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  1. Quick results from last night's show at Baggeridge Brandon Thomas dft Damien Grant Saul Adams dft Joey Starr Rodd Hunter dft Dan Ryder Swift Justice returned to defeat Kevin O'NNeil/Marc Hogan via DQ Danny Devine dft Laken Xander FCW Tag Title Match - Gideon/Jeckel dft Brute Force to retain the titles Our next show is on Sunday June 15th at The Wilson Hall in Halesowen, where due to popular demand Rodd Hunter has been given an FCW Title rematch against Saul Adams!!
  2. shake off these rainy day blues and revel in this shameless bump for tonights show :greets4:
  3. FCW – Breaking Point Date – Sunday May 25th Venue – The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal, DY3 3AA Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 We are under one week away from our fifth show of the year at Baggeridge, so lets get on with the happenings! At ‘Shockwave’ last month Damien Grant actually pinned the FCW Commisioner – Kelli to become the co-commisioner. Damien is scheduled to make his first appearance in his new role this Sunday, what will he have to say, and can he and Kelli co-exist in the same role? In the main event at Shockwave, the team of The Metal Master and Jonny Storm defeated Saul Adams and the mysterious Rigour Mortis. In a pre-match stipulation made by Damien Grant, should either Jonny or Master pin Saul Adams then they would become the #1 Contender to the FCW Title. The ‘Wonderkid’ managed to get the pin on Saul Adams to win the match, unfortunately for Jonny after the match his knee was viciously attacked by the ‘New Sensation’ with a steel chair. Jonny Storm has been granted his title shot at Breaking Point, but what condition will he be in? In a 3-Way Title match last month the FCW Tag Team Champions – Gideon and Jeckel retained their title against PL4Y and Brute Force. However after the match, Brett Banner and Staxx attacked the champions and stole their belts! Gideon and Jeckel have demanded a match to finally settle the score between these two teams. Damien Grant and Kelli have agreed on the match to take place this Sunday, but have decided that a stipulation be added. The stipulation will be announced on the night. Since making his return to FCW at The Wilson Hall on April 13th, the ‘Metrosexual’ Danny Devine has been tearing his way through the ranks. Beating Marcus Kool and more recently Todd Hunter. Danny Devine will once again be in action, with his confidence running wild, who will be next opponent? Also scheduled to appear – Brandon Thomas, Marc Hogan, Laken Xander and many more of your favourite FCW stars!
  4. Check out our latest DVD, which features stars like Doug Williams, Jonny Storm, ROH's Jimmy Jacobs and the FCW Champion - Saul Adams. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=250247176270
  5. FCW – Shockwave Date – Sunday April 27th Venue – The Baggeridge Social Welfare, Lower Gornal, DY3 3AA Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 We are less than one week away from our monthly visit to The Baggeridge Centre in Lower Gornal, 'Shockwave' takes place on Sunday April 27th. As announced at the last Baggerige show , the main event for the evening will see the FCW Champion - Saul Adam team with FCW newcomer - Rigour Mortis. They will take on the team of The Metal Master and the 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm. Also announced at that show was the match pitting the current FCW Commisioner - Kelli against Damien Grant. The stipulations being that if Kelli wins then Grant is gone from FCW forever, but should Grant win, he will become co-commisoner! After an impressive display at the Wilson Hall against Saul Adams, Rodd Hunter is back in action against a man that recently returned to FCW after a 3 year absence - the 'Metrosexual' Danny Devine. After gaining a non title victory over Gideon and Jeckel at 'Intimidation', Brute Force have now been given an opportunity at the gold. However after reviewing video footage of the match it seems that PL4Y played a part in the defeat. FCW Commisioner has decided to make the FCW Tag Team Title match a 3 Way. After losing out to Rigour Mortis at The Wilson Hall show, Laken Xander is looking to get some wins under his belt. He will have his work cut out for him at 'Shockwave' as he tackles the huge Red Toger Axel Bowen. Finally after making a late appearance in the Battle Royale at The Wilson Hall, Marc Hogan has challenged The Bouncer to a singles match. It was The Bouncer who last elimnated Hogan to win the rumble, and now Hogan wants some retribution.
