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  1. Here is the new Picture Thread for 2012 for the Talk Wrestling Online Community.


    Please remember to ensure pics are suitable for the workplace and keep your comments respectful :xyx

  2. Been having a riot in sneak mode, taking out people with one shot of my bow, there is something satisfying about waiting for a bandit to walk past your firing line and taking them out without anyone else noticing.


    Even better is now I am a hell of a lot better with bow, I have eagle eye and eagle eye slowdown, so now I can take out dots on the horizon, such as guards patrolling old castles.


    I'm not ure how they've done it, but Skyrim is keeping my interest a lot better than Oblivion did.

  3. We return to the arena and a wide shot of the crowd. Tony Chimmell is in the ring waiting for his cue.


    Jim Ross: It’s main event time folks, Craig Van Dam defends The Unified Championship against Matthew Kennedy Denton.


    Paul Heyman: It’s the battle of three initials. This is Van Dam’s first PPV title defence.


    JR: So far in CVD’s title reign all we’ve seen is Brice Perrino make sure he keeps hold of the belt!


    The lights go down and we get a shade of pink. “The Darque Angel Of Suffering” blasts from the speakers to LOUD cheers.




    JR: Here comes MKD.


    As blue flames come up from the stage Denton appears through the curtain.


    PH: The pressure is on Denton tonight, this is without a doubt the biggest night of his career.


    The fans continue to cheer Denton as he walks down the ramp, he is purely focusing on the ring.


    JR: Remember in a championship match he has to pin CVD or make him submit to win the title.


    MKD climbs onto the steps and enters the ring.


    Tony Chimmel: Introducing the challenger. From Miami, Florida and weighing in at 232 pounds, Matthew Kennedy Denton!!!!!!!!


    “The Darque Angel Of Suffering” fades out and is replaced by “Miseria Cantare” to boos.




    PH: And here comes The Champion.


    JR: But for how much longer will he be called Champ?


    The Brotal Package steps through the curtain alone, wearing his championship belt.


    JR: These two go all the way back when Denton’s SCW tried to take over TWOStars, CVD was part of the ERE in that group.


    PH: And remember Denton personally recruited CVD.


    The fans continue to taunt Craig as he walks to ringside, he ignores said taunts.


    JR: At our last PPV CVD cashed in his Money In The Bank against Randy Roko to become champ.


    Van Dam climbs in the ring and walks to the opposite corner.


    TC: And his opponent, from Durham and weighing in at 234 pounds. The TWOStars Unified Champion, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Miseria Cantare” fades out, the ref checks both guys and calls for the bell.



    Ding! Ding! Ding!


    JR: Here we go, this Unified Championship match is underway.


    The two wrestlers circle around the ring and get into a strong tie up. After struggling a bit Craig gets Denton into a side headlock.


    JR: And Van Dam with a side headlock on there.


    Matt Denton is able to escape and shove Van Dam into the ropes. When he returns Denton shoulder tackles Craig to the canvas.


    PH: But Matt Denton knocking CVD to the canvas.


    Van Dam quickly returns to his vertical base where Denton puts on a wrist lock. He winds up the arm over his head and clams down with it. With his free arm The Package nails Denton in the jaw.


    JR: What a shot from Van Dam.


    Denton releases his grip on Craig arm. The Brotal Package takes a few steps back before charging at Matt, only for Denton to duck any attempt at a shot Craig has. MKD then nails CVD with a stiff elbow strike, he follows up by slapping Van Dam in a side headlock and taking him to the canvas.


    PH: And Matt Denton taking Van Dam down to the canvas.


    JR: These guys are going at it slow in the very early going.


    Denton cranks up the pressure a little bit and is able to turn Craig onto his back.






    T…. The Champ rolls onto his side. Keeping his shoulder up.


    JR: Wow, Denton almost catching a quick one on CVD!


    The Brotal Package is able to fight to his knees and then to his feet which relieves some pressure. He then begins to lift up Denton’s arm but the former SCW owner clamps down hard maintaining control of the headlock.


    PH: Van Dam attempting to escape but Denton blocking it.


    Realising this course of action isn’t going to work he is then able to shove Denton out the hold and launch him into the ropes. When Denton comes back Craig nails him a well timed drop kick.


    PH: What a beautiful move from the champion.


    Van Dam immediately dives on top of Denton, going for a cover.








    TH……….. MKD raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


    JR: No. it’s too early to be going for pins here.


    The Package begins to choke Denton on the floor, the referee has no choice but to count.










    The Champion breaks his hold.


    JR: Oh come on!


    PH: What he broke on four didn’t he?


    JR: That isn’t the point, he shouldn’t be choking in the first place.


    The Package drags Denton to a vertical base. He takes control of MKD’s left arm and Irish whips him into the left corner of the ring. Craig then charges at Denton and crashes into him.


    PH: That’s 235 pounds crashing into you there.


    Van Dam takes a hold of MKD and attempts a hip toss. Matt blocks and hip tosses Craig into the canvas. The Package quickly gets up to his feet, a second hip toss takes Craig back to the canvas. Van Dam gets up slightly slower this time Denton hit’s a body slam.


    JR: Van Dam taking a beating here


    The Unified Champion slides under the bottom rope and leaves the ring.


    PH: Van Dam just needs a few moments to regroup here.


    Matt Denton doesn’t give the Package anytime to rest as he goes after him. MKD grabs CVD and returns him to the ring, he pushes him into the corner of the ring begins hammering away.


    JR: The challenger really taking to the champion here.


    Denton knocks Craig into a sitting position and begins stomping all over him.


    JR: Matt Denton stomping a mud hole and walking it dry.


    PH: Stop with those stupid lines JR!


    JR: I’m just describing what I’m seeing.


    MKD takes a few steps back and charges at the champion, full speed ahead. He looks to drive his knee into Van Dam only for Craig to move causing Denton to crash into the turnbuckles.


    PH: Van Dam moved!


    JR: What a move that was by him.


    Van Dam gets up and kicks Denton hard in the knee which knocks him down to the knees. He follows up with a hard kick to the upper chest. Finishing his attack He drives his foot into Denton’s face knocking him down.


    PH: Van Dam putting those educated feet to good use.


    The Brotal Package takes a few steps back and performs his rolling thunder.


    PH: Rollllllllllllllling Thhhhhhhhhhhhhunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CVD climbs on top of MKD, hooking the leg and going for a cover.
















    THR…………. Denton raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


    JR: Van Dam with a two count right there.


    Van Dam stands up and holds Denton’s left leg and drops his elbow on it before locking it up.


    PH: Van Dam going to work on the leg, try and ground his taller challenger.


    Van Dam cranks up the pressure as MKD grimaces in pain. The former SCW owner uses his height to reach out and grab the ropes though.


    JR: Denton able to fight to the ropes.


    A frustrated Van Dam lets go of his hold. He drags Denton to a vertical base before Irish whipping him off the ropes, Matt ducks a clothesline attempt and drop kicks Craig low into his knee.


    PH: What a move from Denton there.


    Denton is up first with Craig a few seconds behind him. Denton slaps Van Dam in a front face lock before falling back, driving Craig’s face into the canvas.


    JR: Cash Flow DDT!!!!!!!


    MKD turns CVD onto his back, hooking the leg and going for a cover.





















    THR………. Van Dam raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


    JR: Matt Denton only getting two there.


    The Challenger looks at the top turnbuckle provoking a reaction from the crowd. He walks over to the corner and begins to climb turnbuckles.


    PH: Denton going for a big move!!!!


    JR: But look, Van Dam is up.


    The Brotal Package shakes the ropes, causing MKD to lose his balance.


    Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


    PH: That picture says 1,000 words.


    JR: Yes, I don’t even wanna know Denton is feeling right now.


    The Total Package climbs onto the second turnbuckle. Punching Denton three times in the kidneys, Craig hooks him up and takes him over, crashing all the way to the canvas.


    PH: Superplex!


    Van Dam crawls over and places his arm on Denton’s chest.

































    THRE…………. MKD places his left foot on the bottom rope.



    JR: So close, yet so far away.


    The Package climbs to a vertical base, he waits for Denton to get to a vertical base and when he does, Craig runs and jumps upwards, grabbing Denton by the back of the head. MKD however shoves Craig out of it.


    PH: Van Dam going for the Code Breaker but Denton countering.


    MKD lifts his foot, looking to drive it into the face of the champion but Craig ducks.


    JR: And Denton going for his Super Kick but Van Dam moves.


    The Package jumps up, grabbing Denton by the back of the head, he drives his knees into MKD’s chest as they fall into the canvas.



    PH: Code Breaker! Van Dam scores with a big time Code Breaker.


    The Champion dives on top of Denton, going for a cover.




































    THRE………….. MKD barely raises his shoulder from the canvas.






