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  1. It depends on what being prepared is though. Clinton's record is appalling because we know who she'll stand up for. She's for the military which has lead us into wars, she's for the big banks who crushed the global economy, she's for the prison complex which is inherently racist...so what exactly is her presidency going to do? Is it going to lead to less foreign intervention, more financial equality and an end to social injustice? Of course not, because the people who prop her up all want the opposite to that. Saudi Arabia fund terrorism, even according to Clinton's advisors, and yet she's in their back pocket and what about the big banks? As Bernie Sanders said, if you're being paid such astronomical fees for speeches, they must be damn good speeches so we should all get to see them...but she won't, because she wants to hide the fact she supports them and then when she gets into power, she'll do everything in her power to make them stronger. For all his faults, Trump is outside of this corrupt system. It doesn't mean he'll be a good leader but it means he's not guaranteed to be a bad one who'll continue to do exactly what those before him have done, whether it was Obama, Bush, Bill Clinton or whoever. They were all bought by the same system that is backing Hillary and we know she'll make the exact same mistakes.
  2. Trump's answer on that was fine I think. He didn't say he will do but rightly said that he would do if necessary, which is the whole point of having them. Corbyn said that he wouldn't use them under any circumstance, a far worse answer because it negates the fact that these weapons primarily serve as a deterrent. As for the question, Trump is an idiot who should be unelectable but Clinton represents the establishment, a corrupt alliance of the media, big business and nations who fund terrorism, so there's no good choice here. The good choice was Bernie Sanders, who got screwed over by the biased establishment, and people like him will continue to get screwed by those who are backing Clinton now. Trump winning will result in a short term mess and Clinton winning will be more negative in the long term, especially for the progressive movement inside the Democrat party which is what America needs.
  3. I know technique is more important than athleticism in fight sports but a guy who is as terribly unathletic as Punk was always going to struggle crossing over to a physical sport. You could see his lack of athleticism as a wrestler. He was slow, couldn't jump, wasn't strong, wasn't agile etc., so the chances of him being physically able to compete with young, fit athletes was always unlikely. Even if he was technically great, which he isn't, he just wasn't going to live with a guy like Gall, who was all over him like a rash.
  4. It's farcical that Lesnar isn't getting the same drug testing as everyone else. I don't know what the UFC's defence of this is but they might as well just openly admit he's been on steroids. The thing is though, even if he stops now, new research shows that the effect of drugs have a long lasting effect on the body so even if he passes tests at 200, so what? He's still getting the effect of it and the UFC and USADA are complicit in that, they don't give a fuck about preventing cheating. Hopefully Hunt wins but what if he loses? What if he loses badly and gets hurt? I like watching Lesnar fight and would like to see him win in other circumstances but the blatant actions of USADA and the UFC is a joke. Just forget the idea of fairness and let everyone juice like PRIDE in it's heyday.
  5. I'd prefer to stay in because I like the idea of a strong Europe and I think it'll be greatly beneficial in the long term. That being said, I do think there needs to be reform within the EU - particularly with fellow EU countries taking in far too many refugees that are then able to move wherever they want - but overall I'd prefer we stay in and keep things as they are.
  6. I think Ryback is great and wasn't full utilised after his main event push. He was genuinely over for a while, he always had good matches and, yeah, his character was limited but he still made the most of the chance he had. He's excellent in squash matches too and instead of that weird bully gimmick, he should have just been a dominant nasty, basic heel. I still think they could do something with him if they revamped his character, maybe gave him a manager or something.
  7. Sad news. I saw a video of her a week or so ago, talking about the Piper funeral and incident with Triple H and I was pleased when she said they'd talked and hoped she'd get into the HOF at some point. Her life went off the rails but she was a good performer and did a lot for womens wrestling. She played a pretty big part in the success of the Attitude Era I think.
  8. Brilliant to see the Cardinals get spanked by the Seahawks. I think a third Superbowl spot is on. Wilson is playing excellent and even without Lynch and Rawls, Wilson's passing ability is proving very difficult to stop.