  6. FCW – LIVE Date – Sunday April 13th Venue – The Wilson Hall, Colley Gate, B63 2BU Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 We are just one week away from our debut at The Wilson Hall in Halesowen, in what we hope will be the first in a long line of great shows at this popular venue. The full card can now be revealed - As we already know, due to his win in the 3-Way Ladder Match at JBs - Rodd Hunter takes on Saul Adams for the FCW Title. A true case of 'David and Goliath' with Rodd Hunter having to go all out in a rare opportunity for him to win the FCW Title. The popular high flyer Marcus Kool makes his return to FCW after his impressive win over The Judge at JBs, and he takes on the 'MetroSexual' Danny Devine who returns to FCW after a 3 year absence with a brand new attitude. After the main event of 'Intimidation' was over, Jonny Storm and Metal Master stormed the ring to make the tag challenge for 'Shockwave', but not before Jonny launched himself over the ropes onto Brandon Thomas. Therefore FCW Commisioner - Kelli has made the match for The Wilson Hall as Brandon Thomas will go one on one against the 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm! Staxx and Brett Banner - Brute Force will be in action coming off the back off a non-title victory over the FCW Tag Team Champions - Gideon and Jeckel. Their opponents, the recently reformed Gunns Of Steele! Tommy Gunn and BB Steele will be looking to get back in the title race with a win over who must be considered the #1 Contenders to the FCW Tag Titles. In a 3 Way Dance - Laken Xander will take on 'Tomcat' Kevin O'Neil and the mysterious Rigour Mortis. Making his debut at Intimidation, Rigour was certainly impressive in his match against The Metal Master. Even though he lost the match he sure made an impression after the bell had rung beating the popular star down. The night will also feature an 'Over The Top' Rumble finale.
  7. FCW – Intimidation Date – Sunday March 30th Venue – The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal, DY3 3AA Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 After the all out mayhem that was ‘Strictly Over 18’s’ at JB’s two weeks ago, Future Championship Wrestling return to The Baggeridge Centre in Lower Gornal for another action packed evening of professional wrestling. - Since debuting at ‘Back To The Future’ back in January, the Metal Master has been racking up an impressive win record. The masked star has been in impressive form, beating Falcon and last month Rodd Hunter in stellar contests. One wrestler in particular has noticed this, a wrestler who over the past six months or so has been working around the Midlands area. This man is also shrouded in mystery and has asked that he be the one to beat The Metal Master in an FCW ring, that man is Rigour Mortis. ============================== - In a re-match from their all out brawl at JB’s a fortnight ago, the FCW Tag Team Champions – Gideon and Jeckel will once again collide with the team of ‘Brutal’ Brett Banner and Staxx – Brute Force. These two teams beat the holy hell out of each other in the non restricted confines of an over 18’s show. But now they have to get back to wrestling. Will the West Country stars continue their blazing trail through the tag ranks, or will Brute Force lay down their claim to the FCW Tag gold? ============================== - After vowing to rid Future Championship Wrestling of Damien Grant forever, the FCW Commisioner – Kelli has promised that this will be the last we ever see of ‘The Ladies Favourite’ in FCW. ============================== - During the first ever ‘Gang Warfare’ main event at JB’s, team captain Carl Mizzery was accidentally hit by The Bouncer. This was all that was needed for Carl to walk out on the match leaving it 3 on 4 in Team Adams favour. The frustration has been evident in Carl’s matches as of late, particularly his inability to regain the FCW Title. Fortunately, Team Mizzery overcame the odds and Jonny Storm eventually made Saul Adams submit in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. The Bouncer however, has taken this very personally. He has even gone on record to say that Mizzery was a coward, and blames Carl for his FCW Title challenge loss at ‘Reckless Abandon’ when Mizzery was the special guest referee. The Bouncer has made a challenge for Carl Mizzery to face him one on one, Carl has refused to accept as of this writing, but knowing his competitive nature we’re sure he’ll be there on Sunday March 30th. ============================== Over the past couple of months, the ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm has been goading Saul Adams into giving him an FCW Title shot. Saul has claimed that Jonny doesn’t deserve a title shot, but after their altercation at JB’s it seems inevitable that these two will have to meet somewhere down the line. The ‘Wonderkid’ will be in attendance at Baggeridge, and so will the FCW Champion – Saul Adams. Will Jonny Storm get the title shot he craves? Only one way to find out and that’s to come and see it all unfold on the night!
