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  1. What with the Season 1 rookies appearing on RAW each week, Id still leave the season 2 ones in.. We have already seen them appear accompanying their Pros on Superstars at least.


    I doubt we will see both Bret Hart or Virgil, Im pretty sure both have ended ther contracts.


    Also, Jason Cannon goes by Lucky Cannon (Though Im betting hes eliminated first, so it doesnt matter a great deal)

  2. Id keep it in, its still going to be a wwe wrestling show. I can forsee People moving back and forth from this show in the future anyway, it seems to essentially be ECW under a more sensible name.

    Buut the first show hasnt aired yet so I dont know for sure.


    Id also add the NXT wrestlers as choices once we get to do the swap.. Im pretty sure Justin Angel, and Bryan Danielson are going to get big pushes at least.

  3. Do we get any appearance points for 'ask the divas' on superstars if the diva hasnt already appeared, it is a vignette after all (However dire :doh32:)

    Im guessing you havnt counted it.. But in case you do, Gail Kim should have an extra 10 appearance points..


    ...Nothing at all to do with getting me a clear lead :P

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