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  1. The women's division is pretty much the only thing which TNA do better than the WWE, but they do it better by quite a margin, I have to admit. The second Kim vs. Kong match was better than any WWE women's match I've seen. Obviously Kong is a far, far better monster heel than Phoenix, though to be fair, my grandmother could probably wrestle better than Beth Phoenix. Even leaving Kong's awesomeness aside, Gail Kim is a pretty darn good babyface and I have no problem watching the likes of Roxxi, Martinez, Sky or Love in action. I don't quite get ODB's appeal myself, but plenty of people evidently enjoy her stuff too. Also, the TNA girls have better and more well-defined characters. All WWE divas seem to have one of just three personalities: happy-go-lucky face, annoying bitch heel and psycho monster heel. The booking of the knockout division has been fairly good too, shockingly. Even if we're just judging in terms of attractiveness, I'd take Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and that backstage interviewer they have (no not JB, the other one) before I'd look at any WWE girl.
  2. I've been having this debate with quite a few people in MSN convos lately, so I figured I'd see what TWO thought. Basically, I think that Orton's the best main-event heel in ages, but for some inexplicable reason most people seem to prefer his former tag team partner, Edge. Firstly, Orton's better in the ring. What was the last outstanding match Edge had? Aside from the fantastic Raw match he had last year with Orton himself, of course. The last one I can recall was TLC with Cena back in what, September 2006? A year and a half ago. Orton, on the other hand, has had two MOTYCs (vs. Cena and Triple H) in the last six months. His match psychology has improved immensely and he does all the little things right. He's the best seller in the WWE as well. When Jeff gave him that baseball slide into the barricade at the Rumble, Orton sold it so well that I thought he'd actually broken his neck or something. And c'mon, anyone who can make a chinlock interesting has to be good. Edge is just meh. Completely average. Even his finisher looks terrible. Also, Orton's better at getting the faces he's working with over. He deserves shedloads of credit for helping Jeff get over as a main-event player in this last month. In contrast, aside from the obvious example of Cena, I really can't think of anyone who's gotten more over after a feud with Edge. The main criticism that seems to be levelled at Orton nowadays is that he's 'boring'. I think the complete opposite. A soulless psycho who punts fools in the head seems pretty interesting to me. More interesting, I daresay, than Edge's character. I also prefer Orton on the mic to Edge. Edge's promos are just a load of angry shouting with little substance to them. Orton's a bit inconsistent when talking, but when he's on, he really does come across as a complete prick who you'd love to see get his ass kicked. So yeah, do you agree with me or d'you think Edge is better?
  3. I'm really loving James Storm's at the moment. Sorry 'bout yo damn luck indeed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FqtPItsc1o
  4. Yeah, I don't think Alonso will be a strong contender for the title this season. Obviously the Renault will be better this year, but I can't see them making up enough ground on Ferrari to be legitimate contenders. Add that to the driving aids thing, and Alonso will be lucky to make the top three in the championship. Can't look past Kimi again to be honest. I think Hamilton, Massa and maybe Heidfeld (if BMW have improved as much as they claim) could give him a challenge though if luck goes their way. I'd love Massa to do it, the sexy beast.
  5. We were just as bad as England today, to be fair. Things are getting desperate when you're lucky to beat Italy at home. They'd have beaten us if they had a decent kicker. I really can't think of any positives to take out of that, other than Reddan's performance. D'Arcy's out for the rest of the tournament too.
  6. Reports are suggesting that Terry won't be getting the captaincy. I think Rio would be quite a good choice actually.
  7. Foster's injured and Carson was suspended.
  8. You really couldn't make this sh*t up. I'm not sure what the best part is: Shark Cold Boy Austin, Devine winning the title that he's held for the last two months anyway or Joe turning down a title shot for more money.
