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  1. Wow, you misplace a first name and the mods are in to get their digs. Cool forum.
  2. Sorry to be negative nelly but I've popped around again to take a look at how this terrible era is looking once again. A FOURTY-MAN ROYAL RUMBLE?! As people have already said, considering how the entire roster is devoid of ANY true stars, this just sounds like a bit of banter from Vince. Only that we know he really is losing his marbles.
  3. Last movie I saw in the cinema was The King's Speech. Which if it doesn't clean up at the Oscars I'll be shocked. I didn't think any movies would beat Inception or Toy Story 3 but it (for me anyway) a truly remarkable story and one that I genuinely could get into. The chemistry between Rush and Firth is second to none and of course the wonderful Helena as the Queen Mother is excellent as always. Other than that, on a negative note (purely because of the hype surrounding) I was given The Social Network to watch. I have to say, I have literally no idea what people found so good about this movie. It actually made me angry watching it, that's how uninterested I was. If the whole point of the movie is to make the viewer despise the entire list of actors and actresses then well done David Fincher, I truly hate every character in this movie. I'm a computer science student too; I should be interested in this sort of movie on a technical/entrepreneurial level at very least. All I know differently after watching is apparently Facebook was created by an absolute scummy ****. And it's up for awards?! Baffling.
  4. Considering I genuinely couldn't tell it was Heath Ledger for most of the movie (until Batman holds him by the neck in the cell) I'd say he was the one actor who truly captured the role 100%. I love Jack Nicholson but there's something missing overall. However, his entrance as the Joker ("Jack is dead my friend..") is rather special for me. MARK Hamill is pretty impressive for the voice over also I'll admit.
  5. They are both blatantly dumb, ignorant people. A little bit of sexism is just the tip. Andy Gray has been talking out of his arse for years upon years and Keys looks like a shaved chimp in a suit. Slimy gits.
  6. I don't know how you come to conclusion that they SHOULD get bonuses necessarily. The view I take is more apathetic and that is the banks/bankers are not the ones to be hitting with a stick. Certainly no more than the previous atrociously incompetent government. So as far as I'm concerned, it's their choice. Morals are fun to talk about but these are bankers afterall. :P
  7. Yeah you're right. It's shite. I know changes happen but Vince has literally sucked any life out of his product. I mean people, including myself, were complaining of a downward spiral back in 2004/05. Jesus, it's gotten worse, every single year.
  8. If I was daft enough to watch Wrestlemania in April, I'm pretty certain I will tune in to see the worst Wrestlemania and more importantly, the least star-studded Wrestlemania in the history of the WWE. God help anyone who actually wastes their money on this piss. Feel free to disagree if you want but the standard of the programme today is just terrible and literally puts me to sleep.
  9. 6-year contract. Wow. Maybe Mike Ashley knows something we don't..
  10. I think I've heard about that before? Isn't that what the geeks call "time travel"? *Jumps into delorean*
  11. I think I've heard about that before? Isn't that what the geeks call "time travel"? *Jumps into delorean*
  12. Just when Newcastle were shaking off the label of being the most bizarrely run football club...ever. It's almost like he's just..doing it for a laugh or something at this stage. Either that or he has some serious unrealistic ambition for where Newcastle should be in the league. I'd say their chances of slipping down the table have just gone up ten-fold. Pardew? Jesus wept.
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