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  1. What's happened to Chelsea tonight is a bigger humiliation than what happened to Arsenal at home to Monaco. They had a week off and NINETY minutes against 10 men, and led twice, but still went out. That was after effectively starting the game in the quarter final. Wow. I know Arsenal are going to go out next week to a truly pooey Monaco side, and I'll take the inevitable guffaws as they come, but still. Heh. Chelsea. Heh heh heh. Cheers!
  2. Didn't really give two hoots about him before tonight but Marco Veratti of PSG really is an exquisite midfielder. Would LURRRRVE Wenger to splash the cash on him I can tell you. Cheers!
  3. Fixed for you :P Cheers!
  4. You've got a point, but to be fair it's far less of a thing if a player dives for a free kick in his own half or in the middle section of the pitch. In fact I reckon referees are far more likely to just award a free kick to the diver in those situations, as whilst it rewards diving, the defending team can easily regroup, so no harm no foul (literally :lol). Diving in and around the box though is far more serious as it can lead to penalties, red cards, goal-scoring free kicks, etc. The ref is under far more scrutiny. I'd even go so far to say that if Di Maria had dived liked that defending his own area the free kick would have been awarded immediately, despite the ref clearly seeing the dive, because the situation he's left with is Arsenal with a free shot on goal with a Man Utd player down. It's just easier all round. I suppose the closer to the oppo's penalty area you are the better your dive had better be. :).
  5. Savage wasn't working for the BBC tonight, it was Danny Murphy calling Smalling Chrissy, but then he was his teammate at Fulham so he probably knows his nickname. A word too for David De Gea who is unquestionably the best goalie in the world right now. Some of those saves tonight defied conventional, received wisdom. Outstanding! I personally thought the save from Sanchez where Valencia got a block in and it bounced was possibly his best save, believe it or not. There were loads of great saves needed tonight though. But yeah, you're delusional if you can't see a big old gap in class between Utd and Arsenal. Maybe not a "gulf" but certainly a "bay" at least. Utd were actually pretty good tonight but I thought we just dealt with you, swatted you aside and forced you into mistakes. We did to you what you've been doing to us for best part of a decade. Honestly, if I was a sports psychologist (and I'm not but how hard can it be? :P) I'd say the reason Utd completely lost their minds tonight was because this was the game the tables were turned and they knew it. Cheers!
  6. Man Utd have completely lost their heads tonight and let the match and the opposition get the better of them. It's somewhat ironic that the one game they aren't utter garbage pail shyte, and can claim to have been marginally the better side, is the game where the wheels seem to come off. Fellaini's fouling was eventually punished and Utd's repeated diving was seen for the desperate acts of a floundering side that it really was. Utd were good, but the gulf in class was plain to see. How the solid frikkin' poo we didn't wipe the floor with this poo shower a few months ago I'll never know. And Welbeck celebrated too. Good ol' boy :). Cheers!
  7. Seems like everyone, myself included, is expecting Arsenal to Arsenal this up tonight, totally out-Arsenalling even peak Arsenal. I'm expecting 60% possession, shots hitting the post, a GREAT De Gea save or two, a few soft yellows, we're definitely getting a red card (I say Koscielny) and for Man Utd to score with one of their very few shots, and it probably won't be in target and will rebound horrifically off a hapless Koscielny. That'll be before he gets sent off, of course. Cheers!
  8. I've heard all kinds of stories over the years about the most violent & horrible fans/derbies, and it's always the same lot: Millwall, Chelsea, Rangers vs Celtic, Liverpool vs Man Utd... etc etc. However I'd like to put forward West Bromwich fans (well, the thuggy ones anyway) as being particularly nasty pieces of work. In 1999 thru 2002 I lived right by Molineux (Uni of Wolves main campus) and even though I never "supported" them, Wolves were literally over the road and tickets weren't that hard to come by. On top of that, there was one season where Wolves and West Brom were by far and away the best two teams in the Champo (both got automatic promotion that year, I'm sure) and were duking it out in fine style all season. Went to Wolves vs WBA at Molineux and even though I came away unscathed, the WBA fans were lobbing bricks in to the Wolves fans bit, and people were getting hit all over the place, blood drenching their faces and clothes. The Wolves fans weren't much better. When I lived there I witnessed horrible anti-Asian racism by the Birmingham "Zulus" too. Only fans I didn't see anything too bad from were the Villa fans. The media has a strange way of talking about the west midlands rivalries as "oooh, a good ol' fashioned good natured roy-vull-ree" but the truth is they're a nasty, particularly cowardly bunch. Of course, I'm talking about the thuggy fans, not the normals :). Cheers!