  8. Results - Attendance - 75 FCW Tag Team StreetFight Gideon/Jeckel dft Brute Force to retain the titles Red Tiger dft Damien Grant #1 Contender Ladder Match - Rodd Hunter dft Falcon and BB Steele Marcus Kool dft The Judge Gang Warfare Match Team Mizzery (Mizzery/Bouncer/Laken, Jonny) dft Team Adams (Adams/Thomas/O'Neil/Hogan)
  9. FCW – Strictly Over 18’s Date – Sunday March 16th Venue – JB’s – Dudley, DY1 4QF (next to Dudley Zoo) Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 It’s time once again when the stars of Future Championship Wrestling get down and dirty, casting off the shackles and going no holds barred. This Sunday March 16th, FCW once again perform for ‘Strictly Over 18’s’ at the legendary JB’s in Dudley. - After being promoted to the role of FCW Commissioner at “Reckless Abandon’, Kelli has once again made another match to punish her former friend Damien Grant. Not content with seeing him pulverized in a handicap match against Brute Force, she has now ordered him to face off against the 6ft 6 – Red Tiger. A tough match for Grant at the best of times, but with the rulebook being thrown out of the window we envisage nothing pretty for him. - In five weeks time, Future Championship Wrestling will make its debut at The Wilson Hall in Halesowen. With that in mind a 3Way Dance has been signed, with the winner receiving a shot at the FCW Champion – Saul Adams, at that very show. The match will see BB Steele taking on Falcon and Rodd Hunter, but with it being at JB’s a small stipulation has been added. The three competitors will have to climbs the rungs of a ladder and gets the ‘#1 Contender Contract’ from the rafters!! - After beating Brandon Thomas and Kevin O’Neil for the FCW Tag Team Titles back in January, Jeckel and Gideon have been riding a huge wave of popularity in FCW. But on March 16th that could all end as they come face to face with a polished FCW tag team in the shape of Brute Force. Brett Banner and Staxx know full well the amount of havoc they can inflict on the champions in this environment, and plan to take full advantage of the (lack of) rules! - Here comes The Judge, here comes The Judge, a popular sound for FCW regulars when the biggest man on the FCW roster – The Judge makes his way to ringside. At JB’s he will be taking on the highflying Midlands star - Marcus Kool. A Judge is supposed to abide to the law of the land and work to a strict rulebook, but not this Judge! The Judge does anything he can to win, as recently witnessed with victories over Laken Xander and BB Steele. This is a first time encounter for these two stars, can the smaller Kool come up with an upset against his much larger opponent? - The main event will see ‘Gang Warfare’ prevail in the FCW ring, as a four man ‘Team Adams’ will take on a four man ‘Team Mizzery’. Before the match there will be a coin toss to see who will start the match. The winning team will send their first representative to the ring, who will start with an opponent from the opposing team. After 2 minutes, the winners of the coin toss will send another rep causing a two on one situation. The other team mates will then enter the ring every two minutes alternately until all eight competitors are in the ring. Once all eight are in the ring, the only way to win the match is by making someone submit. Saul Adams has selected three partners who know each other very well in Brandon Thomas, Kevin O’Neil and Marc Hogan. Carl Mizzery has selected his three partners, and they are Laken Xander, The Bouncer and ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm. Can these teams co-exist, Adams loves the spotlight, but will he put the team before his own well being? Adding to these concerns is the fact that Brandon Thomas and Kevin O’Neil have showed signs of dissention recently. Alternatively Carl Mizzery recently got screwed out of an FCW Title shot, and The Bouncer lost against Saul whilst Mizzery was the special guest referee. Jonny Storm also faced off against Saul Adams and expressed his desire to be FCW Champion. Let’s not forget Laken Xander who recently returned to the promotion looking for forgiveness from the fans after a couple of years bending the rules for his own career advancement. Only one way to find out what goes down, and that’s to see it in person. Tickets can be reserved by emailing fcwuk@aol.com, but will also