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  1. You probably did, Zack....you probably did. ;D
  2. There's just no reason to BE fussed about brock one way or the other...he's an overplayed asset, nothing more.
  3. Fairly dry Raw tonight, not a whole lot of anything of interest.
  4. He's Cena's eventual replacement - expect a lot more of this as time goes on.
  5. Eddie and Benoits both got me right in the gut for differing reasons...watching each of those tribute episodes of RAW was just heartrending stuff, and a stern reminder to never take what you have for granted. Yeah, Still miss 'em.
  6. Well thats kinda awesome, nice! :lol: It's unfortunate that the sites down for the reasons as-is however...thats NOT so nice.
  7. Billy Corgan has lost the legal battle for TNA Impact. Wow. Just wow.
  8. They probably don't want to put the belt on her yet - understandable given the prior injury. Perhaps she'll get back into the title scene after this is all dealt with.
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