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  1. Tyson vs Kimbo - MMA's own freakshow event!
  2. Heath will destroy Brock. He's too well rounded for a novice like Brock. To be fair the UFC is making Brock earn his money, they aren't giving him easy opponents.
  3. The Fonz? How did he end up on the list? I can't believe Steph & Vince haven't made the list for various forms of their 'personality' over the years!
  4. Just what the wrasslin' world needs - a return of the Warrior! But in all seriousness I'd like to see it...I wouldn't pay, but it would be good to see him Jog down the isle one last time.
  5. Just what the wrasslin' world needs - a return of the Warrior! But in all seriousness I'd like to see it...I wouldn't pay, but it would be good to see him Jog down the isle one last time.
  6. Was there really any need for this rudeness? I mean I only asked a question. I checked for current threads concerning the matter and found none. I asked the question in a related thread. So why jump on me like this? And there was no need for the F bomb.
  7. I understand its not until next week but does anyone know if SNME will be shown in the UK?
  8. What was the Protoplex? I guess its from his days in OVW, but what move is it exactly? Thanks.
  9. Dark, give up. I've tried saying the exact same thing and he just doesn't get it. Anyone who cannot understand a simple thing like this in my view is a moron who is not worth the time of the day. Don't amuse him anymore.
  10. Hah. Any chance you're going to see the movie then Russ? ;) Like I said I enjoyed it, while your right about the dialouge not being excellent, it does make enjoyable viewing. Id suggest you give it a try, but I somehow don't think you will. :)
  11. Thank you. Thats all i've been trying to get across to Chris, but it seems that he's way past reasoning with. If he could take a step back and gain an objective view to the situtation, without getting bend up and angry about the little things he may understand that in no circumstance is it ok to call someone that.
  12. Have you seen how much garbage you have wrote about one JBL comment? And the Warrior using that word. There's no way I would or could read through it all without a nap. Anyways im not interested in how much you've wrote about it and how you have tried to shift the meaning, nore am I bothered in how the Warrior used the term, I dont need to read everything you have written (which is a hell of alot) because the only thing I am replying to is the fact the you say that the word cripple is a legit word and you have stated time and time again that the word cripple a is an acceptable term to use. And I strongly disagree. So like I said, the next time you run into a 'cripple' as you like to call them, say; "Hello cripple." Then you may understand the power of the word. EDIT:
  13. Its good short term TV. But none of them have a chance when the show finishes. They should all accept this before entering the competition. At least then they can enjoy their fame while it lasts rather than desperately attempting to hold on to it, after the series is over.
  14. Im getting Firefly on DVD after watching the Movie by chance at an advance preview on Thursday. The movie was excellent and I wasn't even aware there was a series made until after I had seen the film. I would recommend it highly to any partial sci-fi fan. It kinda goes on the lines of the first Star Wars movies, but it is very original and has some funny moments and good action scenes. 9/10 from me! :)
  15. But The Mountie, was handsome, brave and strong? ;) Test got the vote from me. I never got why that guy was contracted for as long as he was
  16. Hey Captain, if the word cripple is so inoffensive. Then the next time you see a guy in a wheel chair go and say; "Hello cripple." Then you may understand the true meaning of the word you moron.