    JR: Oh please tell me no?


    PH: YES! It’s our esteemed GM.


    Perrino steps through the curtain to even louder boos.


    BP: I’ve been watching in the back and I don’t like your counting counter faster bro.


    JR: I’m getting so sick of this crap I really, really am.


    Perrino walks down the ramp and keeps talking.


    BP: So that’s why I’m staying out here to keep an eye on you.


    The referee is looking annoyed at his boos as both men climb to their feet. From out of nowhere Denton lifts his boot, striking it in Craig’s face to a MASSIVE pop.


    JR: CASH COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    PH: NO!!!!!!!


    JR: New Champion?????



    Denton dives on top of CVD, going for a cover.


































    THRE…………… Perrino pulls the ref off the cover.


    BP: SLOWER BRO, Slower!!!!!


    JR: WHAT?????


    PH: The ref is counting slow.


    JR: Oh he was not!


    Denton runs out the ring and super kicks Perrino to the face to a MASSIVE pop.


    PH: HE CAN'T DO THAT!!!!!!!


    JR: The Hell he can!


    MKD returns to the ring where Van Dam is there to boot him in the stomach. He places Denton’s head between his thighs to boos.


    PH: Here we go!!!!!!


    The Package lifts Denton so he is upside down, he hooks both his arms and his legs which offers him no escape. He drops to his ass, spiking Denton’s head into the canvas.




    JR: And Van Dam steals one again!!!


    Van Dam climbs on top of Denton, going for the cover.











































    Ding! Ding! Ding!



    “Miseria Cantare” blasts from the speakers to boos from the crowd.


    TC: Here is your winner and STILL Unified Champion, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!


    JR: Damn it, once again Brice makes sure Craig keeps the title.


    PH: He won fair and square.


    JR: Denton had him pinned.


    Van Dam has his belt held high over his head, Perrino climbs into the ring and raises Craig’s hand.


    TWOStars copyright 2011.




    Eagles v DC by Saz

    Ángel de la muerte v Jimmy Tsunami by Saz

    Chav v Roko v Davies by Ruderz

    Burberry Army v Sickness & Igor by Omega

    Matt Denton v Craig Van Dam by Craig Van Dam


    Merry Christmas to all from TWOStars!

  4. Jim Ross: It's been an action packed night tonight, but now we're to change the pace a little.


    Paul Heyman: By change the pace you mean weird everyone the hell out?


    JR: One man's hovel is another man's palace.


    PH: Or, in this case, one man's wrestling match is my time to put my feet up and call it in, because, frankly, Igor will be stinking the arena out!!!


    JR: You haven't even seen him in action yet!


    PH: I was talking about his armpits...





    Audience: Booooooooooooooooo!


    JR: And here come two reprobates who hang with the Chav, Baz and Daz!


    Tomy Chimmel: At a combined weight of 312lbs and hailing from the streets, Baz and Daz, the BURBERRY ARRRMY!


    Pouring out of the entrance way comes the entire Band of Bruvas minus their leader. Baz and Daz lead the way with the rest of the crew jumping around behind them shouting obscenities at the two men in the ring. Quickly though several black polo shirted security men run out and start to separate the two men scheduled to wrestle tonight from their compatriots.


    JR: At least we're having some sense brought to this match with only those actually in the match being allowed down at ringside.


    PH: Does Sickness' multiple personalities count?


    JR: What do you think Paul?


    Despite their protestation eventually Baz and Daz give up trying to get their friends to stay and make their way to the ring.


    Audience: Booooooooooooo!


    JR: The crowd showing little respect for the army, which isn't a surprise.


    PH: You know what surprises me? How fickle these fans and you JR are!


    JR: Excuse me?


    PH: You all cry about fair play and sportsmanship when, frankly Igor went out of his way to start a fight with Baz and Daz, THEN he was passing concoctions to Sickness in his match against the Chav on XTV!


    JR: It is true that Igor's behaviour did bring on this match, but eventually the Army would have had someone stand up against them.


    PH: With his posture, Igor can't stand for anything!


    JR: The more I see of these young men the less I like.


    PH: They don't endear themselves to an audience but I kind of like their sheer contempt for anyone telling them what to do. Reminds me of a young promoter who rose to fame to take on the big boys with his own unique vision of professional wrestling.


    JR: Gabe Sapolsky?


    PH: You're a riot.


    The two young Chavs enter the ring and give each other big ups, tentatively ignoring the crowd.




    Audience: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


    Tony Chimmel: And their opponents, making their way down to the ring, with a combined weight of "broke the scales" Sickness and IIIIIGoooorrrr!


    Pyrotechnics go off as Sickness trundles through the entranceway, a big lolloping hand rests on his shoulder and stops him.


    JR: Igor is just simply massive.


    PH: And up to his old tricks... look!


    Igor appears to have passed Sickness another of his concoctions, looking around for a safety net, Sickness shrugs and downs the foaming liquid.


    PH: The match should be called right now for illegal substances.


    JR: How do you know it wasn't a Coke?


    PH: Coke doesn't bubble like that and Coke isn't green?


    JR: Coke with a lot of lime?


    PH: ...


    Sickness peps up and bounds confidently towards the ring, followed by the skulking and lolloping Igor. The Burberry armt remove themselves from the ring cautiously watching their opponents.


    JR: Wait... has some sort of foam appeared in Sickness's mouth.


    PH: The match should be called on account of rabies.


    JR: Is rabies green?


    PH: ...


    Sickness rolls into the ring, the green foam around his chin making him look like some ghoulish Santa Claus. Igor climbs the steps, the camera follows him closely and there's an audible clinking noise coming from the deep and dank recesses of his trench coat. He turns and gives the camera a little wink and attempts to tap the side of his nose but succeeds only in poking himself in the eye. Meanwhile Sickness has bitten into a nearby turnbuckle and appears to be hanging from it like a terrier to a postman's trouser leg.


    JR: You know, the word unorthodox is used pretty frequently in our business but I don't think it's had a better application than to this team.


    PH: I don't know how they've been allowed to get away with this blatant doping offence. Look at Sickness, he's clearly on something!


    JR: I think you'd have to say that the term "performance enhancing" doesn't necessarily apply to all of Igor's potions. Who knows what effect they'll actually have on the subject.


    The Gravedigger ducks into the ring and manages to dislodge The Mini Monster's jaws from the turnbuckle and bodily lifts his partner back over to their corner.


    Igor slyly lets go of Sickness and the Millenium Warrior runs full pelt and leaps over the top rope arms outstretched double clotheslining both chavs to the ringside floor. The ref decides that this is probably as close as he's ever going to get to an even start he's going to get and calls for the start of the match.


    JR: Sickness goes to town on Baz and Daz! Looks at those fists fly!


    The Mini Monster delivers a series of lefts and rights to both his opponents before finally picking up Daz by the scruff of the neck and throwing him over the nearest security barrier and then throwing Baz under the bottom rope and into the ring.


    Baz quickly scampers over to the opposite ropes holding out his hand in attempt to keep Sickness off of him but the Grand Slammer dives across the ring and begins to lay into Baz like an MMA fighter sensing the time to finish off his opponent. The referee eventually steps in to split up the two men and warn Sickness about his repeated close fists. The Sick One simply blows a huge plume of green sputum into the air and pushes past the referee and pulls Baz up to his feet only to plant a massive headbutt sending the burberry clad lad to the mat clutching his face.


    JR: We've seen Sickness both take and give out insane amounts of punishment but I can't remember seeing him more aggressive than tonight.


    PH: Maybe whatever Igor has given him had rabies in it?


    JR: Oh please.


    Sickness jumps on the back of the downed Baz and pulls him up into a camel clutch though it could simply be that he's trying to pull off the young man's head. Just in time to save his partner Daz dives through the rope and kicks Sickness in the back of the head allowing Baz to escape under the ropes to safety. Daz is quick enough to also dive out of the ring as well leaving Sickness to pull himself to his feet and paces the ring like a caged animal, his gaze flicking between both of his opponents.


    Baz nods to his partner and both men get up on different sides of the ring pinning Sickness somewhat in the middle of the ring. Both men slowly enter the ring and then both charge at Sickness at the same time but The Millenium Warrior ducks both men and catches them both in the stomach with an elbow and punch respectively. Both chavs bend double and Sickness grabs their necks looking to go for a double DDT. He lets out a loud bellow and then....nothing.


    JR: What's Sickness doing?


    PH: I think he's just run out of steam! Igor's potion appears to have worn off.


    Slowly Daz and Baz extricate themselves from the hold leaving Sickness stood in the middle of the ring like a man carrying two invisible barrels. Baz waves a hand in front of the unresponsive wrestlers face before shrugging to his partner who descend on the Mini Monster like a pack of hungry wolves laying in with fists and boots. Igor tries to get into the ring to revive his partner but the referee stops him in his tracks allowing the two chavs to pull Sickness over to their corner. The Body Snatcher reluctantly goes back to his corner allowing the ref to see the first tag of the match bring Daz in as the legal man.


