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  1. Happy birthday Goldy and Russ. Will ya stop bugging me now Goldy? ;)
  2. Agree with all of that, I don't see how anything other than Rock v Goldberg qualifies as the main event of the Backlash.
  3. Grapple

    TWO Chat

    Whenever I have been in recently it's actually been fairly busy. I just logged in now and there are 11 in there, and they are having a serious discussion about wrestling too. There are occasions when it is dead, but you can also find it quite lively as well.
  4. I started playing a bit in my final year at Uni....have scored two 180s, with witnesses too :D
  5. Yes, definitely, the frequency of defections should drop 1 - The fans may begin to lose track of who is where, and who is fueding with who and why, making the shows something of a chore to keep track of. 2 - The more wrestlers switch, the less impact the defections have. Will anyone really start to give a toss if they see wrestlers switching sides every show? 3 - Are any wrestlers actually giving a plausable reason for switching sides? Seems to me they are defecting for the hell of it. Tell me if they have been explaining, but I have not been seeing any.
  6. First time I have seen Raw in ages, wasn't overly impressed to be honest. So the UnAmericans and Jericho defected. I hope they are not going to keep switching guys between the shows because it could start to lead the audeince disorientated and giving up trying to keep track of who is where and why. Undertaker v Nowinski and Booker v Eddie were forgettable (I actually forgot both had happened until I read Sabba's post below). Three minute segment was crap, partly due to it featuring two haggered old wenches who no-one gives a damn about, and partly due to the editing that deprived us of seeing who attacked them, let alone what they did. RVD v Benoit was pretty good. Others may think the Rock and Coach show is purile, but I found it quite amusing to be honest. Michaels looked a bit of a mess. I think the perpetrators were probably the UnAmericans. HHH entertained me more by saying "F*** you Bischoff" than he did in that 10 minute borefest of a speech he gave. Flair v Rock was as good as it was gonna be I guess.
  7. At the end of a long Saturday in the pub drinking during my time at Uni, we made a drunken bet on the final game of pool: the loser had to walk home (about a quarter of a mile) with their trousers on their head. Yes, I lost. Worse thing was that I ran home to avoid being spotted, and during a descent down a flight of steps, I tripped and ended up nearly breaking my neck. Fortunately, I suffered a few grazes only.
  8. It was another installment of the Rock and Coach show: Hyping up his main event with Flair, the Rock told the crowd how his straight man the Coach likes to go back to his farmyard home, get drunk and spend some time with the animals. "The Rock knows you like to get drunk and stick your microphone up the cows' rectums" was one line. Coach then admitted it did happen once, even though the Rock said he had been joking. Incidentally, I found this promo 10 times more entertaining than HHH droning on: "Shawn, I outsmarted you, cos I am that damn good, I am the Game and now you know it, you are going to have to face it that I am the Game, I'll keep repeating this in my incredibly monotonous delivery for the next ten minutes " effort. Actually I don't know if it was 10 minutes because I pressed mute halfway through
  9. Grapple

    New Game

    Clever, nice face "Have A Nice Day" or "Foley Is Good"
  10. Grapple


    Please stop flaming like the posts I deleted. This has just got too boring now.
  11. I wont be, because even though the main event looks semi-decent due to Rock and Angle's involvement (and I sense a title change), the WWE PPVs thus far in 2002 have ranged from dire to mediocre, so I wont be risking it.
  12. Just for those of you who were not aware, the second WWE Weakest Link special is on BBC2 tonight (Tuesday) at 5:15pm. Participating are: Kane, Terri, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Edge, Jerry Lawler, Debra and Steve Austin.
  13. The only way to see WCW PPVs in the UK was the highlights broadcast by a German channel available through the Sky dish. No English channel showed them.
  14. Nope, TNT never showed any PPVs. But you could find highlights of them on one of the German channels a few weeks afterwards. And I think Bash at the Beach 1998 was broadcast live by a German station
  15. Get back on topic or it this gets closed.
  16. They are now saying on Sky Sports News that he was sacked
  17. Happy Birthday Bek Van Dam Just thought I would have a look at some of the new smilies too :biggringi :balloons :partysmil
  18. After some heavy casualties early on, one of these 8 teams will be World Cup winners 2002. Given that there is a few days break before the quarter final start, I thought it would be interesting to see who people think will win the tournament. I think it will be the winner of the England v Brazil match....so I vote Brazil.
  19. Austin is only in "Beyond the Mat" for about 30 seconds and why would Debra want to ruin Austin's reputation?
  20. Bacon flavoured Wheat Crunchies
  21. Not bothered to be honest, but I'll vote for Jess to make the scores level - plus she's a Pompey lass and they fight dirty
  22. Simple Question - Saturday's match up. Who will win it? I am not really that interested in boxing, but I hate Tyson, so I shall say Lewis
  23. Right TsuMirren and Sam Bird, you are going to have to figure out a way to contribute to this forum without sniping and taking pot shots at each other, as in the posts I just deleted here and in other threads in this forum. This board is not here for you two to conduct your own personal slagging match.
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