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  1. I've got the heel Vader shirt, Hollywood blondes shirt, 2 cabana shirts, punk mitb shirt, purple macho man wwe shirt, jushin thunder liger shirt, an Andre shirt, 2 barber shop logo shirts, a lucha guns shirt, bullet club shirt, mega powers hoodie that I remember. And just ordered new punk shirt and an Austin one from pro wrestling tees. I think I order them as some kind of therapy.
  2. I have. I'm a medium in the UK and ordered medium from there no problem.
  3. Its true about the logo's. The older ones are tonnes better. Used to always be drawing them at school, but the new ones are just boring. It probably is just Vince feeling old. Next up he'll be banning all talk of any historic champions from over two years or something. Why must they **** about with everything man?
  4. No negative comments from me. Good luck to the man!
  5. No negative comments from me. Good luck to the man!
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the AoW episode? Can't get it anywhere. I've always downloaded it direct. Can't be arsed with iTunes. YouTube version has been removed :(
  7. I wonder where the contract signings for all the other matches take place.
  8. We can't score. I guess it's not that bad though. Could be a brum fan.
  9. Finn Balor sounds like a job title. Some kind of fisherman farmer.
  10. Apart from the the ones mentioned like Bret's, Foley's, Jericho's and Pure dynamite, Terry Funk's is decent. Dutch Mantell's two books aren't bad either.
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