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  1. Well now it's offical, Rangers go into administration...
  2. Well now it's offical, Rangers go into administration...
  3. France vs Ireland called off, I was reading on Twitter. Edit : Yeah, what Bisch said.
  4. Just made this after hearing Dave Jones say "Manchester United dominated possession with 54% to Liverpool's 46%"..... I dunno, maybe I have a different understanding of the term given I regularly watch Barcelona get 70% plus most games, but what is dominating possession? I'd say it's if you get 66% or more you dominate possession, but to me a possession difference of 8-10% isn't strictly dominating it.
  5. Link to the FA statement below. http://www.thefa.com/England/News/2012/080212.aspx
  6. Good Raw, the Punk/"Johnny" segment was brilliant. Jericho is great too.
  7. Thank you for this :lol Here are some snippets for anyone who doesn't have Twitter :lol
  8. I don't really ever watch TNA so I'll pick 10 WWE if that's ok... 1. Alex Riley 2. Curt Hawkins 3. JTG 4. Tyler Reks 5. Jinder Mahal 6. Tyson Kidd 7. Johnny Curtis 8. Primo 9. AJ 10. John Cone
  9. Good enough Raw to follow up the PPV. Some good wrestling action in the main. Kane looked badass again. Cena/Kane feud to tie Cena over until near Wrestlemania looks like.
  10. Alright my choices. Firstly a song I've been listening more too recently. And Then She Smiles by The Mock Turtles. [video=youtube;BMTWe_M2unw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMTWe_M2unw Secondly Paul Weller's turn, with Out Of The Sinking. [video=youtube;Ih4Zj-YNNvs] And as it's Christmas (well, nearly) and as it's about to be announced, here's the Christmas number one from 10 years ago. Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman - Something Stupid. [video=youtube;4nmz6RX9gUQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nmz6RX9gUQ
  11. :lol Anyway. Rock vs Ken Shamrock. I'm glad this one was chosen as this is my favourite match out of the series they had, very good it was too. They clicked very well. Heel Lawler was on form here. The match has a really good pace throughout. The whole brass knucks thing worked brilliantly. Shamrock snapping was funny, thought it then, still do. Yeah, brilliant match. 9/10.
  12. T&A and Trish vs Team Extreme This whole PPV brings back good memories. This was a pretty good opener, crowd seemed happy with it. These two teams were a good foil for each other. Ah the ol' double feature. Pretty well action filled throughout here in a year where tag teams were strong. Overall a good PPV opener and a good match. 7/10.
  13. Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean - No Church in the Wild Yeah pretty good song, nice beats throughout. Vocally it's not too bad either, but the tune is what makes it. 8/10. Cancer Bats - Sabotage I can take or leave this style. Not too bad here though actually. Again the tune adds a lot to it. Probably not something I'd rush to listen to again, but 6/10 never the less. The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man Heh, pretty good one here. Vocally I can appreciate it a lot. The tune again fits well here with the vocals. Good choice there. 8/10.
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