    JR: Sickness looks like a man who's just come around from a 24 hour drinking binge.


    Daz wastes no time in laying a few good boots into the mid-section of Sickness and then laying his boot across the neck of his opponent. The referee dives in to pull Daz back from the illegal choke only for Baz to lay a sickening boot right into the back of Sickness' head.


    PH: I think I know who's taught the Syrian security forces their tactics.


    JR: That's tasteless even for you.


    PH: You're right JR, those two couldn't teach anyone anything.


    The Mini Monster clutches the back of his skull and tries to right himself but Daz comes steaming to smash a knee right into his side and makes another tag at the same time. Baz quickly drags Sickness upright and fires him off into the ropes and catches him on the return with a big clothesline. Baz makes a quick "come get me" gesture at Igor and then forces the ref to intervene. With the ref tied up Daz comes into the ring and Baz holds Sickness legs apart and Daz drops a big boot directly into the Mini Mosters family jewels elliciting a loud groan from the male members of the audience.


    JR: Damnit referee! Look behind you!


    Finally the referee gets Igor back in his corner and then orders Daz back into his corner too. Baz quickly drops to the ground and covers Sickness who is still grasping his crotch in agony.








    TH... Kickout.


    JR: Close call but Sickness able to kick out though I doubt he wants to right now.


    PH: It's going to take more than the usual beating these two ASBO hunters dish out to keep Sickness down so you can't blame them for trying anything.


    Baz slaps the mat in frustration but pulls Sickness back up to his feet and whips him into the chavs corner where Daz takes pleasure in gripping him in a standing rear chinlock as Baz charges and spears Sickness in the midsection. The Millennium Warrior crumples into the corner and this time Daz is brought into the match legally and stomps away at Sickness again.


    JR: Igor needs to get into this match and I don't mean with another pick me up.


    PH: For all everyone says that Baz and Daz have no brains they're very effectively cutting off the ring. Sickness hasn't been within 10 feet of Igor since the first minute of this match.


    Daz pulls the prone Sickness into the middle of the ring and mounts his adversary laying in punch after punch. The Mini Warrior tries to defend himself as best as possible but most of Daz's offence finds it's mark leaving him laying on the mat looking dazed.


    Daz decides he'll try Baz's tactics and goes over to try and bait Igor into the ring but Daz doesn't respect the incredibly long reach of his opponent and The Gravedigger shoots out his arm and grabs Daz by the face in his massive palm. Suddenly it's Daz who is trouble and Igor slowly winds him back into his corner before grabbing hold of the back off his head and leaping down to the floor causing Daz's neck to snap off the top rope.


    The chav drops to the deck clutching his throat and wheezing. Baz leaps down from his corner and races around to get at his friends attacker but as he rounds the ring post all he meets is the flying fist of Igor. Baz turns almost comically on one heel before crashing to the floor as The Body Snatcher cracks his knuckles and pulls himself up to apron. Back in the rig Sickness manages to crawl across enough to make a last gasp dive for his partner.


    JR: How dd Daz get across the ring to stop the tag?


    The audience boos as Daz pulls on Sickness' leg and hauls him back to the Burberry Army corner.


    JR: Surely Daz can't interfere like that?


    PH: You mean like Igor did just a few moments ago?


    Baz returns to the ring and begins to put the boot into Sickness in the corner, he slaps Daz's hand who also places some boots in and goes for a suplex.


    JR: Sickness waggling those legs and he's down, still in the front facelock, Look! His hand is outstretched, he wants a tag!


    PH: Fat chance!


    Sickness pushes hard at Daz, who tries his best to stop him, but Daz looks back worried as he begins to lose ground, Sicky pushes again hard, gaining ground towards releif.


    JR: He's doing it!


    Even a club to the back doesn't prevent Sickness from being tantalisingly close to a tag.


    JR: He's gonna do it!


    Baz takes matters into his own hands and enters the ring, the referee moves over to intercept him, Sickness finally makes the tag and Igor steps over the top rope and begins laying into Daz, only to have the ref come between them.


    JR: What? The ref is sending Igor back to his position.


    PH: Quite simple, the ref was dealing with Baz and didn't see the tag, it wasn't legal!


    JR: Sickening.


    Igor surrounds Sickness with his body as if to protect him, but a switch of camera sees Igor sneaking a vail of liquid into the Sick One's mouth.


    JR: Igor being manhandled to his corner now by the ref.


    PH: Manhandled is a bit strong.


    JR: Ok, gently guided to his corner then...


    PH: No I meant that you called Igor a man... Thinghandled would have been better.


    JR: Will you stop!


    Daz lays several stomps into Sickness and performs his suplex, he tags Baz in who climbs to the top of the turnbuckle then unceremoniously performs a frogsplash.


    JR: Baz going for the pin...










    Igor: *Whistle*




    Sickness' hand shoots up and then appears to look about as if someone had called him, Baz looks at the hand in disbelief and then at the ref, then to Daz. Baz tags Daz then lifts Sickness up to perform a powerbomb, Daz leaps from the top rope to perform a frogsplash and the young scally goes for the pin.










    Igor: *Whistle*






    Again Sickness' hand shoots up and looks about for whoever called it, the hand then shrugs, looks at kneeling Daz and then the ref.


    I: Come by!


    This gains both Daz and the ref's attention, as though wondering what Igor is doing


    I: Grab kecks!


    Daz suddenly looks shocked as he feels a hand grab down the back of his Kappa tracksuit, the ref is still wondering what Igor is up to.


    I: Hup hup!


    The hand suddenly pulls up on Daz's undercrackers and pulls them over his head.


    JR: Bah Gawd! Sickness has just given Daz a wedgie from hell!


    PH: And the ref saw nothing!


    Daz drops to the floor in pain as Sickness' hand begins to drag itself to Igor's corner.


    JR: Last time we saw Sickness' hand in the ring, it took a severe dislike to Sickness, this time, it seems it's helping out.


    PH: Well we saw Igor slip Sickness a mickey, I guess this must have something to do with it!


    Daz finally gets his trolleys of his head and, still in pain looks towards his partner for a tag, Sickness' hand finally reaches the corner and looks up at Igor, who smiles and pats the hand on the head.


    JR: Both tags made and Igor is legally in!


    Igor sets the ring on fire as both members of the Burberry army are subjected to clotheslines after clotheslines, Sickness looks on half dazed as Igor whips Daz into the corner, then Baz goes into the corner and into Daz and finally Igor flies in with an avalanche. As Igor moves back Baz drops to his hands and knees and Daz follows behind onto his knees, making the two look like they are having man love.


    JR: Bah Gawd! What an embarrassing position.


    The Chavs being real men suddenly get themselves out of the position, only to be met by more clotheslines and a slam each from the slimy henchman.


    JR: A headbutt sees Daz fly Backwards over the ropes and Igor tags Sicky back in, Igor goes back to pick up Baz in a firemans carry and stretches to his full heigh, Sicky stands in front of his henchman. Igor lifts Daz into the air with a press and then drops him forward, only for Sickness to bring his knee up into the gut of Daz.


    JR: MASSIVE 2 man go to sleep there by Sickness and Igor.


    Sickness drops onto Daz and hooks the leg.















    JR: And there we have it! Igor and Sickness showing the Burberry Army that they have what it takes to beat them.


    PH: Yeah, vails of potions and the willingness to cheat!


    JR: Now come on, you know that Baz and Daz did their fair share of cheating!


    PH: Not with the use of illegal substances, I for one will be taking this up with the board!


    JR: *Sigh* Well, that's not all by a long shot!






    JR: Yes folks, this is it! Time for Matt Denton to get his fair shot at the title!

  5. And we fade back in to the arena where the fans are eagerly anticipating the next match on the cards, signs in hand and TWOStars’s own brand of soda in the other they are on their feet as they realise they are back on air.


    JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and the next match is one which will be sure to be watched by management for sure!


    Heyman: Brice Perrino has humiliated both the Chav and Randy Roko by putting them up against Tiny Davies as of late, and in response to some comments from Roko has organised this match as a triple threat where as always, anything goes!


    JR: Anything goes and you can be sure that both Randy and the Chav will be looking for some measure of revenge here tonight against Davies, but will they be able to overcome him? We shall see!







    JR: And here comes the Chav!


    The fans reaction is instant, jeers reign down onto the stage as the crowd make their dislike for ‘The Kappa Warrior’ known to him as he strides out onto the stage with a beer in one hand and roll-up in the next, a look of disgust on his face as he looks out and around the crowd tonight, raising his roll-up to his face he takes a puff before beginning to slowly walk down to the ring.


