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  1. :lol: I was joking but I can't believe it's actually there, unreal thread. Shame about all the broken links but the good news is for some reason I still have all my edits... It's the 61-99! Anyway, cheers Kam.
  2. Yo, when did TWO get a new gimmick? And also, did the 'WWE Ice-creams" thread ever make it into the hall of fame?
  3. This happened literally round the corner from my house. In my view, you break into someone else's home, especially armed, then you deal with the consequences. You can't moan when you threaten somebody's life in their own home where their children live and end up getting stabbed yourself. Its the people leaving flowers for the scumbag who died outside the house that sickens me. If I was the man who lived there, I'd make a bonfire out of all the tributes and burn the lot of them shouting GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH! If I knew the man who died, I'd be more ashamed than anything. The man had a wife and kid, he had every right to protect himself and his family by whichever means necessary. Who says the 2 burglars wouldn't have knifed him and then his family? If they are low enough to rob a house then I wouldn't put it past either of them. The more scumbags that are off our streets, the safer the world is for us. I really hope the man in question walks, if not there'll be an outcry. To put it into perspective, if I was sitting down on a Saturday night and I had a knock on my door by 2 no-good scallies with knives, I'd murder the f*** out of both of them for interrupting X-Factor. I hope he burns in hell, if he'd have walked 2 minutes round the corner, it might have been my house he'd have knocked on and I guarantee they'd have both suffered the same fate.
  4. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/soapbox/friends_5514_1.jpg?cache=1223694005 When Ross and Rachel got back together.
  5. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/soapbox/friends_5514_1.jpg?cache=1223694005 When Ross and Rachel got back together.
  6. I stopped reading when I got to William Regal and wrote the entire list off as bollocks. The guy has more wrestling ability in his little finger than a lot of WWE's current roster put together.
  7. Nice one mate, we can't wait to get them developed. You're right, they're so much more exciting than digital cameras. There's something nostalgic about them, and the fact that you have to make every picture count. You can take a photo of just about anything and you can guarantee it would look amazing. I've been given this link by a friend http://www.dscolourlabs.co.uk/c41_processing.cfm so I'm going to give them a go first, they were recommended by a photography shop in Manchester. If we end up trying them I'll let you know how they are. Thanks for the link mate, I'll check this one out too!
  8. I got my mrs all this for Christmas, but the Diana F+ CMYK edition (she likes colourful things). Its a great little camera, and the added 35mm back means even more fun! Reno, have you got a place where you get your films developed? I heard Boots do 120mm film but they charge an arm and a leg. Would you know if any online sites are worth giving a go? We're stuck with 2 undeveloped rolls already!
  9. What you're forgetting, is that this DID HAPPEN! http://myfinecollectibles.com/Jakks/stage-titantron.jpg
  10. Thanks for the list! I will cease spiking my hair up and enjoying television immediately out of fear of being labelled an idiot by yourself! Muppet.
  11. John, you look like Johnny Depp crossed with Jared Leto. Here's me and my mrs getting into the spirit on halloween.. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs964.snc4/75748_10150301948365324_538135323_15125290_382197_n.jpg Her face paint took me about an hour, so kudos to her for sitting still that long. Its probably the only night of the year I'd spend longer on my face than she would on hers.
  12. 'SwaggerSoaringEagle is now following you on Twitter!' Lege.
  13. I think the only reason I ached Gem is because in the wind tunnel, you have to hold a certain position to fly better. If you're free-falling, I suppose this wouldn't matter because you don't have to hold your body a certain way. But indoor skydiving, you're encouraged to press your hips downwards, and against the force of the wind it gets quite tough, hence me aching. Plus if you flail about too much in there, you spin off and fly into the wall. Trying to hold your body shape in mid air against those winds is hard work! I'm not an expert but I think free falling you shouldn't have a problem :) Personally I found it quite hard work being in there but I guess everyone's different.
  14. Goddamn, that's just a heart-attack on a plate isn't it. :sick
  15. :lol thats too bad man. You live as far south as you can get though don't you? You'd be miles away from anywhere really!
  16. It's not cheap Belty. Luckily I got it as a gift voucher off my mate. I got the choice of a helicopter ride, microlight, that kinda thing. But the guy who bought it me basically only did for the indoor skydive because it was for 2 people! The Manchester one is pretty new, and the only other place in the country who do this is in Milton Keynes and is the same company, Airkix. They do various packages, here's the site for you http://www.airkix.com/ Pricey, but a few minutes in that tunnel is definitely enough. Its quite difficult to hold position in there, the winds are like 100mph and as a result I ached for 2 days after. Great fun though :xyx
  17. http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=19&pictureid=49 Yesterday I went for a lovely indoor skydive at Airkix, Manchester. Definitely worth a try!
  18. That looks worse than a Big Show match, which are pretty f*cking terrible.
  19. :sleep_1: Whats that supposed to mean? I'm not starting a Cena debate, I'm pointing out why a chant makes me laugh.
  20. This always makes me laugh because the voices chanting 'lets go Cena' sound higher in this exchange because Cena fans are usually school kids, and the 'Cena sucks' chant is the sound of anyone over 14 who know he is awful drowning them out.
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