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  1. All ifs and buts I know, but if Ferrari matched Rosberg's strategy after the red flag, I am confident Nico would have had the pace to beat Vettel. The tactical error probably only cost them second to Lewis. The Merc is still at least a couple of tenths faster when all is equal, minimum. Their botchy start has made it look like the Ferrari's are closer to them than they actually are, to my eye. Alonso's crash was seriously scary. The worst I've seen for a while. The fact he was able to just slip out and walk away with little more than being winded was immense. Huge credit to the way these cars are designed. My man Roman taking points on the Haas debut was wonderful to see too. A bit fortunate that the strategy worked out, but still, outstanding stuff. I'm pleased they are able to compete with the midfield on pure pace as it is shows that new teams can get somewhere if they do it right.
  2. The Villain <3 Absolute love those collections of promo's Marty did. So much time for him.
  3. I wonder if anyone has changed there minds after tonights results :lol At this rate Chelsea can win the league!
  4. F*ck! You're right! TOMMY F*CKING END. Tommy End is f*cking legit. Never, ever been disappointed when watching him. Tommy End vs. BT Gunn is one of the best matches I've seen live.
  5. Yeah Kaylee has worked NXT before. She's been over in Japan recently too. Noam has been at it so long and is so good that while continuing to gain more and more experience around the world would no doubt do him good, I think you could stick him in anywhere, be it NXT or wherever and he would do well. Seems to me like the perfect fit for the Cruiserweight tournament.
  6. Guys like Big Dave and Damo do nout for me. Cant seem to get into these big guys whatsoever. Hard to explain, but whenever there on I'm just really not interested at all. However I am right there with you front and centre on Havoc and Noam, both have become to of my absolute favs. Especially Jimmy. When I first got into ICW I wasn't that sure about him and he quickly changed that around in the last couple of years with his heel turn, his Progress run and the ultimately his comeback as a babyface for ICW. All great stuff, I marked like a bitch watching online when his new music for ICW hit and he returned at the London show. Should have been there. As for Noam, he's just really, really great at wrestling. Simple as that really. Could watch him all day and anyone who knows me knows I'm about the furthest from a "workratez" guy as you can get. Another guy who I would love to see in the Cruiser thing or NXT is BT Gunn. A bit like Noam, I could just watch him wrestle forever. Book Noam vs. BT in a long running feud and I'd wet myself.
  7. I about had a brain aneurysm watching Sterling. So, so shite.
  8. Premier League Winners - Leicester City 2nd - Arsenal 3rd - Spurs 4th - Man City Relegated - 3rd last - Bournemouth 2nd last - Norwich Bottom - Aston Villa Champions League Winners - Barcelona Runners up - Bayern Munich Europe League Winners - Dortmund Runners up - Sevilla FA CUP Winners - Chelsea Runners up - Arsenal Championship Winners - Hull Runners up - Middlesborough Playoff Winners - Burnely For the first time, at this point I really do fancy Leicester to win it. No European football distractions, fewer games and a really solid run in. Next four games are West Brom, Watford, Newcastle and Palace, while teams around them have to play in Europe and each other. Could be almost home and hosed by then.
  9. Most open secret in football but I cannot deny I am not excited. Never been a Pep fan but he's as close to a bonafide star in the managerial game as you are going to get and to have him in my favourite league in the world is exciting. I also think it will create a fun summer as he is sure to have a strong budget to play with to bring his own guys in, which could have knock on effects all down the chain. Fun times ahead. Just Simione to Chelsea and Jose to United and we have a few dream duels right there.
  10. Past it and the right decision. He's on 200k a week. Suspect he would probably take a pay cut to stay but I would still move him on and get young blood in. Especially with the major regime change coming in the summer, Terry represents a by gone era a fresh start and clean break will be good for everyone involved.
  11. Agreed. The cat is well and truly out of the bag. It was fun to stay up and have a drink to while it lasted, but the ship has sailed. Also, United, City and Chelsea aren't going to be doing business when they are all likely to have brand new regime's in place come the summer, and Arsenal are Arsenal. So really, it was painfully clear that none of the big clubs would be doing any sort of business today, so they whole thing was just blah right from the start.
  12. Truly spectacular dedication to the burial of Randy Orton. Bravo.
  13. AJ stole the show for me. Proper marked out for him coming in as early as 3 to make his debut. Totally down for him vs. Kev. Overall it was a decent show and I though the Rumble match itself was pretty good aside from the outcome. I would have rather just see Roman overcome all the odds rather than HHH winning. Neither scenario is what I would have liked, but being presented with a choice of the two, I'd have taken the former. The only thing I think they missed a trick with is not having Joe come in and have something with AJ. That would've been cool. Oh and I thought Brock's elimination was a bit underwhelming. By all means have the Wyatt's eliminate him. But he should have had a mega rage at ringside and just go back into the ring and get Bray and destroy him. Taker/Maven style. I would also say is I think that might have been the last chance for Daniel Bryan. If they weren't prepared to clear him for the Rumble when he has been, for all intents and purposes, more or less healthy by every doctor other than WWE's standards, then I don't think they will ever clear him.
  14. Caught some TNA on Challenge tonight. Its not actually been that bad, admittedly I've only seen about half a show, but it seems to be, more or less, making sense. c Clearly lacks star power though. Althought Ken Anderson is still doing the asshole gimmick five years after I last watched, when he was still doing it. Lol.
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