be available on the door on the night. JB’s website – http://www.jbsdudley.co.uk FCW Website – http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk JB’s is about a 5 minute walk from Dudley Bus Station, for public travel information go to – http://www.travelwm.co.uk JB’s is also easily accessible by car, and is approximately a five minute drive from Junction 2 of the M5. Just follow the signs for ‘The Black Country Museum’ or ‘Dudley Zoo’ JB’s also has many hotels close by – The Station Hotel, The Village Hotel and The Ward Arms being the most popular. http://www.stationhoteldudley.co.uk/index.html http://www.village-hotels.co.uk/ http://www.hotelclub.net/hotel.reservations/Quality_Hotel_Dudley.htm
  10. After a fantastic start to 2008 with the sold out 'Back To The Future' , Future Championship Wrestling return to Baggeridge for their second show of the year. FCW - Reckless Abandon Date - Sunday February 24th Venue - The Bageridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal Doors Open - 7:00pm Start Time - 7:30pm Tickets - £7 - Last month at Back To The Future, the FCW Champion Saul Adams agreed to put his title on the line against Carl Mizzery one last time. If Carl was unsuccessful he would never get another title show as long as Saul was champion. Carl Mizzery was left fuming as Saul Adams got himself intentionally disqualified minutes into the match. Backstage though, there was one person who was even more irate than Carl. The Bouncer had to go to ringside and confront Saul Adams and let him know that he would once again become the FCW Champion. He will get his chance this Sunday as the former FCW Champion and current Ring Warrior - The Bouncer will take on Saul Adams for the FCW Title. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ - To the shock of everyone in Baggeridge at Back To The Future - Brandon Thomas and Kevin O'Neil lost the FCW Tag Team Titles to the relative newcomers - Gideon and Jeckel. O'Neil and Thomas were the longest reigning tag team champions in FCW history. Though lets not underestimate the importance of Damien Grant in their downfall, as it was he who came to ringside and took Kelli over his shoulder and out of Baggeridge. Distracted by what was happening on the outside, O'Neil was easy prey for the hard hitting West Country stars. Brandon Thomas demanded that his team gets a another chance to face the new champions. He doesn't even want a title shot as he has requested a 6man tag team match. He has told Gideon and Jeckel to go and find themselves a tag partner to take on himself, O'Neil and Marc Hogan. This evening FCW Management received a phone call off Gideon, who was pleased to announce that he had found their partner - none other than the returning 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ - Hot on the heels of his impressive debut victory over Falcon at Back To The Future, The Metal Master makes his return at Reckless Abandon this Sunday. His opponent for the evening will be Rodd Hunter, who was been widely regarded as the most improved member of the FCW roster in 2007. Since Todd Hunters injury last year, The Hunter Bros team has had to go on the back burner. But Rodd has been very successful in singles competition, with two notable victories over Falcon late last year. Both fan favourites and both at the top of their game, this has the makings of a fantastic contest. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ - Red Tiger Axel Bowen will also be in action as he takes on the patriotic highflying BB Steele. Axel Bowen definitely has the height and weight advantage, so Steele will have to use all of his speed and agility to stand any chance in this matchup. Axel has been used by the FCW Champion Saul Adams in recent months as his hired help. But anyone who know anything about Saul will tell you that Saul only looks out for #1. It seems that Red Tiger is growing frustrated at playing second fiddle, and being left in the lurch during tag matches. He has even begun getting respect from The Bouncer and Carl Mizzery recently due to some gutsy performances, and the fans are following suit. However, Red Tiger is a brawler, a bruiser and he will do whatever it takes to win. David and Goliath? We know who won that battle, can BB Steele find the sling and slay the giant? Watch it all unfold on Sunday February 24th at Baggeridge!!!
