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  1. Prince Devitt...but just saw him strolling down O'Connell street I think it was.
  2. Listened to about 30 mins of the EC episode. Pretty fun show you got there. Keep it up!
  3. Wrestling has just hit its peak with that mention of Bishop Brennan. "Don't call me Len you little bollix"
  4. Didn't enjoy it as much as I thought. Maybe it was because I was in the cheap seats though. Only went really to see Punk and Bryan really and I'll admit to getting goosebumps during their entrances. Cena v Ziggler was a decent match to sit through as well. Was funny seeing Cena do a hurricanrana.
  5. Half 7 show...What time do they usually finish around?
  6. Haha, true that.... I do have a gf though but she isnt around and I wouldnt dare take her to a show... I swear she's real!!
  7. It'd just look a tad bit creepy if it was me there just surrounded by parents and their kids is all. Any idea if the cheap tiered seats would be families mainly?
  8. So can anyone whos been to these shows tell me if it's just kids with their parents mainly at these shows? Still undecided about the Dublin show because I'd be heading there by myself. Even though I dont watch TNA might just wait for that in January because I think they should have a more adult crowd there.
  9. Don't know whether to go or not to the Dublin show. Are these events usually fully packed with just kids? And is it really weird going to these shows by yourself? I barely watch wrestling but it might be cool seeing Punk and Bryan.
  10. How would Ryback turn heel during the PPV and join forces with his opponent? Fingerpoke of Doom 2?
  11. You're so original Michael!!! And the 3 man band JOB Squad being Heyman guys? Ha :lol
  12. The only way I can see WWE getting what they want is by having Punk escape the cell and just to leg it out of the arena. A really cool scenario I'd look into doing would be for Punk to try and escape up the ramp only for Cena to appear trying to block him. Then Brock or other Heyman guys attack Cena and escort Punk out of the arena.
  13. http://sas.guidespot.com/bundles/guides_92/assets/widget_avbZbkphzeoQvHaL_ADNDQ.jpg
  14. How does it matter that he came in old? Seriously like. His product knowledge is really good, his image is good and his broadcasting skills are really good as well. Thats all that matters, end of.
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