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  1. cheers dude, wouldnt mind seeing the thread, i couldnt find it on 1pw website
  2. does anyone have the link to the 1pw list?
  3. whose going to show £7 quid nice and cheap to see EX-WWE Star U-Gene
  4. Team H8 - Gideon & Jeckal Project Future - Bobby Hostile & Ricardo Young
  5. The Models - Danny Hope and Joey Hayes Gunns Of Steele - Tommy Gunn and BB Steele
  6. who is going to this show, sounds like a decent card, glad to see Stixx and 3Some on their
  7. Yes Carnage was part of FWA when it first started out
  8. 75 is still decent in that venue but the previous show was 162 with smothers on.
  9. very good card the only thing im worried about is that last shows attendence was at 162 and is usually 62, because smothers was on the show. i have got a feeling that the show wont draw as much as last show unfortunatley
  10. anyone from here go to this show thoughts????
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