  11. Quick Results - 'Red Tiger' Axel Bown vs The Bouncer ended in a double countout. Brute Force dft Rodd Hunter/BB Steele The Judge dft Laken Xander The Metal Master dft Falcon. The Trainee Battle Royale was interrupted by PL4Y. FCW Tag Team Titles - Gideon/Jeckle dft Brandon THomas/Kevin O'Neil to win the titles. FCW Title - Carl Mizzery dft Saul Adams vis DQ
  12. For anyone wondering what The Metal Master looked like, here is a picture of him with Japanese legend - The Great Sasuke! http://a633.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/106/l_fbd67556f04b89f2298d2eea22d20e38.jpg
  13. -- After a rather tepid end to 2007 with the unfortunate cancellation of ‘Violent Night’, Future Championship Wrestling are starting 2008 with a bang, as we head into our sixth year of promoting. It was on Sunday January 29th 2003 that FCW held it’s first ever show at The Baggeridge Centre in Lower Gornal, and over 50 shows later at the venue we are still going strong. -- But first up we have the bad news, and that is a new price structure for Baggeridge shows in 2008. We have now decided to ditch the party tickets and go for one single ticket price. So as of today (12/1), all tickets for Baggeridge will be £7 general admission. Special deals can be arranged in advance for groups/parties. -- With the bad news out of the way, we will have to give out some good news; the Official FCW Website has been given a bit of spit and polish. There are still some things to be added over the coming weeks and months, but go on over and check it out. Thanks to Martin @ MCB Studios. So onto the show – FCW - Back To The Future Date – Sunday January 27th Venue – The Bageridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal Doors Open – 7:00pm Start Time – 7:30pm Tickets - £7 -- The current FCW Champion – Saul Adams had a fairly dominant 2007 at the top of the tree. Although he lost possession of the title for a few months over the summer to Carl Mizzery, he quickly gained it back. His many defenses of the title also included two pinfall victories over ‘Anarchist’ Doug Williams. Saul has been thrown into a FCW Title defense on the first show of 2008 against the man he lost the title to in mid-2007 – Cal Mizzery. Saul Adams agreed to the match, but added one stipulation. Should Carl be unsuccessful in this match, he will never get another shot at the FCW Title whilst Saul is champion! -- On May 10th 2007, Future Championship Wrestling re-opened its ‘School Of Hard Knocks’. Eight months later, the first batch of trainees are ready to debut for FCW in an ‘Over the top Battle Royale’. The last trainee battle royale took place in December 2005, and featured Brett Banner, ‘Lord’ Graham Thomas and Mr Valentino, who later went on to have varying success in FCW and the West Midlands scene. -- Over the past few months FCW Management has been receiving emails and phonecalls from a man known only as ‘The Idol’. For months he has been requesting a shot on an FCW show, stating that he’ll take on anyone of our choosing. Coming off the back of Christmas and New Year, we are still feeling charitable and have decided to let him show us what he’s got. ‘The Idol’ will take on the mammoth man from the courtroom – The Judge, -- The Bird of Prey – Falcon will also be singles action and like his regular tag team partner he will also be taking on an FCW newcomer. This newcomer has been a big hit in Michinoku Pro where he faced such stars as Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask and The Great Sasuke. More recently he has been working for US promotions like NWA Indiana and IWA-MidSouth. So with that, the Bird Of Prey Falcon will be facing The Metal Master! -- In the main event of November Reign, the team of Carl Mizzery and The Bouncer took on and defeated the FCW Champion – Saul Adams and his hired help – ‘Red Tiger’ Axl Bowen. As it turned out, Saul Adams walked out on the match and left Tiger in a two on one situation. The odds were eventually too much and Red Tiger was pinned. However, Axl put in such a strong effort he actually managed to earn a small amount of respect from the Baggeridge crowd. In a follow up match, ‘Red Tiger’ will go one on one with The Bouncer. -- Due to a serious injury to Todd, the team of the Hunter Brothers are unable to compete in FCW for the foreseeable future. But Rodd Hunter is still looking for a taste of FCW gold and has looked around for someone to team with him in the interim. Step forward BB Steele, who too finds himself without a partner for the evening. Their opponents are a team that haven’t been seen in FCW for some months – that being ‘Brutal’ Brett Banner and Staxx – Brute Force. -- The FCW Tag Team Titles will also be on the line as champions Brandon Thomas and Kevin O’Neil look set to become the longest reigning title holder sin FCW history. Having successfully defended their titles against The Hunter Bros, Swift Justice and Gunns Of Steele and the team of The Bounce/Jonny Storm throughout 2007, FCW Management have gone further afield to find more worthy challengers. The search took them to the West Country, and the team of Jeckle and Gideon, known to most in the area as ‘Team H8’. Gideon and Jeckle debuted for FCW early last year, and looked good in matches against Swift Justice and Brute Force, coming out on top in both. Will they become the latest team to bite the dust against PL4Y, or will they walk away with the gold? Watch it all unfold on Sunday January 27th at Baggeridge!!!