  9. Wow. I didn't think for a moment that Fury would win this. What a strange feeling this is, I can't believe it.
  10. Jack

    UFC 193

    I know this has already been mentioned in another thread but I thought it'd be worthy of it's own topic. What did people think of the main event? Does it go down as the biggest shock in UFC history? I'm glad Rousey lost. She has an awful attitude and really isn't good enough to back up some of the nonsense she comes out with. Her striking ability is really poor, she has no concept of defence and I'm glad to see someone exploit those flaws. Thoughts on the show/main event?
  11. ___________Schmeichel Neville - Ferdinand - Terry - Cole ____________Keane _________Scholes - Gerrard __Ronaldo ---- Suarez ----- Henry That's a difficult team to pick. The only obvious choices in that team are Cole, Ronaldo and Henry I think. I could easily see an argument for Van Nistelrooy, Shearer, Aguero, Lampard, Giggs, Adams, Viera, Vidic and others but I'm happy with that team.
  12. Mayweather/Paqcquiao officially did 4.6m PPV buys, at $100, in America alone. I thought it'd get around 2m buys but what an enormous success that was. Incredible number.
  13. I loved the first episode too. The final scene with the horn blowing was brilliant and ti'll be interesting to see who was behind it. I know the obvious choice is the Wolves but I think they'll appear later in the series and it'll be a less obvious choice. It's not perfect TV but it's enthralling and I'm glad it's back on.
  14. I don't think it's big enough to be just town hall 11, I think there'll be something to go along with it. I'd guess it'll be another feature, similar to when clan wars were added, but I've not got a clue what it'll be. I've hearn a rumour about clan tournaments but I don't think that'd be huge and it's probably just a nonsense rumour. Town hall 11 is very likely though, I think. I'd guess new troops and maybe new dark spells as well. ClashCon is big for Supercell so they won't want to disappoint with this reveal.
  15. Turning Ziggler heel is probably the only way to elevate him back to the position he had. It's not like he's flopped as a face but he's a much better heel and his future should be there.
  16. I just watched the latest NXT show and I was really impressed, yet again, and it got me thinking about whether NXT is this eras ECW or ROH and how well it compares to those top level indy companies. Both ECW and ROH were exciting, fresh products in an era when wrestling was stale and they delivered very high quality wrestling shows on a consistent basis, but surely the same could be said for NXT? They don't have the star names that the WWE main roster has but everyone who performs there is getting the absolute best of their ability, whether it's in the ring or out of it, and the storylines are fun too. It's not deviating from the tried and tested methods of pro-wrestling, it's just a really well booked, old school show with strong characters, simple but effective storylines and it results in a brilliant product. Do you think NXT deserves the accolade of being the successor to ROH, as ROH was to ECW? Does the success of NXT give you hope that wrestling may be able to recover from this very long down period?
  17. I really hated that promo by Paige. I don't know why wrestlers keep insisting on breaking kayfabe when there's no need for it. It's something which can be effective (like with Punk's pipe bomb promo) but it's been overused so badly and in such a cheap manner that it carries no weight any more. Paige saying "we all know why the Bella's are here" was just unnecessary. These promos aren't interesting and they don't sell tickets, they just hurt the target of the insult but not in a way which is beneficial.
  18. Nice post, [user=11270]BigMatt[/user]. I agree about Owens and having watched the first video with Cornette, he says one thing I really agree with too, and that's about working an indy style. I can't stand it when, as you highlighted, you've got a heel doing a face move and then posing to the crowd to get a face reaction, it's just wrong and it's stinks of not understanding psychology. Indy wrestling isn't "wrestling" any more, it's basically just choreographed showmanship where two guys throw together as many moves with bells and whistles attached as they can to get people to like them but as far as building stories, it's just so lacking. All the nuances and intelligent working of the crowd has disappeared from indy wrestling. It's evolved into looking like a WWE video game with the relentless one upmanship and lack of storytelling. Unfortunately, there's no real market for 'good' wrestling any more because the fans have been spoiled by big spots and fancy movesets, and when they do get slower paced wrestling, they find it boring. I can understand that too but it's a shame because wrestling works best when you have the slowet paced worked and you build up to the big things; it doesn't work when every match on the card is full of the exact same thing.