    JR: And let’s not forget there might be some unfinished business between the Chav and Roko here tonight as well!


    Heyman: Well what do you expect, a Scottish-man and an English-man in a ring together is bound to-


    JR: I was referring to when Randy Roko beat The Chav to become Unified World Champion in the Elimination Chamber, Paul.


    Heyman: Oh.


    The Chav strides pass some fans who are rather vocal and makes a point of walking up-to them, taking a puff of his roll-up and blowing it into their faces before snubbing it out on the security barricade in-front of them.


    Tony: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is set for one-fall and is a triple threat match! Introducing first, weighing in at 237 lbs and standing at 6ft 2, hailing from the Streets… The Chav!




    JR: Chav will be one to watch in this match Paul, he doesn’t usually play well with others.


    Heyman: I think Davies will be the one to watch, not like you could see anything else anyway with that fat blubber in-front of you.


    Chav reaches the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before walking over to the corner and leaning against it, causally flicking off some fans in the front row as his eyes turn to the stage when his music cuts out and is replaced by…





    Once again, the fans turn to the stage and begin belting out jeers of hatred as the lights dim to a dark tone and begin to pulse in time to the music. In a short few seconds as the chorus kicks in for the first time, Randy Roko walks out on stage and pauses to glare down at the ring at the Chav, who glares back.


    JR: And Randy Roko was the last Unified World Champion Paul and has been on a little bit of a losing streak for a while now…


    Heyman: It’s all just a distraction JR, Randy could take anything he wanted in this company.


    Randy begins slowly jaunting down to the ring, casually laughing in the faces of those fans brave enough to insult him as he walks down with both fingers raised to flick off the crowd on both sides.


    Tony: And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 212 lbs and standing at a height of 6’2ft, he hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and is the former Unified World Champion, Randy… Roko!




    Heyman: Listen to these people booing the ‘former’ part of his introduction.


    JR: I don’t think that’s quite what they’re booing Paul…


    Randy Roko reaches the ring and steps up the steel steps and walks along the apron, pausing to ‘search’ the crowd mockingly as he then turns his eyes to Chav and enters. As soon as he’s entered his music cuts out and Chav moves right up into Randy’s face, neither man blinking as they stare each other down, the fans get excited and begin cheering.


    JR: We may have this match explode before all the competitors are even in the ring!


    The seconds pass and the tension mounts… Until both men grin and shake hands, both turning to face the stage for the final competitor as the fans resume booing the two men in the ring with renewed hatred and disgust.


    JR: Somehow I don’t think this is going to be a triple threat, more so a handicap match…


    Heyman: Show me where in the rule book it says that that’s illegal, JR?






    JR: And now here comes the fan favourite!


    Tiny lumbers from the Gorilla position, smiling innocently, totally either unaware or uncaring of what awaits him down the bottom of the ring. The fans shout encouragement at Tiny who smiles at them and waves at the crowd before lumber forward. One step at a time.


    Tony: And introducing the final competitor, weighing in at 521 lbs and standing at a height of 6ft 1, Tiny… Davies!


    Tiny raises a beast of an arm and waves slowly to the crowd as he lumbers forward… Just as Chav and Roko slide out of the ring, charge at Davies and begin laying in with punches and hooks, trying to get a sneak attack on the lumbering machine.


    JR: A devilish sneak attack! Will those two stoop to any lengths?




    Tiny’s music abruptly cuts out as Randy and Chav drag Davies towards the ring and, assist is the best word to use, him in.


    JR: Tiny weighs more than Chav and Roko combined, even working together those two will have a hard time forcing Davies to do anything he doesn’t want to!


    Davies pulls himself into the ring, looking back at Roko and Chav as if he’s hurt (emotionally) by them trying to force him into the ring. Roko and Chav slide in and run to the opposite side of the ropes, both of them rebounding off of the ropes and coming back for a double clothesline… which makes Davies stumble back a few steps.


    Heyman: Uh oh…


    JR: Weight difference is just too much, even with the combined efforts of Chav and Roko!


    Chav and Roko both look at each other with a comical worried look before running back and bouncing off the ropes for another double clothesline, and this time Davies momentarily drops to one knee but pushes himself back up, smiling at them possibly thinking they just want a hug…


    JR: Nearly there…


    With renewed confidence from seeing Davies almost topple, both Chav and Roko bounce back for another attempt. However before they can finish the third move in a row Davies takes this as another invitation for a hug and holds out both arms for one… clotheslining both Roko and Chav down to the canvas, leaving Davies with a worried expression of ‘have I hurt you!?’


    JR: And both Chav and Roko tasting the mat there, something that Davies has yet to do!


    Heyman: There’s still plenty of time JR…


    Chav and Roko both rush to their feet, shaking the cobwebs out of their head from the semi-nasty fall there. Roko makes a short run at Davies and jumps up for a drop-kick, stumbling Davies back for a few more steps. Chav charges in with a clothesline which backs Davies up ever so slightly into the ropes.


    JR: Inch by inch Davies isbeing forced back here!

    Roko and Chav both grab an arm each, and pull with all their might in an attempt to Irish whip Davies across the ring. Davies frowns, then decides to go in the direction they want him to… he lumbers forward and Roko and Chav grin as they begin to believe they’re actually moving him. Pulling with renewed vigour, Davies stops to frown in a confused manner at them, sending them both flying across the ring as they lose their grip.


    JR: And the weight difference is just proving too much to handle here, can either of these men overcome Davies?


    Heyman: Of course they can, they just don’t want to embarrass him.


    Both the Chav and Roko get up-to their feet and glance at each other before huddling in the corner to discuss their next move while Tiny just blinks in confusion and waves to the crowd with a smile.






    JR: The crowd firmly behind Tiny here as Chav and Roko try to come up with some sort of scheme!


    Heyman: It’s called teamwork JR…


    Having reached some sort of conclusion Roko slides out to the outside, picking up a chair to a massive amount of boos and jeers from the crowd because of this…


    Heyman: No disqualification in a triple threat match JR!


    JR: Poor Davies, can’t Roko and Chav play fair for once!


    Heyman: They’re playing within the rules aren’t they JR? Stop complaining.


    Chav walks forward to Davies, a surprising smile on his face as he talks to Tiny. Tiny, surprised, smiles back before grinning broadly and chatting back to him as Roko sneaks slowly around behind Tiny…






    JR: This won’t end well…


    Davies shakes Chavs hand in the ring, grinning broadly as he makes a new ‘friend’ as Roko slides in from behind, smirking evilly as he taps the chair lightly on the canvas and swings it back… pausing to cup one ear to the crowd to incite a reaction… which it does…


    Heyman: This will be so good…!


    …and Davies bends down to scratch his lovely knee just as Randy swings forward, taking a few steps, he just manages to stop the chair before it crashes into Chav’s face, the two share a look of ‘WOAH DUDE WTF!?’ as Randy pulls the chair back slowly.


    JR: A convenient save there from Davies!


    Heyman: Damnit!


    Randy apologises with a look of relief on his face… as Davies straightens up, inconveniently headbutting Randy in the face as he does, sending him sprawling back into the ropes, making the fans double over in laughter.


    JR: Tiny more than handling himself against the two of them!


    Chav holds back a chuckle as Randy shoots him a look of murder as he walks up behind Davies and rattles him with an elbow to the back of his head, making him stumble forward. Chav follows suit with an elbow to his forehead, stumbling him back towards Roko who elbows the back of the head again sending him back to Chav…


    JR: Some actual teamwork here from these two!


    Tiny looks somewhat annoyed now at the two men attacking him and turns to face Randy, swinging his arm with him and clubbing him in the face as he turns, knocking him over to the side and into the turnbuckle.


    JR: Randy and Chav can’t seem to get anything on Davies!


    Chav mutters a curse underneath his breath and elbows Davies in the back of the head, knocking him into the ropes where he bounces off and smashes into Chav, knocking him down to the canvas.


    Heyman: They have a plan, I know they do!


    Randy gets up rubbing his jaw, muttering his jaw and glaring at Davies and Chav, mouthing ‘f*ck this’ and he slides out to the outside inciting more jeers from the crowd.


    JR: Look at that little snake, leaving Chav to deal with Davies on his own!


    Chav gets up-to his feet, his attention totally focused on Davies who turns to face him. Cursing, Chav charges into Davies with a multitude of hooks, ‘street style’ which stagger Davies. Davies pushes Chav from annoyance, and ‘The Kappa Warrior’ goes flying across the ring into the ropes and rebounds into Davies fat belly, bouncing off the belly to land on the canvas once more.


    JR: Davies is taking on Chav here no problem! Who will stop Tiny? How will the- wait… what’s that?


