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  1. Only married once. still am and that was before I first joined here
  2. Half the time the "wife" just wants a ring.
  3. Why not meet them halfway? Say yes, wear the ring but never set a date (yes you both need to agree to that. failing that be harsh, save the drama and heartache. Be straight, some paper or you. pick one.
  4. Put a movie on with a wedding. And just say thank fuck I'll never do that shit. (we can still swear here right?)
  5. Damn @Kam 14 years I’ve had links to this place
  6. Nice people is always a good thing. Do miss the old days when called talkwrestlingonline. The meet ups, the twostars efed. Great times
  7. My name. Used to be TGO which was short for the great one. Hi. I’m a TWO OG.
  8. WAYNE

    Who Are you?

    Yep. I know still talk to each other. I’ve only a couple still in fb myself.
  9. Still buggy sometimes
  10. WAYNE

    Who Are you?

    Good to see your still knocking about, and yes. You should’ve come to one of the many meet ups.
  11. Anyone play WWE Champions? If so, what’s you current roster talent, and what factions you with?
  12. WAYNE

    Who Are you?

    Wow, Hey Fletch, long time no see.
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