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  1. Queen. John Deacon didn't sing often as he was a fairly withdrawn person, but he did provide backing vocals when live.
  2. Popping in now and then to see what's what.
  3. Thing is, they are trying to angle at the smark crowd and sparks tend to hate someone in a position of power pushing themselves. See HHH circa 2002 (perceived or real). Cody would be beat utilised as a constant gatekeeper.
  4. If I was USDA I would want them punished, if only so no other fighter could claim they were doing it unknowingly. Harsh? Yep, but it's why I was a shite mod. :lol
  5. AEW need to not put a name overly associated with WWE. They dont need anyone who could be called a 'WWE reject' (rightly or wrongly) to be seen as better than 'their guys'. Dont get me wrong, keep them strong as it adds value to them being beaten.
  6. Yeah, I'm told it's just the original plus a song or two from the stage show. Seems pointless to me, but I'm not a big fan of Disney in general. Not that I dislike them.
  7. Without cheats or help... I completed Buck Roger's on the Megadrive.
  8. There was an anti vax guy on TWO for a while. I think he had about 10 kids and swore he worked full time but still had enough time for all of them. I assume he slept 3 hours a week.
  9. Have a wedding within your means, dont expect others to pay for it. Nothing wrong with a registry office/courtroom wedding! I say that after my father in law just paid for a massive wedding for me and the new wife (oh yeah, I have got divorced and married again @Kam) in a country house with a free bar (unusual in the UK). :lol: We did say if anyone gave gifts that we would want cash for the honeymoon, but that was purely practical as we have lived together for a few years.
  10. If I'm working I love the cold and wet. Means less kids hanging around outside the building.
  11. Fletch and Wayne! Blimey. Old guard there, both survivors of the old TWOMeets when we used to watch 1PW shows at the Dome, or all crash at mine for Mania. And both former TWOStars writers! Edit: not watched any AEW, in fact barely any wrestling at all. I dont have time these days.
  12. Paul

    Board Games

    I love me a bit of Fluxx, or Dixit
  13. I've visited TWO about once a year, so it's safe to say I'm not overly brand loyal anymore.
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