  9. It's been updated again. I'm onto you Hooly!
  10. GRAIC CUP QUARTER-FINALS Northern Pride 1 (Farfan 3, Sissoko sent off 84) Team Sweeny Todd 1 (Bentley 8) Northern Pride win 5-4 on penalties Team Sweeny Todd's miserable season continues as they're dumped out of the Graic Cup by fellow strugglers Northern Pride. Miguel Veloso missed the crucial penalty that put Ray's side into the semis. Northern Pride: (4-4-2) Ricardo 7, Finnan 7, Hyypia 6, Marchena 6, Aurelio 6 (Arbeloa 5), Babel 7, Sissoko 7, Garcia 6 (Sinama-Pongolle 5), Farfan 7, Kuyt 7, Cisse 6 (Benayoun 6) Team Sweeny Todd: (4-2-3-1) Cech 7, Nelsen 7, Terry 7, Cannavaro 7 (Alex 6), Warnock 6, Fabregas 7, Xavi 6 (Veloso 5), Navas 7, Bentley 7, Villa 7, van Nistelrooy 7 (Benzema 6) Team Federline 4 (Mancini 29, Ibrahimovic 31, 77, Mutu 61) Team. Love. Scream. Morrison 0 Wolvie destroys Moobs in the battle of Graic's top dawgz. Sorry M8. Team Federline: (4-2-3-1) Boruc 7, Rafinha 5 (Lucio 5), Mexes 8, Toure 8, Barry 7, Iniesta 7, Alonso 7 (Hleb 6), Mancini 8, Mutu 9, Totti 7, Ibrahimovic 8 TLSM: (4-4-2) Given 6, Beye 6, Taylor 7, Maldini 5 (Cacapa 6), Enrique 5, Milner 5, N'Zogbia 6, Emre 5, Robben 7 (Duff 5), Owen 7, Martins 6 Team Sav 3 (Routledge 16, Berbatov 36, Defoe 113) The Rebels 2 (Toni 4, Alves 21) Team Sav seem to have stopped the rot with their second win in a row, this time against an in-form Rebels team. Team Sav: (4-4-2) Robinson 7, Rocha 6, Dawson 6, Gardner 6 (Gunter 5), Bale 5, Routledge 7, Gattuso 6, Jenas 7 (Tainio 5), O'Hara 6 (Taarabt 6), Berbatov 9, Defoe 8 The Rebels: (4-4-2) James 6, Mellberg 6 (Kaka 6), Laursen 6 (Upson 6), Distin 6, Abidal 7, Alves 7, Deco 6, Ballack 6, Ribery 6, Toni 8, Anelka 8 (Raul 6) The Shamans Of Sexy 1 (Trezeguet 17) Team Williams 0 And another one bites the dust at the Palace of Wisdom. Trezeguet's early goal means that the Shamans advance to the semi-finals. The Shamans Of Sexy: (4-2-3-1) Casillas 7, Sagnol 7, Puyol 8, Carvalho 8, Clichy 7, Frings 7, Gago 7 (Diarra 6), Rodriguez 8, Messi 7 (Quaresma 7), Eto'o 8, Trezeguet 7 Team Williams: (4-4-2) Fusco 6, Hutton 6, Dunne 7, Vidic 7, O'Shea 7, Ronaldo 6, Cahill 7, Barton 6, Young 6, Tevez 6, Santa Cruz 5 (Agger 6) Matchday 14 fixtures: Team Capello vs. Team Sharapova Northern Pride vs. Team Federline Team. Love. Scream. Morrison vs. The Genetic Jackhammers The Rebels vs. Team Sweeny Todd Team Sav vs. Team Delilah The Shamans Of Sexy vs. Team Williams
  11. Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal Everton 0-1 Chelsea
  12. 1. Evil Gringo 9 2. PHIZZLE 8 3. lafdugga 7 4. Cathal 5 5. Michael 3 6. King 3 7. Wolverine 3 8. Hardcore Holly 3 Predict ten of the following fixtures, gentlemen and Cathal. Arsenal v Newcastle Coventry v Millwall Liverpool v Havant and Waterlooville Hereford v Cardiff Man Utd v Tottenham Mansfield v Middlesbrough Oldham v Huddersfield Peterborough v West Brom Portsmouth v Plymouth Sheff Utd v Man City Southampton v Bury Watford v Wolverhampton Wigan v Chelsea