    Randy Roko emerges from under the ring with a devilish grin on his face, sliding into the ring with a brown bag holding something rectangular. He walks over to Chav and pulls him up, showing him the bag while Davies looks at the bag in puzzlement.


    JR: Just what is in that bag!?


    Heyman: Whatever it is, Davies will be in for a world of pain.


    Roko whispers into the ear of Chav and Chav turns to Davies with an evil like grin on his face…


    JR: This does not look good…


    The crowd are uneasy as Roko reaches deep into the bag and pulls out…





    JR: Oh my god!


    Heyman: Yes! Haha!


    …A large packet of sweets, a bag of donuts and some candy. Tiny’s eye’s go wide…




    Randy throws the sweets, donuts and candy towards different parts of the ring and Davies’s eyes go mental in confusion what to go for!


    JR: How dastardly! A diversion to distract Tiny so they can pick up the win!!


    Heyman: Haha! I told you JR!


    Tiny turns for the donuts and waddles and Chav and Roko look at each and nod, Chav moves forward…




    …And is dragged back by Roko, kicked in the stomach and doubled over. Quick as a flash, Roko hooks his right leg over Chav’s shoulder and around his neck while holding Chav’s arm out to the side, dropping him back for a high-impact DDT!




    Heyman: See? A plan.


    JR: That dastardly little devil, can’t be trusted in the slightest!




    While Tiny crawls over to the candy, Randy sits in the ring for a second, a grin of total and utter triumph on his face before pushing Chav over onto his back and covering him.




    Heyman: Randy Roko picks up another win over both the Chav and Tiny Davies!




    JR: And what an evil way to win! That dastardly little sneak!






    The crowd jeer with all their heart as ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ kicks in on the speakers and Randy picks himself up with a total smug look on his face as the referee raises his hands.


    Tony: Ladies and gentlemen your winner of this match up via pin-fall… Randy Roko!




    JR: Randy Roko may have picked up a win today, but only through trickery and deceit!


    Heyman: Hey, a wins a win eh?


    Randy slides out of the ring just as Tiny finishes off the chocolates and begins walking up the ramp sad Chav starts to sit up in the ring, a look of confusion on his face. Randy raises his middle finger to the crowd and to the Chav as he walks up the ring with a look of ‘I’m it’ on his face.


    JR: The Chav will NOT be happy when he realises what’s happened.


    The camera locks on the smug look of Randy then moves onto the show graphics.




    JR: Still plenty tonight with the Unified Championship up for grabs as Matt Denton faces incumbent Champion Craig Van Dam.




    JR: But next, well, I don't know what I can say about this match other than Sickness and Igor take on the Burberry Army members Baz and Daz!

  6. Jim Ross: And what a great night of wrestling it has been so far.


    Paul Heyman: That last match was off the chain.


    JR: And of course we have more for you this evening the next one coming in the shape of Ángel de la muerte versus Jimmy Tsunami in a winners match, both these guys have winning streaks and only one person is going to be the loser.


    PH: Well, there are ways around it.


    JR: You know, if it was someone like Brice, his Team Million or especially the Chav I'd agree with you, but Ángel de la muerte seems to conform to the rules, it's Jimmy Hawthorn we have to watch out for in this match!


    PH: Not us, Tsunami will have to keep an eye out!


    The crowd hushes as the lights dim for the next match.





    JR: And here we go!


    A fountain of fireworks moves apart to see the massive Mexican sensation walk confidently through followed by his manager and mouthpiece, Jimmy Hawthorn.


    Tony Chimmel: Making his way to the ring from MeHEEco, weighing in at 290lbs, the Mexican Sensation, Ángel de la muerte!


    A couple of large fireworks go off behind the pair which startles Ángel de la muerte and the Mexican wrestler turns to await an attack, but is quickly calmed by Jimmy Hawthorn.


    JR: I suspect that Ángel de la muerte is still learning the ways of American entertainment.


    PH: JR, the Mexicans invented wrestling entertainment and don't let any gravelly-voiced megalomaniac tell you any different!


    JR: I know not of what you are referring to, but how much of an influence do you think Jimmy Hawthorn will be?


    PH: We've seen him come to the aid of his charge in the past, so I would suspect he'll be working hard to ensure his wrestler will get the victory.


    JR: You mean cheat?


    PH: You say potato...


    Ángel de la muerte enters the ring by climbing unceremoniously up the ring steps and stepping through the ropes, he jumps a couple of times and allows himself to be checked by the referee.




    TC: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 170lbs, Jimmy Tsunamiiiiii!


    The audience cheers as several blue rockets fly up from the entranceway to the ceiling and the young up and comer walks out and down the ramp, bouncing as he goes and slapping outstretched hands.


    JR: And here comes Jimmy Tsunami, looking confident today and rightly so, he's been enjoying one hell of a winning streak!


    PH: Pure luck if you ask me JR, he was just in the right place at the right time.


    JR: I'm sorry but Chris Eagles, the Chav AND Randy Roko is not luck, the kid has talent and it's starting to pay off here!


    PH: Pfff!


    Jimmy Tsunami bounds over the ropes and climbs up the turnbuckle to recieve adoration from the fans, Ángel de la muerte's eyes blaze out beneath his masked visage.


    The ref quickly does his checks on Jimmy and then calls for the bell.




    The audience cheer as Ángel de la muerte and Jimmy Tsunami circle the ring, but their positive reaction stops when they lock up and the Mexican Sensation has Tsunami in a wrist lock.


    JR: Jimmy trying his best to get out of that wristlock, but strength isn't going to be a battle this young wrestler is going to win.


    Realising this, Jimmy places his hand on the ropes, the ref moves forward to break up the hold, but Jimmy uses the rope to help him flip backwards out of the lock and twist Ángel de la muerte into a hammer lock, then to a headlock.


    JR: Jimmy sent to the ropes quickly by Ángel de la muerte!


    Jimmy rebounds off the ropes and ducks the oncoming back elbow, comes off the ropes again and ducks a clothesline, this time ready for his opponent, Jimmy comes back with a flying forearm which drops his opponent to the ground. Jimmy gets to his feet, looks down to his opponent and goes to the ropes, Ángel de la muerte moves to sleep and leaps over Jimmy as Jimmy returns, Ángel de la muerte lifts Jimmy straight up into the air and drops backwards forcing the young superstar to go throat first into the ropes.


    JR: Massive stun gun there from Ángel de la muerte! And Jimmy will have had to have felt that.


    PH: Fast wrestling from both these wrestlers, Ángel de la muerte has put a halt to this though.


    As though to defy Paul Heyman, Jimmy rolls and grabs Ángel de la muerte into a roll up schoolboy, but Ángel de la muerte seems to use his weight to push Jimmy Tsunami's head down and into a sit out pin, Jimmy pushes back and then sits up onto Ángel de la muerte's chest, Ángel de la muerte responds with bringing his legs up to loop around Jimmy's arms and rolling him back to a sitout pin, but now Jimmy's arms are held down as well, Jimmy responds with using his feet to slap Ángel de la muerte's head and rolling out of the pin attempt, Ángel de la muerte also rolls backwards to his feet.


    JR: Both men giving the referee some work to do!


    Jimmy goes to lift the heavier man for a slam but suddenly cries out as he drops his opponent and holds his back.


    JR: Uh oh! This doesn't look good, Jimmy Tsunami seems to have hurt himself in that slam attempt.


    Ángel de la muerte looks at Jimmy Hawthorn who is indicating the Mexican Sensation should capitalise on the situation, the Masked man hesitates for a second, but puts a heavy club to the back of Jimmy Tsunami, the young man's screams can be heard distinctly.


    PH: Jimmy Hawthorn, quite rightly, has pushed Ángel de la muerte to go for the weak spots, I guess the intellect part of Mexican Luchadore isn't the big point.


    JR: Their wrestling is fast and exciting, but the reason Ángel de la muerte is here is to learn new ways and Jimmy Hawthorn is teaching Ángel de la muerte slow and methodical.


    Under Jimmy Hawthorns instruction Ángel de la muerte picks up Jimmy Tsunami and holds him in for a bearhug, the look of pain and agony on Tsunami's face is unbearable.


    JR: Ángel de la muerte is squeezing the life out of Jimmy Tsunami.


    PH: He's also working that lower back, good, clever wrestling here!


    The referee looks for a submission from Jimmy Tsunami, but even through the pain, the young superstar tells him that he is not submitting.


    JR: Jimmy Tsunami showing some admirable intestinal fortitude.


    PH: I think it's more that he's in too much pain to beg for mercy, let's hope he loses consciousness soon!


