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  1. Is that petty attempted one-upsmanship childish replying or were you avid NJPW watcher in 1992? Cause honestly the first Austin match you think of, is that? B*llocks.
  2. Its ironic really, I thought Hardy would fail merely because I couldn't imagine he'd be a good heel, yet he's actually been pretty good. But it's all in vain and completely irrelevant because he's just a guy people want to cheer for. It's much the same as Austin in 2001, he was actually a very good heel yet it really didn't matter. People love him. RVD would have made a much better choice for a heel what with all his recent comments, the fact he only cares for himself and his whole original Mr Monday Night persona working so well. Begs the question why didn't they do that? Because it's too obvious?
  3. Sounds like a lot of terrible over the top crowded booking, as per usual and nothing particularly outstanding in the match front. And the idea of 2 major retirements (supposedly) within like an hour, just totally undermines both of them.
  4. The McLaren simply hasn't been first enough for a good half of the season. It's a testament to Hamilton that he's even in with a shout at the last race. For me, Alonso is clearly in the strongest position and my pick for the title and I think Red Bull will regret having Vettel win ahead of Webber today.
  5. Bret Hart's for me is probably beating Perfect at SS91 or beating Flair in 92. Bulldog's was certainly his match against Bret at SS92. Batista for me was against HHH at WM. Rey was against Eddie at Haov 97, Goldberg against Hogan in 98. Hall against HBK at WM10, which I also think was HBK's defining match.
  6. I'd imagine that if he doesn't get a run of games when he is fit again, then that's it for him. Which is a massive shame for him and England.
  7. You have to feel for him, talk about bad luck. But I suppose considering the amount of time he's been out for, the other muscles and body parts probably were going to feel the strain. Had it been the knees, I think it would have been curtains for his career. Hopefully it's just a strain and a minor setback and he'll get a proper start for Utd. When fully fit he's their best defensive midfielder by a massive distance.
  8. Unbelieveable effort by Hulkenberg and he could be a real spanner in the works. The first corner will be super interesting as the top guys will have to be relatively aggressive but obviously know that any mistakes or to be too trying could mean no points and title race over. Webber will obviously be looking to beat Vettel into the first corner and I'd imagine Alonso same with Hamilton. But yeah fascinating qualifying and massive kudos to Hulkenberg who was just in a different league to everybody and surely cemented his seat for next season.
  9. But even with restricted to WWE style, nobody can get over anyway by just wrestling. As I said they should be looking at Daniel Bryan and thinking, hhmm this is working and we're doing sod all and he's getting over.
  10. I think that's the frustrating thing though Mitch, they have guys like Danielson, Ziggler, Punk, Kaval, Hart Dynasty, Bourne, Edge, Mysterio, Del Rio, Morrison, Kingston, Christian etc etc who can all have and should be given 10-15 minutes every show to just go out there and do what they like. And the guys they've signed up like Creed, the ROH bloke whose name escapes me and others will fit into that ilk. It's like they say they have really weak talent pool, yet the talent they do have do the opposite of what they are good at it. Its why ECW and Heyman worked so well, if someone's good at certain things make them do that. I mean Daniel Bryan has one decent match in WWE and all of a sudden he's getting a bit of time every week, because his work alone, will get him over whether WWE push him or not. So even with a PG, kiddies product, all those guys I mentioned can have really good matches and get people interested simply based on that. So yeah just use Raw for those guys to get over and then shockingly enough people will pay to see these guys match up against each other in feuds on PPV. So simple.
  11. And as everyone continually points out, whether it's a kids show or an attitude adults show, if the booking is crap, the show's still sh*t. There's a reason WWE generally has been poor for a few years now and it's got absolutely nothing to do with being PG.
  12. It was never really pushed as PG in the early 90's either though. I mean the only difference in the early 90's (and I mean basically 93-94) was they pushed it as the new generation and supposedly matches were a lot more faster and what not with the likes of Bret and HBK being the new up and coming stars. In terms of PG though, there was no discernible difference in terms of content.