  13. Crouch, you c*nt! Good result, but it's disappointing to lose yet another lead with just a few minutes left.
  14. You know, I heard that match drew 29,000 to Madison Square Garden.
  15. The new owners have only sacked one manager, who wasn't Ashley's choice to begin with.
  16. Bramble proving his greatness again today. Nice assist for Everton's first there.
  17. Second series of Psych begins airing on Hallmark tonight. I can't wait.
  18. Arsenal - Yeah, this one's really hard. Hleb, Toure, Gallas, and van Persie all come very close, but I have to give it to Fabregas. Aston Villa - Barry. Although if Ashley Young keeps progressing at the rate that he is, it won't be long before he overtakes him. Birmingham - Kapo is well overrated like. It's hard to think of any outstanding individual players though. I'm tempted to give this to Agent Ridgewell, but it's probably Muamba or Larsson. Blackburn - Definitely Bentley. I had an argument with Cathal at the start of the season when she said Gamst Pedersen was better than Bentley, further proving that girls know nothing about football. They have sexytime strikers too, McCarthy's class when he's in form. Bolton - Ugh. Diouf. Get relegated and die in a fire plz. Chelsea - You'll never ever guess who I'm going to pick here. Honourable mention to Essien, but nothing compares to the sexiness of Drogba. Derby - Derby have good players?! Kenny Miller's alright, I guess. (Moobs, Howard's left them) Everton - Almost too difficult to call between Arteta and Cahill. If I have to pick one, then I guess I'll go with Arteta, his range of passing is phenomenal. Fulham - HEALY! Who else was I going to pick? Liverpool - Reina is the best goalkeeper in the Premiership, and just beats out Carragher and Torres (who has been better than I expected in fairness). Manchester City - Yeah, it's Elano. When City pay £8m they get Elano, when we pay £8m we get Reo-Coker. Can we hire Sven to sign players for us? Richards and Dunne deserve mention too, they've been excellent at the back. Manchester United - Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, never mind the best player at Manchester United. Middlesbrough - Woodgate is so good that he made Newcastle's defence look solid for a few seasons. If he'd stayed fit he'd be an England regular, so he wins easily. Newcastle - Have to agree with Moobs on The Zog. I nearly Jenarbetted when we were linked with him in the summer. I think he'll love playing under Keegan too. Portsmouth - Another difficult one. I think I'll take Muntari just, but Utaka and Kranjcar can feel hard done by. Reading - Again, it's hard to single out a single player. I quite liked Lita last season but he's hardly started this year. I suppose I'll go with Hunt then. Sunderland - They have some awful players. You know they're bad when I'm seriously considering giving this to Kieran Richardson. Jones's general play is good but he can't finish, so I'll pick Ross Wallace, he's looked good every time I've seen him. Tottenham - Has to be Berbatov. Wasted at Spurs to be fair. West Ham - I still think Ashton can be a serious contender for the England team, he's a very good player. Needs better hair though. Wigan - Titus Bramble, natch. Being serious, that Scharner chap seems quite good.
  19. I think the overrated/underrated thing is in relation to their push on TV, not perceptions of their in-ring ability, which would explain Khali winning most overrated.
  20. What. Shelton should be winning the most overrated award, not most underrated. Well, at least Cena gets some deserved love in these awards, I guess.
  21. Morrison and Miz praising Kevin Federline and dissing Britney. It's awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt4kIb7d3gU "We don't like fatties at the Palace of Wisdom" - unlucky BC :(
  22. Nah, you all know that Scott Steiner's the best antagonist of all time.
