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  1. That's sort of my point. If Hogan is only the biggest star of the last 30 years, and not of all-time, then who was a bigger star prior to that?
  2. Who was a bigger star before then, Gene Kiniski?
  3. Remember when Vince was going to kill the WWF with the NWO? Yeah, we're doing that again... Act One - Wrestlemania - Extreme Rules. Night after Wrestlemania 28: At the beginning of the show, announce that the three men in the End of An Era match (Trips, 'Taker, Shawn) are going to be in the ring together later in the show...for a special announcement or something of that ilk. Hype it up all night long. Have the commentators (including JR, who is out there to 'be a part of history') and a few wrestlers speculate on whether we're going to witness the retirement of HHH, Undertaker or both. Last segment: Trips and Shawn are in the ring first and do their whole DX spiel (Tease the retirement, 'one last time I said...Are youuu reaaddddyyy?) Then, as they're about to announce the arrival of the 20-0 Undertaker, Brock hops over the barricade and all hell breaks loose. He procedes to F5 Hunter, and ****ing murder HBK. Have him tear the ring apart and bloody Shawn's mouth/nose (similar to what they did with Cena). He shouts to the camera, 'I'm gonna break his ****ing arm' (they could bleep this) and puts Shawn in the Kimura...GONG. Lights out. When they come back on 'Taker's in the ring. He gives Brock the cut-throat gesture and runs towards him, but gets taken down and has his face treated like a nagging Rihanna. F5. F5. Kimura. Broken Arm. JR doing the business on commentary and fade to black. Next week: Trips comes to the ring and details the injuries HBK and Taker suffered, saying that he doesn't know if we'll ever see them again. But The Game-ah is here-ah to fight-ah and he wants a piece of Brock Lesnar. Cue Vince McMahon. He comes out and says that Brock doesn't have a contract, and never will have a contract because he walked out on his last one. 'And besides, Paul, you saw what he did last week. You saw what he did to your best friend and the man that you couldn't beat at three Wrestlemanias. Why would I put you in that situation? Dammit, you're the father of my grandkids! You may be the best in this ring* but Brock Lesnar's been to other places and you can't beat him anymore.' HHH: Vince, I swear to you right now, if you don't give me Brock Lesnar in this ring at Extreme Rules then you'll never see your grandchildren again.' Cue Steph. She comes down and says that she won't let Brock Lesnar destroy her family. She wants Vince to give Brock a one-night contract for the PPV, 'this is *looks at HHH* our ring and Brock Lesnar will have to play by our rules. Vince reluctantly agrees and leaves the arena. As soon as he does, Lesnar hops the barricade again. F5 on Hunter, who gets handcuffed to the ropes. Lesnar then stalks Steph and breaks her arm. Fade to Black. *Need to stroke Hunter's ego somehow. Next week: Vince starts the show. Ringside is surrounded by security/police officers. He says that Brock Lesnar won't be getting into a WWE ring until Extreme Rules and that he hopes his son-in-law will give him what he deserves. Show proceeds as normal. Extreme Rules: Exact same as the Cena-Lesnar match. Brock totally mauls HHH and toys with him, before getting hit with a lucky sledgehammer shot for the 1-2-3. Brock shakes it off and breaks the arm as we go off air. And that's it until about June.
  4. Triple H, that plucky underdog! Still, at least the finish was the right one. Good, ugly fight too. How many appearances does Brock have left now?
  5. I have an irrational hatred of nu-metal, so Randolph wins. Got a bad feeling about this match... Edit: Real nice psychology with the belly. I like it.
  6. Y'know what would be cool? If Trips' family get involved in this, and Lesnar shoots on Aurora worse than James Holmes.
  7. D-LIST ENDORSEMENTS, YEAH! For **** sake, Piers Morgan likes Brock...that makes me very sad.
  8. Ugh, they're going to have this match again?! They should've done that finish last month.
  9. If Del Rio is wealthy enough to hire some goons, then couldn't he just bribe a ref to fast-count Shay Mousse? I really wish they'd do something like that with his character.
  10. Really good match. I'm assuming Ziggler will take out Jericho tomorrow, then get the win back somewhere down the line. 'Mania maybe.
  11. Apparently the 'massive angle' is ending the show, so we'll see.
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