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  1. Why is all this pro Trump.bullshit propaganda on here? @Kam
  2. Organised protest is freedom of speech. Absolutely nothing wrong with a peaceful autonomous zone as it was. Trump is a clueless racist and has shown his racist cards. He has theatened violence and death on his own people. He gassed and attacked peaceful protestors for a photo op with a book, that he has never read. He is a white supremacist.
  3. Seems the campaigns weveplugged away at and been drumming at made the right noises as Tim Martin has done a uturn after government pressure. Still not perfect but least its an income while i self isolate
  4. I work for JD Wetherspoons. Can honestly say even after having a FAQ this afternoon, we dont know where we stand. Obviously cant serve beer from home. Not sure how much were gonna be paid as our average hours per week are usually way more than our guaranteed hours
  5. Gone. All gone. Replaced by millenials trying to have discussion not based on meet uos, wwe ice cream or the such
  6. Yep. I pop in once a month
  7. That main event was one of the best ive ever seen
  8. Id have to say meeting people from a wrestling forum. ;)
  9. Last time properly was Red Dead Redemption 2. Before that it was a new PS4
  10. Inno and dutt sometimes Mitch maybe once every 3 years or so. Nobody else really. Got a job, house, life and 3 kids
  11. Fletch is my name, well fletcher. My surname to be precise. Formelly F2K which was my own homage to Y2J Chris Jericho and being the year 2000 when I made that username for things Also a OG here
  12. I’ve had my iPhone 7 Plus for a year and a bit now. Before that I had two 6S’and before that a 5S and a 4. I’m now done it’s iphones and won’t be ever having another. I’ll be upgrading next year to either Huawei’s latest phone or Galaxy S10 if that’s out
  13. It’s whatever suits the person I guess I asked my fiancée after 6 months, but I had her a book made, listing all the reasons I’m in love with her and the last page asked her if she’d marry me. She got the book before I intended so when she came to my house we read it together then she gave me a card, it listed the reasons she fell for me and on the front had a scratch card type speech bubble. I scratched it off and it said yes. I pulled the ring out of my pocket and put it on her finger, perfect fit. We’ve been engaged now for 2 years and have just got a new house this past January and had a baby together, our little Sylvester on March 4th
  14. Well about time, 14 years on here haha
  15. I saw Take That, twice and each time cost me about £75. But I’ve also just come back from Bloodstock Festival which cost me £155 for a full weekend ticket and then another £175 spending money over the 4 days
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