    Audience: Let's go Jimmy! Let's go! *CLAP CLAP*


    The referee checks again but this time Jimmy Tsunami brings his arms out wide and cracks his arms hard around the head of Ángel de la muerte, suddenly in pain, the Mexican Sensation drops the young superstar and staggers back. Jimmy runs towards his opponent and twists in mid air, Ángel de la muerte catches Jimmy Tsunami in a wheelbarrow, but the young superstar pushes up hard and lifts up to catch Ángel de la muerte's head, Jimmy's feet kick out and the two come crashing down in a bulldog.


    JR: Wheelbarrow bulldog from Jimmy Tsunami and the momentum has shifted Jimmy's way!


    Ángel de la muerte rises only to be knocked down by a drop kick.


    JR: Jimmy going for the high risk and climbing the ropes, Ángel de la muerte is up but down he goes again with a missile dropkick!


    Jimmy goes for the pin.







    TH... Kickout!


    JR: Looks like a reaction kickout by Ángel de la muerte, the Mexican is on Rubber leg street right now!


    Jimmy signals for the slam much to the audience's delight.


    JR: Jimmy going for the slam attempt...


    However, as Jimmy gets Ángel de la muerte to chest height, his back gives way again and the young superstar falls backwards with a yelp of pain, unfortunately for Tsunami, Ángel de la muerte is now on top of him and the ref drops for a 3 count.

















    JR: Last gasp kickout there by Jimmy Tsunami, boy, this match up is really end to end stuff.


    The Mexican sensation drops a couple of elbows onto Jimmy Tsunami's back before bringing him to his feet lifting him up and performing a backbreaker on the young superstar.


    JR: Second backbreaker by Ángel de la muerte and he's lifting Jimmy for a third.


    PH: Work the injury and soften the opponent up, man, Jimmy Hawthorn has wrestling intellect!


    Ángel de la muerte brings Jimmy Tsunami down with another backbreaker but leaves the young superstar across his knee, forcing his body down with pressure from his arms, obviously in pain, Jimmy Tsunami flails weakly trying to gain some sort of hold or position.


    JR: This doesn't look good for Jimmy Tsunami!


    The ref goes over to check but Jimmy is saying no.


    PH: In these situations you have to ask, how does a man survive the pain, if it gets too much, you can guarantee that he'll be out like a light!


    Audience: Let's go Jimmy Let's go! *CLAP CLAP*


    JR: Audience willing Jimmy Tsunami up, but the ref is already looking for a technical submission.


    The ref holds out Jimmy's arm, but it drops.


    PH: Well that answers the question, it's Ángel de la muerte who's going to go away from this the victor.


    The ref holds up Jimmy's arm again but it drops.


    JR: In my experience, the match isn't over until the count of 3!


    The ref holds up Jimmy's arm, it drops a little way but balls into a fist and shakes as adrenaline flows into the young superstar.


    PH: Well... nuts!


    JR: Your bet still hasn't been paid yet Paul.


    Jimmy lifts his legs over Ángel de la muerte's shoulder and pushes himself over the Mexican and slides down his back, grabbing Ángel de la muerte in a waist lock, the young superstar pushes Ángel de la muerte to the ropes, looking to do a roll up pin, but the Mexican Sensation grabs the ropes and leaves the young man to roll back on his own. Satisfied he is safe, Ángel de la muerte turns to clothesline his opponent, but Jimmy Tsunami is way too quick.


    JR: Crucifix pin by Jimmy Tsunami, but Ángel de la muerte kicks out, both wrestlers up Jimmy ducks a punch and Atomic drop.


    The audience cheers as Jimmy Tsunami signals for the slam.


    PH: Does this boy ever learn?


    Jimmy Tsunami picks up Ángel de la muerte for the slam and slams him to the ground, he holds his back for a second to a rapturous ovation from the audience, then drops to his knees for the pin.


    JR: Jimmy Hawthorn has gotten himself onto the ring apron and the referee moves to intercept!


    The referee stops to ensure that Jimmy Hawthorn removes himself from the stage, before returning to the count.











    Jimmy is insensed, he bangs the deck at the referee to indicate that he should have been quicker with the count, but the referee pleads his case to the young superstar, Jimmy turns straight into a stomach kick and finds himself power bombed hard into the mat.


    JR: Of all the miscarriages of justice! Can you believe it, Jimmy Tsunami had Ángel de la muerte beat and now he finds himself in a whole lot of pain!


    PH: You take your eye off the prize, don't expect to win!


    Suddenly there is a raft of booing slowly making its way around the arena as the camera switches to Brice Perrino, accompanied by Chris Eagles and Craig Van Dam, they swagger slowly down the ramp. The camera cuts to the stare of Ángel de la muerte looking at the people walking down the ramp.


    JR: Now what the hell do THEY want?


    Brice opens his arms out to show he's not a threat, and Ángel de la muerte slowly turns around to his opponent, who has taken the interruption to get to his feet and run towards the Mexican Sensation.


    JR: Wait! Hurricanrana by Jimmy Tsunami! And another!


    Jimmy jumps to the top rope, waiting his opponent to get to his feet, as Ángel de la muerte rises, the young superstar leaps forward, grabs the neck of his opponent and swings around, allowing his momentum to bring Ángel de la muerte's head hard to the ground.


    JR: Swinging DDT there by Jimmy Tsunami and I think the young man has spotted Brice out there.


    Jimmy takes a second to stare at the three who have now arrived at ringside, Brice appears to be talking to a visibly upset Jimmy Hawthorn.


    JR: Jimmy assessing the situation before going for the pin.








    Th.. Kickout!


    Jimmy Tsunami looks a little angered at the lack of a third count.


    PH: I bet he's eager for a 3 count, devil in the ring and 3 of them waiting for him outside!


    Tsunami picks up Ángel de la muerte and whips him to the ropes, the Mexican Sensation hits them, but instead of returning, he finds himself on his face and being pulled out of the ring.


    JR: What the? Christopher Eagles has actually pulled Ángel de la muerte out of the ring, what the hell is going on?


    Brice moves up to Ángel de la muerte and gives him a light slap around the face.




    JR: What?




    TC: Ladies and gentlemen as a result of a disqualification, the winner of the match is Ángel de la muerte!




    JR: That's just Bullcrap and everyone knows it!


    PH: I don't understand it, what the hell has Team Million got against Ángel de la muerte?


    It suddenly clicks when Jimmy Hawthorn shakes the hand of Brice Perrino and then indicates for Ángel de la muerte to leave the arena to his music. The pair begin to move on to a chorus of boos and flying popcorn.


    JR: Has this been a set up all along? What's this all about?


    PH: I think I have an idea.


    Brice waves off Ángel de la muerte and then turns smiling to the waiting Jimmy Tsunami, who was busy arguing with the ref, has suddenly noticed that he's in danger. Almost instinctively Jimmy Tsunami hits the ropes and comes back at the trio, vaulting over the ropes and canonballing onto Team Million.


    Audience: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


    Jimmy begins pummeling Christopher Eagles, who is desperately trying to block the blows, fortunately for the Cancer of TWOStars, Craig Van Dam is there to crack a blow to the back of Tsunami's head, bringing the bright attack down to a beating from Team Million.


    JR: BAH GAWD! No man can stand up to that sort of punishment!


    PH: I think that's the point JR!


    Jimmy is rolled into the ring as the timekeeper desperately rings the bell for some order. He's quickly silenced by the Co-General manager who then indicates to his wards that they can continue the beating.


    JR: Isn't someone going to stop this?


    Eagles then slaps Van Dam on the chest and indicates that a punt would be the best way of treating this kid, CVD punches Tsunami in the guts and he doubles over, eventually dropping to all fours, only to find his head punted by Christopher Eagles.


    JR: Bah Gawd! He nearly took his head off! Come on, someone send security!


    PH: You think security are going to stop the General Manager? Besides this is entertainment.


    Chris Eagles slaps Craig on the chest again, indicating another punt would be ace! CVD shrugs but begins to pull the young lad up, Brice looks on laughing as Chris Eagles lines up the punt, but the smiles and merriment end when music hits the speakers.





    The audience cheers as a wrestler comes belting down the aisle, Team Million look on confused, however the audience recognise the music and begin cheering.


    JR: That's the unmistakable sound of the Welsh National Anthem and that can only mean... HARDCORE HARRY HART HAS COME BACK TO TWOSTARS!


    Harry Hart slides into the ring and takes down Chris Eagles with a punch, Craig Van Dam, seeing that he could risk his match rolls out of the ring, straight to Brice, Chris Eagles hears the call and rolls out holding his chin and wearing a grimace.


    PH: Interfering Welshmen!


    JR: Hart in the ring protecting Jimmy Tsunami! What a return to make!


    The trio pack together and head for the ramp as the Welsh Anthem restarts, Harry meets them at the ropes as they trade insults, Chris Eagles holding his chin and throwing threats as he walks backwards.