  9. Not sure if this is worthy of its own thread; only the volume of replies will tell I guess. I was shopping for some new CD's last night and, strangely, Amazon didn't have them listed at all. The only place I could get them were from the artist's websites directly. One band is Hockey. In 2009-ish they had a really fudging brilliant, admittedly under the radar somewhat, debut album called "Mind Chaos". On the strength of that album alone they played Glasto, T (I think), Latitude, Bonnaroo and Coachella. And they toured worldwide, and they played Jools Holland :P. Properly good band and album. However they, unbeknownst to me, released a follow up to that album in 2013, called "Wyeth Is". I'm not really a mailing lister kinda person, but I do google and search Amazon for new albums from my favourite bands. The only place you can get that album is their website. They recorded, pressed and are distributing it themselves via their website. Of course maybe the album is total shyte and Amazon didn't touch it for a reason, but no. I've listened to a few tracks now and it sounds good. Hockey have a message to say they are recording their third album. Same with another of my favourite new bands, Cayucas. They released a charming nerd-pop debut in 2013 called "Bigfoot" on the label "Secretly Canadian". Haven't heard a thing about a follow up but there is a message on their own website to say they are now recording, and designing album art n tour Tshirts themselves - all to be distributed exclusively via the website. However most interestingly is the band Best Coast. Compared to the other two bands these are a huge outfit, and incredibly popular in the US, and somewhat over here too. They announced their new album to be released in May, only 6 or so weeks away now, and apparently early reviews say it's a phenomenal album. Nothing on Amazon, Play, or wherever else. Best Coast are signed to a small label, but which is an imprint of Virgin Records, and so far at least, the only place to but this album is directly from Best Coast's website, via the Virgin online store. Radiohead have dabbled with this for a while now, whilst Prince has been at it for years. I am wondering if this in-house style of production & distribution could now be "a thing"? Anyone else know of people, bands doing this? Cheers!
  10. Watching that Man Utd match last night reminded me very much of watching Arsenal maybe 4 or 5 years ago, and reading defences of said style of play by Man Utd fans is probably what I sounded like. "We had 60% possession, the most passes, the most tackles, the most corners, the best players, the most shots... etc etc etc" on and on and on and on. However the reality was that despite having all that possession they were just going sideways and backwards, with no one seeming able or willing to try and unlock the Newcastle defence. Newcastle, who were also a shower of poo by the way, countered very well on Utd a few times and only a mixture of De Gea brilliance, refereeing incompetance and Riviere's astonishing pooey finishing meant that Utd weren't legitimately 4-0 down. Gosh they were poor. And their goal was just ridiculous too. Just a perfect embodiment of the type of stupidly ridiculous, pooey-faced, mental luck that Utd seem to be a) getting and b) relying on... every week. I can see them getting the top 4 though. When your luck's in... Cheers!
  11. F-you Belty, Transformers was the greatest cartoon of all eternity, you dolt. However I have to concede that that Battle Cat looks absolutely amazing, and far better than anything Micky Bay did for Transformers. Cheers!
  12. He's coming to Swindon soon. Booked to appear in the Swindon MECA, which is the same place the local white collar boxing scene calls home. Cheers!
  13. If he knew she was 15 and "did acts" with her anyway then the guy is a total flippin' godger and deserves everything he will no doubt end up getting. More sinisterly, if that's a word, that pretty much makes him a paedophile too. I've got to say that I would venture that he didn't know her age. Either he didn't ask or she didn't tell him or she lied. If you're a professional Premier League footballer and England international then surely - SURELY?? - you're not that stupid. If I meet a girl and she tells me she's - for example - 17 and I have sex with her, and it turns out she was lying and is only 15, then I've done nothing wrong. I'm not a paedophile, I've not committed sexual assault, and I've not committed statutory rape. I've just had sex with a liar. You've only broken the law if you knew her age beforehand, which surely he didn't. I can see this going nowhere further though, I really can. All he has to say is "she lied about her age" and there's not a lot anyone can do without evidence, except take the mick out of him. Cheers!
  14. I bet managers say some rotten stuff to each other given half the chance :lol. Cheers!
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