  17. Have you noticed how much TNA sucks? :)
  18. Matt Striker was funny as hell, I just viewed the edited version on WWE.com That'll get him over! The Stone Cold part was great to, but a little short. The Warrior has made an ass of himself, and WWE will exploit that, as it will help sell the DVD. The Warrior should have simply taken the high road, thanked them for their offer and let the issue die, and not make the kind of response you would expect from a child. If he isn't bothered by Vince, let it die. Obviously he is bothered and visa-versa (Vince seems to have a vendetta against the Warrior). The only problem is, the Warrior makes comments which are moranic and the way he chooses to express himself also portrays him as someone who is close to losing the plot. Whether you like the Warrior or you don't, you have to admit that the guy is doing a fantastic job at making himself look like a nut-job. I wouldn't be suprised if the whole ByTe This thing was a wind-up by Vince, in order to get the Warrior to respond in this way, in order kinda justify or underline what has been said about the Warrior in the DVD. Last week in the Ross Report, JR stated that the only noteable thing that the Warrior does is ramble on about various issues in an incoherrant manner. Then this week, what happens? The Ultimate one, walks right into their trap. The Warrior releases a statement which makes him look like a bigger fool. On a side note, some of the comments made about Triple H were funny, however, alot of it was idiotic. Considering the guy bashes the WWE for taking the 'low road' when it comes to the way they do business, he doesn't mind taking cheap-shots about gays, the terminally ill and the crippled. If the Warrior had personnally attacked, Todd, Bobby and Darren then he wouldn't have looked like such a <insert your own word here> ;) But by choosing to take pot-shots at them due to their short-comings is simply acting the bully. I did expect better from the Warrior to be truthful. However this is the guy who famously stated; "Queering dont make the world work." Actually now I think about it, being as huge a Warrior fan I was as a kid where he gave me endless hours of entertainment and meeting him was phenomenal, I think he has given me as much entertainment with his escapades in recent history. The whole situation is hillarious and has put the whole Edge/Matt/Lita saga to shame in terms of real-life drama. I hope it continues and doesn't stop here. A quick question to Captain ChrisMa, have you recieved your Warrior Workout package yet? Edited to Add......... I hope that the Warrior does sue the WWE so that this saga continues, for entertainment value it is as good as anything which is on WWE TV at the moment! :)
  19. Seriously TNA standard isn't all that great. They have a few outstanding wokers, but most of their roster is made up of guys who are either past their prime, or are deemed not good enough for WWE. Company pride? Aren't their shows taped at Disney World? Hahah. You are joking right? While TNA's production value is of a good standard, comparison to WWE is a joke.
  20. Why? From what I've witnessed theres not much to discuss.
  21. There are a few things which I feel could have been added. Probably due to The Warriors distance from WWE, they haven't put that much effort into the DVD. I mean the match against Triple H should have been shown. Any of his matches against Dino Bravo could have been added, they had a semi-decent fued, and I remember when they had they 'push-up' challenge on Saturday Nights Main Event, which witnessed the birth of Earthquake (thankfully not literally). It could have been great, to relive some of that footage. Also he had some good matches (Warrior standard) with Andre The Giant. On the first Warrior VHS released, there is a match where the Warrior faces Andre in a decent battle. Poor ending, but I'm sure they could have thrown in a Warrior v Andre bout to make the DVD more appealing. I also recall a fued with Hercules, which spawned a decent Warrior match, but seems to have been over-looked by WWE. When the Warrior intially returned he started a good fued with The Undertaker and Jake Roberts got involved, all really appealing stuff. Unfortunately there was no blow-off match to finish the fued/s but one of his matches that took place in europe against Taker may have been a good idea to be included. I also recal him battling Ric Flair on several occassions, however I'm unsure if any of these bouts, which were for the WWF Title, were aired. Maybe including one of these matches would have been worth a watch. Apparently Flair describes Warrior as the worst guy he worked with. Lol. On of his WCW matches should have been included also, I mean theres a lot of WWF fans who may have never seen Warrior in WCW, so to neglect his stint there seems strange. Theres no denying that the stint was unsuccessful, but still let us see some evidence! As The Bisch mentioned, why isn't the Halloween Havoc match on there? It may have been appalling, and it seems WWE is using this DVD to trash the Warrior, so why not go the whole hog? Having mentioned all of the above, there are loads that I have omitted; such as his fued with Papa Shango and his tag stint with Sting. WWE could have easily extended this DVD to document the entire career of The Warrior, but it seems they have missed the boat. Upon hearing of the release of this DVD I was hoping for at least a two disc set that may have even had The Warrior himself somehow connected. Ah well, time will tell the quality of this bad boy. I've pre-ordered my copy! :)
  22. I concur. She adds no value what-so-ever.
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