats going on here...
  3. David Brent. Somewhat killed the gimmick in the movie but in the original Office series' he was cringeworthingly excellent, everybody in their real life knows a David Brent too, which made it even better.
  4. Played through all the Bioshock games again on PS4 and just finished the complete version of Rise of the Tomb Raider with all DLC on PS4 too. Next up are the re-mastered Batman games with all DLC and my Mrs picked up God of War 3 for like £2 in a basket in a Heart Foundation shop so I'll go back and have a run through that. Might snag Battlefield 1 tomorrow, maybe NBA 2K17 too...not sure. I'm looking forward to the NES plug and play console thats coming out and the Mega Drive one, get into some retro classics at Christmas.
  5. Sony Z something for work. iPhone 6 personal. I'd take Apple stuff over anything personally but thats just me. I used to have a Galaxy Note for personal use, really liked it. Heard the latest ones were scrapped because of overheating or something. Shame.
  6. I never listen to critics, there are far too many things that are extremely highly rated that I hate and on the other hand, things that are considered crap that I love. I cant base what I like or dislike on somebody elses opinion.
  7. Chael would have been a great WWF manager in the 1980's, how he'd just be an over-scripted turd.
  8. No not really. Brock came back as an unstoppable killer after Cane and Overeem both made him look like a joke. I think wrestling fans realise he isnt a fighter and shouldn't have expected any different. Money? He may have money but he's still only in his 30's, I doubt he has enough to live on for the next 40+ years. Plus, they all go back. Every last one of them, including the ones who are far more out of favour with WWE than Punk is.
  9. Ryback possibly to Bellator? :lol When will they ever learn.
  10. Back in Rapture with the BioShock collection on PS4. As good as I remember. Please give us BioShock 4! :)
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