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  1. I'll be rooting for him but I'm not sure of his chances, is he getting a lot of money for this?
  2. For me it has to be Bale, he brought back a darker more realistic element to the franchise which had become a caricature of itself. For a superhero whose parents had been slain in front of him to end up a campy mess with nipples is not how it should be and the whole backstory of his struggle to become the bat gave it credibility. I've not yet seen afflecks batman but have heard good things; either way both have went the same way in not making the character more believable. It's a similar story to how Daniel Craig restored credibility to the bond franchise by reverting back to the more grittier agent rather than the camp roger Moore version or over the top action like pierce brosnan ( goldeneye aside coz goldeneye rocked!)
  3. Is it the same code as last season to join?
  4. So we have commissioners and general managers already? What a cluster f**k this brand split is gonna be. What is even the point of all that nonsense between Shane and Stephanie if they are just gonna appoint someone else to do their job anyway?, it makes no sense. I could be wrong and they have this split and the resulting storyline down to a t but i doubt it.
  5. Although I don't really agree with fury and how he acts I would really love to see him put the final nails in the coffin of klitschko and his boxing career, it wouldn't be good for the heavyweight division to have wlad as champion again as he is boring, fights bums and his general smug manner just annoys me. heavyweight boxing is on the way back with a few names coming up and wlad would jus hold the division back
  6. I hope Khan gets absolutely leathered tonight, forever chasing mayweather and pacquiao when he doesn't deserve a fight of that calibre, forever dodging brook as I think brook could take him, saying all that he has improved massively in the last couple of fights so he'll make a fight of it despite the weight rise
  7. This game brings out the worst in the two sets of fans and it's been great that they haven't played each other regularly for the last few years it's just a shame that normal service shall be resumed with this match kicking off the return of this fixture, the football almost becomes secondary to everything else and it's something this country could do without
  8. Big damo for me he is such a great big guy, Noam dar would be good but he's still really young and should maybe hang about the indies for a bit to learn more, Kay lee Ray is great too and I'm pretty sure she's already had a match in NXT against Nia Jax?
  9. Good in the ring but the dudes a terrible promo plus wtf is his tights and terrible waistcoat all about?, I have no interest in a dolph push any longer the guy just bores me
  10. I hope the winner of the rumble comes from one of the participants in the LMS match but in all reality it's probably gonna be reigns which is why I'm not so sure whether to go ahead and purchase this or just wait for the results to come in which is a shame as I always watch the rumble but I'm jus not feelin it this year . Is there no rumble comp this year? It's always a little extra fun to see if your number will win :)
  11. Christmas movie for me, was it released round December?
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