    JR: Team Million is not happy as Harry Hardcore Hart makes a return to protect Jimmy Tsunami.


    PH: I'm sure we won't have heard the last of this.


    JR: And this isn't the last of the show, we also have:


    JR: We have loads more for you tonight with Sickness and Igor taking on the Burberry Army in tag team action.




    JR: Of course we have Matt Denton getting a second shot at the Unified Title Champion Craig Van Dam.




    JR: But up next we have Randy Roko versus the Chav versus Tiny Davies in Triple thread action!!



  7. The camera cuts to Jim Ross and Paul Heyman sitting behind the announcers table, looking directly to camera.


    Jim Ross: We go into our first match tonight facing a feud that has been going on, probably since the dawn of time.


    Paul Heyman: You of course refer to Christopher Eagles versus Draven Cage, man Cavemen were making paintings of these two!


    JR: Now DC has fanned the flames by forcing Brice to re-open the Tag team division and Christopher Eagles wants a piece of Cage as revenge.


    PH: Well he's going to get his chance tonight, perhaps to slap that smug look off DC's face!


    JR: Well, I'm sure that Draven will be doing his utmost tonight as there is no love lost between these two!





    The audience boos as the Cancer of TWOStars' music kicks in. It takes a few seconds before a sillouhetted Chris Eagles appears in the entranceway, smoke bellows out of the entranceway catching the bright light illuminating the wrestler's form.


    Chris Eagles steps out, hands on hips and surveys the arena around him to a chorus of vitriol.


    Tony Chimmel: Making his way down to the ring, weighing in at 235lbs and residing from Victoria, British Columbia, the Cancer of TWOSTARS, CHRIStopher RYan Eeeeaaaagles!


    As the music kicks into high gear a wall of white pyrotechnics fires up behind him as Chris Eagles walks confidently down the ramp towards the ring, chewing gum and ignoring anyone trying to get a hand slap.


    PH: Gives you a warm glow doesn't it?


    JR: Not really, there is something of the night about Christopher Eagles.


    PH: What? He's family friendly entertainment!


    JR: ...


    Eagles walks up the ring steps and smiles that oily smile before stepping through the ropes and holding his arms out high, signifying his greatness amongst peons.


    JR: Do you know what I see? I see an arrogant boy who's about to get some Scottish sense of fair play!


    PH: A bottle of whisky?


    JR: What have you got against Cage Paul?


    PH: I don't like the fact he swans around like he owns the place and that contract business... well...





    The audience goes apoplexy as a mass of pyrotechnics goes off and Draven Cage strides confidently out of the entranceway.


    TC: And his opponent, weighing in at 256lbs and residing from Detroit, Michigan, Draven CAaaaaaaaGE!


    JR: Perhaps you ought to take it up with him?


    PH: I'm busy this week!


    Draven Cage slowly makes his way down to the ring, slapping every hand he can, he stops looks at a sign and then brings the young lady to the front, so he can show the sign to the camera, the sign says "Eagles aren't protected in Scotland". DC thumbs up at the sign and continues his walk.


    JR: As serious a wrestler Draven Cage is, he always has time for his fans!


    PH: Sickening is what it is, he should concentrate on his job!


    JR: I'd go as far to say the fans ARE his job...


    PH: ...


    Cage leaps onto the apron and stares intently at his quarry, Eagles stares back with that slick and twisted smile of his, DC steps into the ring and moves to his corner for the referee's checks. All the time Draven Cage stares at Eagles.


    JR: Of course, no love lost between these two and no real conclusion to their recent clashes, this tonight could be the clash to end all clashes!




    The noise level rises as both men charge in and begin to pound each other with fists, but it is Cage who eventually goes on top. DC lifts Eagles for a slam and plants him hard, Eagles immediately gets up, as if to prove he can take that and for his trouble gets lifted and slammed again.


    JR: Eagles straight up again, but Cage has just grabbed Eagles' head and thrown him out of the ring.


    The camera cuts briefly to Eagles slapping the ground in frustration then to Cage who holds his hands up appreciating the ovation by the audience.


    PH: Is Cage really taking this seriously?


    Cage sees that Eagles is getting to his feet and hits the ropes, coming back with a baseball slide into the Cancer of TWOStars, Eagles doubles over allowing DC to climb out and roll the Team Million member into the ring. A couple of Elbow drops later and Eagles is softened up enough to be brought to a vertical base and whipped hard into the turnbuckle.


    JR: I think with this amount of offence, I would say yes, Draven Cage is definitely taking this match seriously.


    Cage moves to the other side of the ring and charges at Eagles, trapping him between angry Scot and the turnbuckle with a massive avalanche, Chris Eagles looks totally out of it and staggers forwards before front bumping to the mat.


    JR: DC rolling Eagles over for the pin.








    PH: Not enought to finish him off though!


    DC lifts Eagles to his feet and whips him to the turnbuckle again and follows him in for another avalanche, but this time Eagles places his hands on the ropes and lifts his feet and pushes back on his arms forcing DC to charge under him and landing behind him, DC is a little confused for a second but turns around, straight into an eye poke with Eagle's thumb.


    JR: Eagles using foul means to try get a foothold in this match.


    PH: It's all about interrupting flow and DC just got interrupted big time.


    Eagles nods at the beratement of the referee and accepts his admonishment if only to save time and grab DC's head as he is bent over in pain, Eagles twists DC round so his head is on his shoulder before sitting out and leaving Cage clutching the back of his fused neck.


    JR: Eagles finding DC's weak point with that sitout or Hanging neckbreaker.


    PH: Slow and methodical always wins the race JR! And we're about to see DC completely cut apart by Chris Eagles.


    Eagles grabs his pained opponent and puts him in a front facelock, lifting him high in the air and drops him down at a steep angle onto his neck.


    JR: DC suffering the Golden Eagle right there.


    PH: Eagles is working that neck, wisest move, it's Cage's Achilles heel!


    Eagles gets Cage to a sitting positing and kneels behind him, placing a knee to his back and pulling hard on the Hangman's neck! DC stuggles in pain.


    JR: Chin lock on Cage, man he must be in a load of pain right now!


    PH: It's clever wrestling by Eagles, work the neck and weaken it, it's a hell of a lot easier to get a submission out of an opponent that way.


    JR: Of course Draven Cage suffered a broken neck which left him struggling to get back to fitness, he eventually had an operation to fuse the bones, but this, this could undo all that hard work!


    But Cage isn't ready to quit, some how finding his feet, he finds himself in a headlock and naturally pumps a few hard elbow shots into the gut of Christopher Ryan Eagles, once he's softened the Cancer of TWOStars up, Cage lifts him onto his shoulders and drops to his back.


    JR: Samoan Drop there! But will DC be able to capitalise?


    It appears not as Cage takes time to hold his neck before summoning the power to get to his feet, he brings Eagles to his feet and goes for a whip, but it's reversed by Eagles, Eagles goes down for a body drop, but Cage is already aware and grabs the doubled Eagles in a front face lock and lifts him in the air for a massive DDT.


    JR: CORTEX CRASH! And this match could be well and truly over!







    Th... Kickout.


    PH: NO! Thank God for that! Er.. I mean, I had every confidence that Eagles would kick out of the third best DDT in the world!


    JR: It was more instinctual, I'm sure Eagles doesn't know what day it is right now.


    Cage brings Eagles to his feet and puts in a couple of punches for good measure, he goes to grab Eagles, but Eagles flares his arms forcing the Hangman's outwards, jumps up towards DC with his knees up and pulls Cage down to the ground. The impact sends DC flying up and backwards onto his back and gasping for air.


    JR: The Eagle's Descent Lung Blower move! Straight out of nowhere.


    Both wrestlers seem to need a little time to move as the impact of two heavy moves weight their toll on the stamina of both competitors. Eventually Eagles rolls over with a weak arm over the body of DC.










    PH: Man! That was so close!


    JR: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


    Both competitors rise as they throw laboured punches at each other, eventually both men are being punched and rebounding off the ropes to return their punches, Eagles appears to get on top though and goes for a charge bringing a knee into DC and the Hangman goes down.


    JR: Eagles appears to be the fresher of the two and seems to be waiting for Cage.


    PH: Gives Chris a breather whilst DC is struggling to get to his feet.


    Indeed, as Cage rises, Eagles uses to ropes to gain momentum and brings DC down with another high knee.


    JR: The look on Eagles' face is like a predator, he's eager to hurt!


    Eagles again waits for DC to rise and uses the ropes to charge his opponent, but this time DC steps forwards and bends forwards allowing Eagles to fall over his back Cage stands up and pushes, Eagles flys like, well, I would say Eagle, but no, he is high up, twisting in the air and over the ropes down to the hard mat below, much to the audience's appreciation.