  14. This is weird, because only last night I was thinking to myself that there weren't enough wrestling promotions in the Midlands.
  15. Prepare yourself for the BIGGEST professional wrestling show in the Midlands this year as Future Championship Wrestling presents – ANARCHY AT THE ARENA Date - Saturday November 10th 2007 Venue - The Glades Arena, Bromsgrove Street, Kidderminster, DY10 1PP Doors Open - 6:00pm - Show Starts - 7:00pm Tickets - General - £10 - Party of 4 - £36 Matches Announced so far..... FCW Title Match - 'Mr Bad Attitude' Saul Adams vs 'Anarchist' Doug Williams Celt Kennedy vs 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm FCW Tag Team Title Match - 3 Way - PL4Y vs Gunns of Steele vs Swift Justice The Bouncer vs Ring Of Honor star - Jimmy Jacobs Pittsburgh’s Sterling James Keenan vs Carl Mizzery How To Book Your Tickets – Tickets for this event are now available from The Glades Arena Box Office on 01562 515151 You can also puchase your tickets online via PayPal by using the following link - http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk/events/arena07.htm Alternatively you can purchase your tickets through http://www.midlandboxoffice.com You can also call them during normal working hours on 0870 320 7000 (most cards accepted) *subject to a minimal booking fee Other information – The Glades Arena is situated in the very centre of Kidderminster, and is a mere 5 minute walk from Kidderminster Train Station. The venue itself has plenty of secure car parking opposite the main entrance and it has suitable access for disabled fans. Keep checking back to http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk for more exciting news and updates as they happen. This is the wrestling event of the year not to be missed!
  16. FCW Endurance/Deliverance Results FCW – Endurance – Ring Warrior The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal Sunday September 30th 2007 Attendance – 133 Ring Warrior Quarter Final – The Bouncer dft Brandon Thomas Ring Warrior Quarter Final - Falcon dft Rodd Hunter Ring Warrior Quarter Final – Celt Kennedy dft BB Steele Ring Warrior Quarter Final – Tommy Gunn dft'Tomcat' Kevin O'Neil Ring Warrior Semi Final – The Bouncer dft Falcon Ring Warrior Semi Final – Celt Kennedy won via forfeit FCW Title Match – Saul Adams dft Carl Mizzery to become the new FCW Champion Ring Warrior Final – The Bouncer dft Celt Kennedy to become a two time Ring Warrior Tournament trophy winner. Notes from the show – At the start of the show 'Mr Bad Attitude' Saul Adams told the crowd that tonight he was would be facing Carl Mizzery for his rematch against the FCW Champion. After being distracted over the last couple of months by Weasel, it was time to take his belt back. He then went on to inform the crowd that he had brought in someone to watch his back and ensure that Saul Adams' best interest was always foremost. Adam's then called out his new hired help, 'Red Tiger' Axel Bowen! Saul stated that at 'Deliverance' on Saturday the Red Tiger would 'Kill the Weasel!' The 8 Ring Warrior participants were then paraded in front of the crowd, well 7, as Damien Grant failed to appear at ringside. When Kevin O'Neil came out for his match, accompanied by Damien's former squeeze Kelli, he revealed that he was scheduled to face 'The Ladies Favourite' tonight, but because he was nowhere to be found a replacement had to be called in – enter the returning Tommy Gunn! It was ecstasy and agony for Tommy though. After having his recently injured back targeted throughout the whole match, he managed to get a pinfall on O'Neil. Irate, he called for PL4Y'er Marc Hogan to come to ringside who proceeded to wipe out Tommy with a devastating 18stone splash. His 'Gunns Of Steele' tag partner BB Steele came to his assistance, but the damage had been done. Tommy was taken to Russell's Hall Hospital for X-Rays and was unable to continue in the tournament. In the Semi-Final match between Falcon and The Bouncer, Damien Grant made an appearance bursting through the doors at the back of the hall. He had finally arrived for his match, however, even if he was on time he was in no condition to perform. He was clutching a bottle of alcohol, and stumbling incoherently around. Referee Joel Allen ordered him to the back to clean himself up. In the penultimate match of the night Saul Adams came out to the ring determined to reclaim what he claims was always his. Adams never