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  1. I don't actually have all that much hatred for the chatroom, and not once did "the gang" say that TWO would die. It was just a case of pointing out the bad things about this website because it had driven a nomber of people away. Then again, that's just an opinion and would you look at that, we backed it up and everything and your flaming :P You will get judge for being young, you have to try and prove yourself more even when your making a simple point. The way that some of the kids in there are treated is appalling. Now, whether you believe it or not it's true, ask people why they don't go in chat anymore, ask Nicole why she gets mad at people in chat and why sometimes she is fed up of the place. Either way, this has nothing to do with what this topic is about. If you want to argue about it then you email me to Husim@hotmail.com.. that was a joke by the way. You have my email address.
  2. Well, this is going to make one hell of a 1000 post! Rumor has it that you think it was me, so I'm here to just put a few things straight. Strangely enough I do have just a little bit more common sense than to pull a stunt like that, and quite frankly I don't have the time or energy to put into something like that. If I wanted to speak to my best friend, then I would talk to her myself instead of pretending to be you and e-mailing her. I really don't see the point. Anyway, if you listened to your Bekie then you would know that at the time this e-mail was sent, I was sat in an exam, so unless I have some strange source of magical power, it kinda wasn't me. So you can keep the blackmail coming :) I wasn't at home to send the e-mail..the night before I was studying for my exam and I really don't have the time to be setting up e-mail accounts pretending to be you. Infact, there's not actually going to be any blackmail from you because there will be no one left to tell. So lets see what I can say, *thinks* Right, lets start with this. I was studying for my exams because I'm still at school, I'm only 15 and a bloody smart 15 year old at that. Why lie about this? Because in a community such as this one you don't get accepted unless you are old enough and you generally get treated like Nicole. If you are really lucky like Draven then you manage to get involved with the mods and the boss, but that will only be because some of your opinions agree with theirs. If your younger and you have a different opinion, you will be told that your opinion doesn't matter (mainly in the chatroom). Nicole could go in there talking about how some wrestler was really cool, and even give reason why, but that will all be dismissed due to her being "a silly little girl". So that's why I lied, to hide behind a face which I knew I would manage to get by with. I could go into deep and meaningful conversation about how much I hate myself to back up why I did this, but I won't, if you really want to know then you can ask me yourself and if I'm close enough to you, I'll tell you. Loads of you already know this, and I would expect that the rest of you don't really care, but it's better coming from me than from a load of gossip which will be passed around like it has done on many occasions. To all of those who know me, I'm really sorry and if you want I will give you a better explanation on msn or something coz it's kinda personal. To everyone else, I dunno! See you later, Be happy, Go Mad *hugs*
  3. Congratulations and Good Luck with it all *hugs* :D
  4. Erm.. end up with about 20 a day which isn't too bad considering what many of you recieve, but that is only in one of my accounts. The other one doesn't recieve any. Woohoo! But no doubt now I have said that, I will be signed up for a load of porn or something.. oh joy!
  5. how about Rex? He was soooooo cool while trying to be scary! Go him! And that boy next door (possibly Sid) he was real scary and had icky teeth :(
  6. British comedy just isn't funny, but I guess that's just my sense of humor, or lack of it for liking American comedy :P
  7. Jessie the cowgirl and bullseye the horse! They ruled!
  8. 1. David Sneddon - 'Stop Living the Lie' 2. Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground 3. Electric 6 - Danger 4. Eminem - Lose Yourself 5. Daniel Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One 6. Feeder - Just the way I'm feeling 7. Cheeky Girls - Cheeky Song 8. Panjabi MC - 'Mudian to Bach Ke (Beware of the Boys)' 9. Zoe Birkitt - Treat Me Like A Lady 10. Busted - Year 3000 Highest New Entry - David Sneddon - Stop living the lie Lowest New Entry - The Libertines - 'Time For Heroes' Erm.. might change these midweek.. :D
  9. well actually, that's probably true, seeing the rest of british comedy is pretty much pants. :)
  10. Yep, and it is the most amazing thing in the world, although I'm not going to go all sentimental on you, ach *runs away*
  11. THAT was British Comedy? oooooh, no wonder I didn't understand it :D
  12. Yeah, they are really pretty! Do you dislike butterflies aswell?
  13. yeah, a joke, you know those things that many people don't understand straight away, one of them :)
  14. Text her back dammit! Get it together man! *slaps* :D Calm, and breathe
  15. Jess O Mac


    We have been through this, I was taking the piss out of something Jung said :P
  16. Geeeeze, good topic. Guess I'd just go back to being really little and grow up knowing what I know now. At least that way I won't make half of the mistakes that I have done already and probably manage to be just an ickle bit wiser.
  17. There is only one good reason for watching Man U play.. his name is Beckham!
  18. No you don't lol, I have played them and oh.. I see what you mean.. yes :(
  19. Jess O Mac


    How much about this band do you actually know?! I'm not having a go, but I would suggest you look into it a little :P
  20. 1. LOL, sorry, I know you weren't having a go and all that, I was just trying to make simple conversation and put across a point of view which maybe held by others on this forum aswell. :P 2. Awww, I like Avril.. sometimes 3. Shows how much I really care :D << don't take offence at that please, just messing about. 4. Not following you around.. if you would care to noticed I have been picking up a lot of people on what they have been posting recently, namely Jo, Emag, You, Bex... It just happens to be you I argue with because I disagree with your opinions :P (is scared to be flamed for that... wasn't meant in an arrogant way). Anyway.. Back on topic, Chris2k, I liked the majority of what you posted aswell, except DJ Sammy, and Atomic Kitten.
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