  13. Oh absolutely no question at all. Sure there was the odd trickle of blood or risque (for the time) angle but yeah absolutely PG.
  14. I'm not sure about that, I had a number of 80's and 90's WWE videos and pretty much all of them were PG's. Heck go to the BBFC website and have a look. Most WWF 80's and pre-attitude videos from the 90's (well PPV ones) were a PG.
  15. Oh I think it's possible but it's like saying Hamilton, Vettel and Webber have all deliberately let Alonso catch up since July. It's perfectly plausible yet completely illogical. Hamilton wasn't going to overtake him points wise if Webber didn't finish, as shown by the 10 point gap, so yeah as I've mentioned, it just makes no sense to me at all. But that's the crux of it for me, the people he was losing ground to, weren't the ones he was going to crash into. The guys who were closest to him in the Championship and in the best form weren't going to be hit. If he was thinking he might swing into Alons or Vettel "accidentally" then sure, but that wasn't going to happen. I just don't see any benefits for Webber really apart from taking out Hamilton, who's not even a contender really anyway.
  16. Ok then, but still why would he do that rather than just brake? It was so early in the race, even if he dropped back and lost places he'd have picked points probably anyway and minimised damage. But again I don't see why he'd decided to take out whoever's behind him. What does he gain from it, apart from endangering himself and whoever the unlucky driver hit by him would be? Even if he hits Hamilton, he's the guy in 4th place miles behind, Vettel and Alonso are the ones who are the danger, not Hamilton in the poorest car of the top 3.
  17. Oh I certainly believe it's possible but for me, I just can't see the point of it. He'd be picking up 3rd place points so minimising the damage on his two nearest contenders at the time, Alonso and Vettel. Yet he'd do this spin, take out 4th place guy Hamilton who's far behind and also let Alonso and Vettel move ahead of him in the championship? I just can't see the point of why he would do it. He'd have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose. Thats why I don't understand Berger's comments, because the idea of Webber doing it makes no sense, for him to spin out of a likely 3rd place in order to take out his worst off challenger and allow the 2 nearest contenders to take over, is just crazy.
  18. I think he tried to put the power down to get the car out of the spin but in doing so, put too much on and lost it even more. All, admittedly within the space of about a second! But Berger saying he did it deliberately is out of order and totally unjustified, not to mention completely illogical. I mean why take out Hamilton, the guy who's had 2 non-finishes previously and miles behind you? So he takes out himself and Hamilton, leaving Vettel and Alonso to have a 1-2?! Yeah that sounds like a good idea... So yeah someone needs to turn Berger over, he seems a bit burnt over something. And before anybody mentions, not no crashing at Imola!
  19. I'm with you Belty, I prefer 1993 WWE to now. At least it was interesting and not stale most of the time. However I can't say I agree with the Bob Carter thing. If TNA keep losing money every year, then why would he keep signing the cheques? If it keeps on happening, he's not an idiot and gonna carry on losing tens of millions for absolutely no reason.
  20. Its nie on impossible to say. I mean imagine asking that question in 1991, or even in 1999. One thing I will say is I certainly don't think business will be booming again in 8 years time. If there's one thing both WWE and TNA have shown since 2002, is they aren't very good at making new stars. Which tends to suggest 8 years time won't be much different to now.
  21. And? Neither's being a comedian but ask Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler about their bank balances.
  22. I'm sure an IYH was there once, one of the early ones, maybe 5? Makes you wonder what old school relics they'll bring out and what they'd do exactly. Would be fun to see everyone defend their titles against old school guys, make the program a little different and give it a unique feel.
  23. No Batman Returns, as in plot style. If you remember they have Penguin being very popular with the public and convincing Batman is the bad guy to them. My idea for the Riddler with that in the next one wouldn't be far away.
  24. No Batman Returns, as in plot style. If you remember they have Penguin being very popular with the public and convincing Batman is the bad guy to them. My idea for the Riddler with that in the next one wouldn't be far away.
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