really lost the FCW Title as Carl Mizzery pinned Laken Xander in a 3Way Dance between the trio a few months ago. Since that time Saul has been a little preoccupied, and Carl has made a great fighting champion. In a great back and forth match, Saul Adams eventually pinned Mizzery to become a two time FCW Champion and was not shy in letting everyone know about it. The last match of the night saw firm fan favourite The Bouncer pin Celt Kennedy to also become a two time Ring Warrior trophy holder. Last years winner Carl Mizzery found that winning the tournament wasn't all that it's cracked up to be as he went on a 6 month losing streak. There was even talk of the trophy being 'cursed'. Well The Bouncer has been there before and knows exactly how to handle the pressures. *************************************************** Check out the brand new FCW Forum at CLICK HERE *************************************************** Quick results from last night's show at The Haden Hill Leisure Centre - Staxx dft Blade after interference from Marc Hogan 3 Way Dance - The Bouncer dft Falcon and The Judge FCW Tag Team Titles - PL4Y dft Gunns Of Steele Red Tiger Axel Bowen dft The Masked Inferno WOS Challenge - 'Lord' Graham Tomkinson dft POISON - 2 falls to 1 FCW Title - 'Mr Bad Attitude' Saul Adams dft Damien Grant via DQ Survivor Match - Gunns Of Steele, The Bouncer and Damien Grant dft Saul Adams, Red Tiger, Kevin O'Neil and Brandon Thomas Survivors - Gunns Of Steele
  17. It certainly will be, for which you ask? The former for sure, hopefully the latter. As has already been announced - we have the FCW debut of Ring Of Honor star - Nigel McGuinness Making a welcome return to FCW - we have the UK's premier grappler - the 'Anarchist' Doug Williams!! The original UK Luchadore El Ligero will be back in action! That's just a taster of what's to come and a full write up will appear shortly. This is shaping up to be the biggest professional wrestling show in the Midlands this year!!!
  18. FCW – Under Siege The Baggeridge Centre, Lower Gornal Sunday July 29th 2007 Attendance - 143 Marc Hogan dft Blade Before this match got underway, MC Kri$ Godsize revealed that from now on all of Marc Hogan’s matches would be fought under ‘Hogan’s Rules’, which basically means there are no rules! The much larger Hogan dominated much of the bout with his own style of physical torture. Blade made a valiant effort, but the immense strength of the PL4Y member was the key factor. Blade came away from the match battered and bruised, but gained the respect of all in attendance. Rodd Hunter dft Staxx w/"Brutal" Brett Banner During last month's 6 man tag match, Staxx was knocked unconcsious by Team H8, an instance that had recurring effects as he fell short in a hotly contested bout with his tag team rival. As the big man came over all giddy climbing the ropes, and his tag partner Banner pleaded with the referee for some compassion, Staxx's devious plan to remove the turnbuckle cover backfired, as the opportunistic Rodd rammed his head into the metal buckle to capture a quick-fire three count! After suffering two serious blows to the head in the space of a month, many are fearing for Staxx's immediate well being. FCW management are seriously considering imposing a medical suspension until he fully recuperates. FCW Tag Team Titles – No Countout – No DQ Brandon Thomas/’Tomcat’ Kevin O’Neil dft ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm/The Bouncer After a few months of heated action between these four competitors, it all came to a head here. Jonny made the challenge last month and it was accepted. Action from bell to bell, both inside and outside the ring. Highlights included a double footstomp from Jonny off the apron to O’Neil who was lying on the outside of the ring and twin plancha’s by Jonny and The Bouncer onto the Tag champions. In the end though, The Bouncer was ran into the ringpost and Jonny was hit with the title belt which gave the champions enough time to get the 1-2-3 on Storm to retain the belts. - After the interval Kevin O’Neil interupted the music and told the crowd that from now on there will be no more outsiders coming into FCW and trying to get their hands on the FCW Tag Team Titles. From now on all title shots will have to be earned. This bought out Damien Grant, who stated that he has every right to ask for a title shot as he never actually lost the titles. For those that remember, Damien and