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  1. I know leaving threads aren't overly welcome, so I'll keep this short and sweet as DS has already put money on me returning within a month. I realised over the course of Wrestlemania that I've no longer got a passion for wrestling that I used to. Not only that but I feel the need to spend less time online at weekends and evenings and do something more constructive with my time than vegitate. Such is the addictive nature of TWO that it's taken me nigh on a year to realise that quitting here will do much to change this (as will deleting my FM08 game and any other time wasting venture I so happily embark on). So for me it's time to move on and devote more time to pursuits outside of the internet (and as a plus side, you guys no longer get bathroom photos). But I'd like to thank the TWO community for the memories, friendships (that'll continue long into the future), meet ups, weddings, arguments and fun i've had over the course of the last four years. Darkstar, MG, DC, Nimf, Ray, Mitchell, Ravenmark, Telf, BRM, Beltmark, Kam, AH, Gringo, Omega, Inno, T, Fill, Baz, Spiral, Drake, Taj, Boyo, TGO, Wyndorf, Ashatan, G2G, Twig, Gem, AC, Saz, Nicole, Omar, Colin, Chris2k, Trash, Fletch, Jayden, Taki, Spiritchaser and many many more, thanks for putting up with me for all these years. I'll no doubt see some of you down the line, if I don't then all the best. I'm around on facebook or email if you really need a sarcastic quip! Cheers again, if I'm back in a month then TWO has great addictive qualities and DS can keep the 1PW ticket money :xyx And it wouldn't be a thread by me without at least one of these..... :jump C
  2. Because some Americans view GB / UK as only England, as Jerry Buckheimer's remake of The Diary of Anne Frank shows.
  3. DC isn't English....... I presume from your sig that you are in fact a TNA smark. And really there is no difference in the two breeds, just a matter of taste.
  4. Not at all. I went into the start of WM24 knowing that if it was something special I would probably carry on watching the product with renewed faith. But as big as the event was, the stadium etc, only the Flair and Maywather matches appealed going into the event. They duly delivered but nothing else pushed through to me as anything significant.
  5. Not heard of Wiis overheating, our's has been on for a good few months now and seems ok.
  6. With Mario Kart out soon and Nintendo slowly rolling out online games, who's put their wii online? And more importantly are your Mii's mingling? And if you're online what's your friend code? The Christof family Wii is known as: 4799 9370 8360 4931
  7. A decent mania, credit to Mayweather as I didn't expect him to involve himself to that degree. Batista is slipping down the mania card so fast that next year he'll be on the WWE.com freeview! That powerbomb looked so sloppy, I guess eating a diet of roids, roids and more roids doesn't neccessarily mean you can lift 400lbs. Flair and Michaels produced the goods, delivering a match that I didn't think Flair was capable of these days. Good ending to it, my only disappointment was that no guard of honour was formed as Flair returned back up the aisle. Hated Undertaker winning with his botch choke, I know the tombstone can be seen from a mile off but it's a more fitting mania moment. An avatar of mini Naitch running down the aisle would be superb! On the whole, a good PPV, preferred it with the low level lighting and a nice end to 10+ years of wrestling for me.
  8. TWO Blue? Woah, TWO is in blue. Nice new logo Kam, although it's all going to get take a lot of getting used to!
  9. And by sending out Jimmy Nail you're lucky the UN don't want words with you with regards to torture. In fact the CIA might be asking to borrow the CD shortly.
  10. Jimmy Nail? I'll just delete the email me thinks.
  11. Knackered, an unexpected day and overtime on top. And it was meant to be a day's holiday originally.
  12. That's checking in hope of new Miss T pics isn't it? :lol (kidding T) 11,000 posts, give or take a few hundred, maybe I should go on a post ***** spree to get it up to something with symmetry like 12121, that woud be a nice number to end on.
  13. Where is TGO when you need him:?
  14. I picked up seasons 1 & 2 via isohunt or various other places. Just reading the books at the minute and will tuck into the TV show in due course.
  15. Grotbags is actually my step mother. And DC, wtf??? You know your role, be the "wise" man and I be the wise ass, try not to blur the lines.
  16. Deciding to give up wrestling and it's various pursuits in a week.
  17. Inject some sex, never heard rohipnol called that before :P
  18. I was a naughty boy and stopped into Hotel Chocolat on Moorgate to get Paula (and myself) this mother hubbard... http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk//images/products/Large-Easter-Eggs-IMG450064m.jpg http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk/src/cj/cid/AWRBPJJG07GH7KDHR30OK1T4BAAUK3V5/Large-Easter-Eggs-P450064/ Actually got the smaller one, £18.00 reduced to £12.00, hmmmmmmmmmm chocolate.....
  19. Need to shift a headache that I've had since yesterday morning so have gone for a breakfast of a Banana, a Berocca and a lime, apple and kiwi smoothie as I have to be on site for 8 and awake. On a better note, went to see the Eels last night in Cambridge. Has to be the most bizarre gig I've ever been to. Support was a showing of E tracking down the history behind his father that was on BBC Four previously. Then it was just him and one other on stage, highlights included a couple of readings from E's autobiography and one song where the two changed between drums and piano twice whilst keeping the song going.
  20. DOWN = 7824 kb/s UP = 391 kb/s Meant to have 16 mb/s but I know the local limitations. If only I actually got this speed, utorrent has slowed recently.
  21. Got woken up at quarter past six by some muppet based out in India trying to access a system that we don't even maintain. I mean FFS, surely you can realise what the time is over here, irrespective of whether it's a working day or not!
  22. Even I bought something from a charity shop yesterday, a book for the bargain price of £1.50. This brings my book buying spree to 10 in the last week.
  23. Raymondo! How dare you take away DC's last word!!!!
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