  19. I don't really mind The Worm and The Peoples Elbow because even though it's unnecessary, it's basically just taunting the opposition by messing around when they're down. I'm fine with that, although an elbow and chop shouldn't be legitimate finishing moves, but it's ones like Ambrose's clothesline or the Rolling Thunder that get me. What's the point in them? They're just flashy for the sake of it and I don't like that, I think everything should have a reason behind it rather than just being to impress the crowd...with a forward roll, in Van Dam's case. My opinion on Van Dam is probably unpopular. I think he's an awful wrestler and always has been. I can see the attraction with his flippy nonsense but the guy is useless at anything other than being thrown around by someone like Lesnar. I'd pay to watch him get squashed by power wrestlers like Vader, Steiner, Goldberg, Lesnar etc. but that's about all he's good for. Rubbish wrestler, awful promo and an annoyance.
  20. I really hate moves which have some unnecessary, unrealistic nonsense before them, a prime example being something like Van Dam's rolling thunder. These things serve no purpose and are purely designed to look more visually impressive and whilst that can be the case sometimes, like when I saw a clip of some Lucha wrestler walking all along the top rope before giving his opponent a hurracanrana, it's just unnecessary and has no place inside a wrestling match. I know I'm fighting a losing battle if I expect realism in 2015 but that still has to be part of wrestling otherwise it looks overly false. It's even worse when the fancy set up for the eventual move looks dreadful, like with Ambrose's clothesline. How the hell has nobody told him that it looks like shit when he does that? It's the type of thing which could probably look great if it was in a video game but in real life, it's not possible to pull off in a credible way. The slow way he bends down into the ropes, the way he slowly tips over and pulls himself back up and ducks under the top rope...ugh, it's just horrible. It's unnecessary and looks awful. If you watch guys on the Indy scene, you'll constantly see them doing some elaborate movement to spin their opponent upside down, left ro right, a couple of spins....and then it ends in a plain old suplex. What's the point? None, it's just overcomplicated for the sake of it. The only exception I make for this is when you have guys like The Rock doing the Peoples Elbow. That's fine because it suited his character but it's something I really don't like about modern wrestling. It's like people have got bored of seeing the same old moves so the wrestlers decide to add things onto them to make them more interesting but I don't think it's needed and it's detrimental to the realism of the matches.
  21. Nice idea for a DVD and it should be a good watch if they aren't afraid to push people on their thoughts of Owen's death. I know some blame Vince, so it'll be interesting to hear their side and maybe Vince will get a chance to answer it and put his opinion forward. Owen seemed like a nice guy so hopefully there's plenty of good stories in it too.
  22. It depends what the crime was and whether I thought it was excusable or not. For example, if I had a friend who killed someone senselessly, I'd grass them up, but if that person was acting in self defence or if there was a fair reason to do it, I wouldn't say anything to the police about it. I'd just tell that person to leave the country or whatever. I think it'd take a serious crime to go to the police about it though, especially if it was family.
  23. Jack


    I'm not usually a fan of womens wrestling but that last night was brilliant. The whole show was good but that womens match stood out as being particularly impressive.
  24. The UFC chose to go for CM Punk, which shows how eager they are to have 'names' in the company. Fedor is still one of the bgigest names outside of the UFC, so it's a logical move for them given the lack of stars they currently have,
  25. Paige looks like a smackhead who'd tug an old man off at a bus stop for £4. I don't know what people see in her physically. Layla, Eve, Sasha Banks, Kelly Kelly, Melina and early Trish are goddesses.
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