  23. JENARBET PREMIER LEAGUE - MATCHDAY 13 Team Delilah 3 (Gonzalez 10, D. Milito 74, 81) Team Federline 1 (Mexes 60) League leaders Team Federline's recent run of good form comes to an end against Team Delilah. Diego Milito has now got four goals from two games this season, causing fans to wonder why Ancelotti didn't pick him earlier this season. His side get revenge on Team Federline for knocking them out of the Graic Cup and they move into to the top half of the league. Team Delilah: (4-3-2-1) Reina 7, Oddo 7, Nesta 8, G. Milito 7, Riise 7, Gonzalez 7, Gerrard 7, Zanetti 7, Sneijder 6, Aimar 9, D. Milito 9 Team Federline: (4-2-3-1) Boruc 5, Rafinha 7, Mexes 7, Toure 7, Barry 6, Iniesta 8, Alonso 8, Mancini 7, Mutu 7, Totti 6, Ibrahimovic 6 Team Sav 3 (Defoe 22, pen 63, Bent 43) Team Williams 1 (Tevez 36) Team Sav halt their losing streak with a much-needed victory over Team Williams. Both sides have topped the table in recent times but now reside in the bottom half of the league, showing the competitiveness of the division and how a bad few games can hurt your season. Team Sav: (4-4-2) Robinson 7, Chimbonda 7, Rocha 6, Dawson 5, Bale 7, Lennon 7, Gattuso 6, Jenas 8, Tainio 6, Berbatov 7 (Bent 8), Defoe 8 Team Williams: (4-4-2) Carson 6, Hutton 5, Vidic 7, Agger 6, O'Shea 6, Ronaldo 7, Cahill 6, Barton 6, Young 6, Tevez 7, Santa Cruz 6 Team. Love. Scream. Morrison 0 The Rebels 1 (Anelka 57) TLSM's perfect home record is ended by Mourinho's Rebels. Is the threat of Keegan causing Slavenmania to run out of steam? TLSM: (4-4-2) Given 6, Beye 6, Taylor 7, Maldini 6 (Bramble 6), Enrique 7, Milner 6 (Duff 6), N'Zogbia 6, Emre 5, Robben 7, Owen 7, Martins 6 (Amoebi 5) The Rebels: (4-4-2) James 8, Alves 8, Laursen 8, Distin 7, Abidal 6, Nakamura 6 (Lucas 6), Deco 7, Ballack 6, Ribery 6, Toni 6 (Kaka 6), Anelka 7 Team Capello 4 (Aguero 15, 68, 85, Cambiasso 86) Northern Pride 0 A brilliant hat-trick by 19 year-old wonderkid Kun Aguero inspires Team Capello to a heavy rout of Northern Pride. Interestingly, Team Capello have the third best goal difference in the league (thanks to two 4-0 wins in the last three games) but only sit ninth in the league. Unsurprisingly, Northern Pride have the worst GD. Team Capello: (5-3-2 sweeper) Ochoa 8, Zapata 8, Ramos 6, Metzelder 8, Maicon 7, Chiellini 7, Aquilani 7, De Rossi 7, Cambiasso 8, Aguero 10, Klose 8 (Podolski 7) Northern Pride: (4-4-1-1) Ricardo 6, Finnan 7, Hyypia 6, Marchena 6, Aurelio 6, Sissoko 5, Babel 6, Guti 6, Garcia 5, Ronaldinho 7, Kuyt 7 The Genetic Jackhammers 0 Team Sharapova 2 (Lampard 6, Stankovic 23) The winner of this game would go top of the league, and Team Sharapova thrived under that pressure. The best defence in the league kept yet another clean sheet to move three points clear. The Genetic Jackhammers: (4-4-2) van der Sar 7, Miguel 6 (Chivu 5), Ferdinand 7 (van Persie 6), Ayala 7, Evra 7, Zambrotta 7, Vieira 7 (Scholes 6), Essien 7, Vicente 7, Rooney 7, Shevchenko 6 Team Sharapova: (4-2-3-1) Buffon 8, Neville 6 (Malouda 7), Gallas 9, Pepe 7 (Yobo 7), A. Cole 7, Marquez 7, Albiol 7, J. Cole 7 (Hargreaves 6), Lampard 7, Stankovic 8, Drogba 8 Team Sweeny Todd 2 (Villa 23, 87) The Shamans Of Sexy 2 (Carvalho 47, Trezeguet 75) The Shamans pick up their first point away from the Palace in this bottom of the table clash, but they will be slightly disappointed after being just three minutes away from a win. Team Sweeny Todd are starting to show some semblance of form now, having avoided defeat for a club record of two games. Team Sweeny Todd: (4-3-2-1) Cech 7, Nelsen 7, Terry 7, Cannavaro 7, Warnock 7, Veloso 6, Fabregas 7, Xavi 8, Navas 6, Benzema 7, Villa 9 The Shamans Of Sexy: (4-2-3-1) Casillas 6, Sagnol 8, Puyol 6, Carvalho 7, Clichy 5, Frings 6, Pirlo 7, Messi 8, Eto'o 7, Rodriguez 8, Trezeguet 7 JENARBET PREMIER DIVISION TABLE 1. Team Sharapova - 25 2. Team Federline - 22 3. The Genetic Jackhammers - 21 4. The Rebels - 20 5. Team. Love. Scream. Morrison - 20 6. Team Delilah - 20 7. Team Sav - 19 8. Team Williams - 18 9. Team Capello - 15 10. Northern Pride - 13 11. The Shamans Of Sexy - 12 12. Team Sweeny Todd - 7 Top Scorer - Dirk Kuyt (Northern Pride) - 8 Most Assists - James Milner (TLSM) - 7 Highest Average Rating - William Gallas (Team Sharapova) - 7.62 Graic Cup Quarter Finals: Northern Pride vs. Team Sweeny Todd Team Federline vs. Team. Love. Scream. Morrison Team Sav vs. The Rebels The Shamans Of Sexy vs. Team Williams
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