    JR: BAH GAWD! Draven Cage just use a back body drop to throw Eagles out of the ring, what a fall that must have been!


    PH: He's not allowed to do that! Someone get the EMTs!


    DC turns and slumps on the top rope to have a look at his handywork, Eagles is splayed on the floor, writhing in pain at the drop, the audience is buzzing as they all discuss what they have just seen.


    Cage eventually rolls out, picking Eagles up and whipping him hard into the security banner.


    JR: Draven Cage showing perhaps his darker side here tonight.


    PH: The man is a cruel bully, we've all known this.


    Cage stomps over to Eagles and gives him a set of knife-edge chops.


    Audience: WOO! WOO! WOO!


    JR: And Eagles whipped into the ring post, the look on Cage's face, this man means business!


    Cage lifts Eagles and whips him, but Eagles partially reverses it and comes back with a shortarm clothesline, as DC goes down, Eagles reaches back and leans heavily on the apron for support.


    JR: Another desperation move that appears to have paid off.


    Cage rises to his feet only to find a foot come rapidly to his chin.


    JR: Eagles got The Bite off!


    PH: And out goes Draven Cage's lights.


    Chris Eagles realises that his opponent is down but they are outside the ring, he suddenly looks about him and smiles, then rolls into the ring.
















    JR: Seems Cage has heard the count and is getting up to get back in the ring.


    If JR meant getting up as using the time keeper's desk to help him up then that's what he's doing, the timekeeper stands up to keep out of the way, the camera cuts to Eagles who looks pissed off that DC is getting up and slides back out, lifts Dc to his feet, takes a step back and goes for the bite, except DC collapses in mid kick and Eagles lands his attack on the timekeeper, who goes down like a bag of bricks.


    JR: Bah Gawd! Christopher Eagles has accidentally taken out the timekeeper!


    Cage tries to get up but finds himslef held by Eagles, but DC flares out, gives Eagles a kick to the breadbasket and straddles his doubled-over opponente, swinging him up onto his shoulders, Draven cage runs forward before dropping forwards and bringing his opponent hard down onto the matting.


    JR: Christopher Eagles has just been taken out by a running Awesomebomb!


    PH: NO! Eagles had him!


    DC struggles to get to his feet as he sees his opponent writhe in agony on the matting, he looks up at the ref, who has been counting since Eagles left the ring.






    Draven Cage rolls in and out to break up the count before shovelling Chris Eagles into the ring. DC hooks the leg as he goes for the pin.













    The referee points to a foot on the ropes.


    JR: Schoolboy error by Draven Cage, he hadn't got his opponent far enough from the ropes.


    PH: I'll be fair to Cage, with the beating he's had from Eagles, I think he was just desperate to have this over and done with!


    Draven Cage looks angry with himself for making the mistake, he drags Chris Eagles to the center of the ring then performs his pumphandle Cageplex.








    Cage annoyed slaps his hand at the ref, who politely informs him it's a two.


    JR: Eagles holding on just barely here!


    Cage sees that Eagles has rolled over and drops down to the mat with him, Cage puts Christopher Eagles in the Cage door submission move.


    JR: This could be it, Eagles being made to submit!


    PH: Come on Eagles!


    Eagles, somehow manages to get to his feet and elbow Cage in the ribs loosening the grip, suddenly Eagles twists hard bringing his arm up over the neck of Draven Cage and down hard across his back.


    JR: Bah Gawd! Somehow Christopher Eagles convered that Cage Door Submission into the CRE Breaker!


    DC rolls on the floor holding his neck with one hand and trying to hold his arched back with the other.


    PH: Eagles showing his pedigree here!


    As if on cue, Eagles forces Draven Cage into a double underhook and drops to his knees.


    JR: Well, this is truly over now, Eagles wings double underhook Facebuster has been used.


    Chris Eagles smiles at the audience with his sick egotistical smile, then the Cancer of TWOStars slowly drops to a pin attempt.










    JR: What the hell is eagles doing? he's lifted Cage off the mat!


    PH: Punishment is in order I think.


    Somehow, Chris Eagles gets Draven Cage to his feet, DC is obviously out of it as he wobbles gently, Eagles takes a step back and then plants his foot squarely on Cage's chin.


    JR: Another Bite from Chris Eagles and DC is down and out.


    Again Eagles casually lays upon his opponent.










    Eagles pulls Cage's head up again and shakes his head to an audience of baying and booing fans, the referee is also screaming in Eagles' ear, which he dismisses with a flick of his wrist and goes to pick the near unconscious form of Draven Cage up again for another round of the Bite.


    PH: How is Cage even still standing?


    JR: I don't know but this is sick, SICK!


    Eagles mocks DC's stagger as he tries to stay up, some blood has appeared on Cage's lip and the lights are on but there's definitely no one home.


    PH: Team Million want to humiliate DC, for all that he has done this year and I'm telling you know, this is the end of Draven Cage, he's gone, out of here!


    Eagles steps into the Bite, but Cage has ducked it, rebounds off the ropes and...






    The ref looks at the heap on the floor with neither wrestler really moving, he shrugs and begins his count.










    JR: BAH GAWD! What an act of bravery there by DC, totally beaten, totally out of it, somehow he managed to find that last reserve in his body to finish this match up once and for all.


    Both wrestlers lie on the mat, DC trying desperately to shake the cobwebs from his head and Eagles, slowly making his way out of the ring, holding onto his head and his chest where Cage impacted with full force.


    It takes a few moments of DC using the ropes to get to his feet, he hears the adoration, but it's probably fair to say that he doesn't quite hear it.


    JR: I have to say that shows exactly why DC is considered the Conerstone of TWOStars, he's endured, he's suffered, yet still finds something left to win the match when the odds were totally against him.


    PH: I don't mean to burst your bubble JR, but Eagles had him beat, if he hadn't spent the time trying to punish him and just getting the job done, then perhaps we'd have seen a different result.


    JR: Perhaps that philosophy should apply for Team Million in general?


    PH: I have no idea what you mean!


    JR: We have loads more for you tonight we have triple threat action with Randy Roko, the Chav and Tiny Davies facing off.




    JR: We also have Sickness and Igor taking on the Burberry Army in tag team action.




    JR: Of course we have Matt Denton getting a second shot at the Unified Title Champion Craig Van Dam.




    JR: But up next we have Ángel de la muerte and Jimmy Tsunami facing off to see which one will continue their winning streak!



  8. [video=youtube;SBjQ9tuuTJQ]



    Some men are forced to fight for what they believe in.


    *Fade to a black and white slo-mo of Darkstar raging whilst Brice announces his sweeping changes*


    Some fight because they have to.


    *Fade to a black and white slo-mo of Christopher Eagles and DC facing off in the locker room*


    Some men win their wars.


    *Fade to black and white cuts of Jimmy Tsunami and Ángel de la muerte celebrating their recent wins.*


    Others suffer the humility of defeat.


    *Fade to black and white cuts of The Chav and Randy Roko losing to Tiny Davies.*


    But no matter the reason, when TWOStars enters the fray, it's going to be...




    The camera cuts to the crowd in the University of Dayton arena as the video is playing on the big screen, the music becomes more bassy as it pitches around the arena. The camera cuts to several signs dotted around the arena.


    Bromance SUCKS!


    Bring back Lucian!


    Igor you are my love potion!!


    Jim Ross: And welcome one and all to TWOStars World War here at the capacity filled University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio and what a night we're going to have tonight! I'm here with my co-host Paul Heyman here to give you the play by play for tonight's action.


    Paul Heyman: And what a night we have for you, let's roll those info bars!


    The music returns to a less echoed version as the titles come up.




    JR: Perhaps the fight to end the feud, Draven Cage is taking on Christopher Eagles.


    PH: Man! There is no love lost between these two I can tell you, both camps have had their victories and hopefully the right man will come out on top!




    JR: With both men on good winning streaks, it comes to this match tonight to see which one keeps their record as Ángel de la muerte goes up against Jimmy Tsunami.


    PH: Tsunami riding on look Ángel de la muerte on sheer skill, I have my bet already made and paid out!




    JR: Of course singles matches aren't the only thing on the card tonight, with Randy Roko and The Chav wanting to prove their dominance over Tiny Davies.


    PH: Pretty mouth-watering battle here with each man in this having something to go for, but only one can come out on top!




    JR: Sickness and Igor fight in our very first TWOStars official Tag team matches as they face Baz and Daz of the Burberry Army.


    PH: With Sickness being the only real experienced one out there, I wonder if Igor will be more trouble than he's worth, or if the Burberry Army will slip up!




    JR: And of course, our Championship match, Matt Denton has another shot at the Unified Title tonight against Craig van Dam!


    PH: Less said about Denton the better!


    JR: And there you have it folks, it's nearly time for our first match up tonight, so don't go anywhere!

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