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  1. How dare you! We need people who haven't voted to get their votes in NOW!

    Vote HHH!


    Both themes rule, but I judged them on much I'd mark out when hearing them. Hearing a glass shattering and the thundering blows of Stone Cold's music gives me more of a feeling than the electric guitars.

  2. GROUP A

    Bayern Munich


    Club Brugge

    Rapid Vienna





    Sparta Prague






    Werder Bremen










    AC Milan

    PSV Eindhoven





    Real Madrid









    Real Betis



    Inter Milan



    Artmedia Bratislava


    (British teams in capitals)


    Group stage begins 13/14 September.



    We can't really complain (Rangers). We missed English teams and also Barca, etc. Porto sound like a decent challenge and Artmedia will be tough away but as long as we go with no fear but don't under estimate them then we should be taking home a UEFA Cup place at least.

  3. It was £60 for top price seats last time. I am dying for front row/front block seats this time. I was second block from the front third row last time and I wasn't pleased enough! TV taping too, I should have been pleased it was that, but even some aisle seats would be fantastic in my opinion.
  4. It was funny to start with but now its just annoying' date='[/quote']


    How the hell can it be annoying already? When was he ever funny too? Come on, if you insist on posting one sentence then please make it at least somewhat worthwhile.


    I'd like to see the character do something in the ring rather than outside it, as we all know Chavo is a talented performer. But another Bischoff suckup just isn't what I'm looking for. I'd much rather see a new I/C title challenger or someone who can sustain a depleted Midcard.

  5. He lives with his parents. Unless he pays the bill, he can't subscribe to anything for fear of getting caught by his parents on porn. God, imagine that...*shudders*


    Although you might find something good on Sky somewhere.

  6. http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/1721/rocktak52rr.jpg


    1) Triple H stiffs The Rock

    2) Triple H: "Come on Taker, get my arms and hold me back!"

    3) Triple H brings a new meaning to the commonly known phrase "Shooting in the ring"

  7. I wouldn't take anything less than £40 tickets after Manchester. I was far too far away and hated it. You really need top class seats in the larger arenas to be able to participate actively in my opinion.


    To get front row tickets I presume you need some sort of travel package or something. To get front block tickets, you need a bit of luck.

  8. I don't know. There's something about the Batista Snap that just makes him more unpredictable, like an animal, like how an animal doesn't speak and can snap at any minute. It makes sense.
  9. lol I am such a mark! I was walking down the long corridoor of rooms in my hotel while on holiday, and for some reason just done the Batista snap thing! But noo...it couldn't stop there. I had to do the pyro bit where he pretends to shoot the ring...right in front of my room door! Boy if it wasn't 2am I'd definitely have been caught!
  10. That's what the game is about though. Guessing who will be given the biggest pushes on each show. Batista and Cena are, and so is Muhammed Hassan. Christian and Jericho have been more active as of late. Not all are Main Eventers. Also, MNM are picking up an awful lot of points, as was Paul London in the first half and Christy Hemme is good for picking up appearance points.
  11. Yes, well done to Kam firstly. Without Kam paying for hosting, giving away prizes, bringing together ideas to make this site what it is, we wouldn't be here! Secondly, congratulations to all the members that have contributed. Well over 2000 of them too! And finally, lets celebrate the fact that these forums have hit five years old which is a lo longer than many other forums. Mine celebrated their six month anniversary recently, and I was proud at that. Think how Kam is right now!!
  12. There are generally free CD's every Saturday in almost every paper. I picked up an Oasis one recently from the Daily Record and if the Daily Star are giving out a WWE one, I'll be picking that up too!
  13. Has to be close between Jeff Hardy, Edge or HBK. These guys are masters of the ladder. Edge was a master during his heyday as Tag Team champions with Christian. One of the greatest high flyers around at that time. Even today, he can put on a top notch Ladder match and use it well a la the Money in The Bank match at WrestleMania.


    HBK was the innovator of the ladder in matches. He has been in several of the greatest ever ladder matches, but right now, after his injury, has been put down to the level of everyone else as he just couldn't risk his body in the way he used to. A top class athlete who can still do some amazing stuff with a ladder!


    Jeff Hardy. Not much more needing to be said there really. He is a high flyer and always will be. One hell of a man who is very innovative and creative, hence his position in TNA right now.


    However overall, I'd have to go for Jeff Hardy, primarily because of all his work in TLC matches and at Invasion '01 with RVD.

  14. Batista won't take a big spot, and I doubt management would want to for the simple reason that Batista is getting quite over and could well bring in some money for them in the future. Screwing that would be shooting yourself in the foot.
  15. Well if anything HBK was given "the spot" in the match because he shouldn't have been in it in the first place, storyline wise. Otherwise, after all the hyping, etc, it was fairly obvious that Benoit would win, although not blatantly. That's what I like about Mania's, you don't know if someone is going to win, but you really do think they will but can't 100% make sure of it.
  16. Well leading into Mania, I couldn't see the WWE coming out with two new champions. I was quite torn on whether or not Cena AND Batista would win it. Cena was a cert. so I looked at maybe HHH retaining. I wasn't 100% sure but I had more of an incling that Batista would win than HHH. It didn't make it predictable for me, I quite enjoyed that this year.
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