his ‘Devil’s Advocate’ partner Saul Adams won the belt earlier in the year, only for Saul Adams to vacate them on behalf of the team. O’Neil said that he would allow Damien Grant a chance at the titles, with a partner who also deserved a shot. 10 Minute Challenge – Weasel dft ‘Mr Bad Attitude’ Saul Adams Before the match Saul Adams took the house mic and vented his frustrations at Weasel. Two months ago it was Weasel who distracted Saul which enabled Carl Mizzery to win the FCW Title. ‘Mr Bad Attitude’ came to the ring with a case which he stated was filled with 6 months worth of champions pay. He challenged Weasel to last just ten minutes in the ring with him. Weasel accepted the challenge. For a good 7 minutes Weasel was just too fast for Adams, hiding through the crowd and under the ring to waste the time away. With about 3 minutes left, Saul finally caught up with him and proceeded to pummel him, but Weasel had enough in him to run backstage, with Saul hot on his heels. Weasel then came back out and grabbed the money and away he went as the seconds dissapered. The Judge w/Falcon dft ‘Ladies Favourite’ Damien Grant The lovely Kelli was conspicuous by her absence, and it certainly seemed to affect the ‘Ladies Favourite’. Last month whilst Grant was wrestling his match with Laken Xander, a courier appeared at ringside with a bunch of flowers for Kelli. Damien was clearly distressed that someone else was moving in on his woman. The Judge was accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner – Falcon and the advantage was certainly in their favour. Not even a top turnbuckle flying Damien Grant could overcome the odds, and after a devastating Emerald Fusion it was all over. The main question coming out of this match though was the whereabouts of Kelli, and was she with her apparent secret admirer? - An irate Saul Adams then charged to the ring and challenged Weasel to a one on one match next month at Baggeridge. He wanted his money back, so he wanted Weasel to put the money on the line, and Saul would put his FCW Title re-match on the line. We’ll find out next month if the challenge is accepted. FCW Title – Carl Mizzery dft Celt Kennedy to retain the title. In a rematch from last month’s main event, the popular Carl Mizzery defended his belt against former champion Celt Kennedy, as a result of the contentious ending to their previous meeting. The familiarity between the longtime rivals was clear, as the two went hold for hold, and move for move for fifteen minutes, before Mizzery was able to land the Tombstone Piledriver and put the fiery northerner away. The fighting FCW Champion looked to be in rare form, and with 4Play still hungry having got a taste for gold last month, Saul Adams back & in destructive mood, and Laken Xander still sniffing around, it's form he's going to have to keep up. Credit - http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk
  19. Just over a week to go until we head back to Baggeridge for 'Breaking Point', and this evening another two matches were signed. - After a impressive (if somewhat tainted) victory over the 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm last month, Celt Kennedy goes up against 'The Ladies Favourite' Damien Grant. As always Damien will be accompanied by the lovely Kelli. - In tag team action, Falcon and The Judge - Swift Justice will face a stiff test as they take on 'Team H8'. http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk/images/h8.jpg Jeckle and Gideon have gained a cult status in the West Country and now move up to the Midlands to stake a claim on the FCW Tag Team Titles. So the current card looks like this - FCW Title Match - 3 Way Dance - 'Mr Bad Attitude' Saul Adams© vs Carl Mizzery vs Laken Xander FCW Tag Team Title Match - PL4Y (Brandon Thomas/Kevin O'Neil)© vs 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm/?????????? Celt Kennedy vs 'Ladies Favourite' Damien Grant w/Kelli Swift Justice vs Team H8 See you at ringside!!
  20. On Tuesday evening the stars of 'Future Championship Wrestling' will once again be appearing on Tim Shaw's Asylum tommorrow. Others may have been there, but the originals are back!! Tim Shaw's Asylum - 11:00pm till 1:00am Kerrang Radio 105.2FM in the Midlands http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk/images/fcwkerrang.jpg
  21. The FCW 'School Of Hard Knocks' re-opens tommorrow evening!
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