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  1. Why is all this pro Trump.bullshit propaganda on here? @Kam
  2. Organised protest is freedom of speech. Absolutely nothing wrong with a peaceful autonomous zone as it was. Trump is a clueless racist and has shown his racist cards. He has theatened violence and death on his own people. He gassed and attacked peaceful protestors for a photo op with a book, that he has never read. He is a white supremacist.
  3. Seems the campaigns weveplugged away at and been drumming at made the right noises as Tim Martin has done a uturn after government pressure. Still not perfect but least its an income while i self isolate
  4. I work for JD Wetherspoons. Can honestly say even after having a FAQ this afternoon, we dont know where we stand. Obviously cant serve beer from home. Not sure how much were gonna be paid as our average hours per week are usually way more than our guaranteed hours
  5. Gone. All gone. Replaced by millenials trying to have discussion not based on meet uos, wwe ice cream or the such
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