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  1. She 'quit' a week ago but both sides have talked since then and WWE relented as they don't need THAT type of lawsuit.
  2. Working A Resthold will be performing a live stage-show edition of their podcast on the 8th October in the Craftsman pub in Altrincham, Manchester. They will be joined by VERY SPECIAL guests Jimmy Havoc, Trent Seven, Jinny & Jack Sexsmith! Tickets are just £5 which is an absolute bargain. It's an afternoon show, so if you're heading to WCPW Angle vs Rhodes in the evening, you can do this show and then make the 5 minute walk to see WCPW! Go to workingaresthold.bigcartel.com for tickets.
  3. Feel sorry for Reigns. It's not his fault he's being booked terrible.
  4. Anybody else going to this? I will be at Sheffield on Saturday and London Wednesday.
  5. NXT and ROH are what the original ECW would have eventually turned out like had they stayed in business, Paul Heyman has said as much. on a side note, ECW from 1995 to 1999 was a fantastic product, I think it just went down hill from there.
  6. Wasn't the idea to bring Carlito back and align him with the (re-packaged) Matadores? I don't see Del Rio going back there now that Lucha Underground has been renewed.
  7. It's such a shame for TNA as at the start of the year they had great TV (stemming from the UK shows in January), but now it's been reduced to producing a hodge-podge of a tv show with random matches and using promos/backstage segments to try and make them make sense. I hope they survive because it's a place for people to work but they're not doing themselves any favours.
  8. Really enjoyed the show and it was a better mania than last year easily. I have been reading all week about UK fans being over there and going to the various Q&As, Indy shows and NXT and it made me really jealous....so I've booked my hotel in Arlington for NEXT year's mania already :)
  9. I had to re-register yesterday and I still haven't been charged (despite having the Network since it became available in the UK). I watched WM24 last night, was a really good show.
  10. I've never been a fan of his and his World Title 'run' was awful, almost embarrassing.
  11. Cheers for that DC, I couldn't quite remember why it wasn't completely clean and knew Goldberg had been involved in the match. The DDT on the title belt fit in with Eddie's 'always cheat' motto from back then.
  12. Are they going to do a triple threat at mania for the IC title? Ambrose/Barrett/Truth? Or will they throw Ziggler into that mix? I'd be happy with a triple threat for the IC and Ziggler getting to face Bryan and steal the show.
  13. I've been a big fan of Samoa Joe since his title run in ROH, I'd be surprised if he ended up in NXT/WWE, almost soley due to his body type. Having said that Bray Wyatt and Steen aren't exactly ripped so there is a place in the company for body types that aren't completely muscular.
  14. I think they should have turned him prior to the match against Bryan or even during it.
  15. I'm not buying Orton as a babyface either, not sure it's ever worked.
  16. The crowd was absolutely appalling, didn't seem into anything. I'm made up Kidd/Cesaro are the tag champs, WWE has something with Rusev and hopefully he can break into the main event or title picture and I though Reigns and Bryan was good. I'm not a Reigns fan by a long way and he's got a lot to prove though.
  17. Cheers fella. Been using the On-demand feature of the network for the past 4 or 5 days and there is loads of great stuff on there. Been watching 98 to 2000 PPVs and absolutely loving it. On a side note, the amount of chairshots to the head and blading in that era is MENTAL.
  18. Does anyone know what the feed has been like on the US version of the network for the live PPVs? Going to watch the Rumble on Sunday on the network and don't want the feed cutting out all over the place.
  19. I love Tenby mate, been going there at least once a year since I was a kid, either with the lads or now, with the wife. Is it a holiday apartment or do you live there?
  20. I've heard that as well Boyo (from people who work in the game) and that he has a good chance of the conviction being quashed.
  21. I've heard that as well Boyo (from people who work in the game) and that he has a good chance of the conviction being quashed.
  22. It's great to see the forum evolve rather than having to close completely due to lack of activity. I've been a member for over ten years and I rarely post any more due to 'real life' taking over and having a grown up job where I have to actually do stuff. I still lurk occasionally and it's still nice to see some of the old user names. :)
  23. In my opinion, he shouldn't have considered getting back into football until his appeal had been heard and then he could have explored his options when he knew the outcome. If his appeal fails and his conviction stands, he should stay away from football for his own good as the abuse he would get from the stands will be intolerable.
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