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  1. IMAGE #1 Warrier "My psychiatrist says I need to manage my anger, so come on lets hug it out. I said LETS HUG IT OUT!" IMAGE #2 Sid "Alas poor yorick I knew him well Hulk." Hulk "Brother you've dropped your skull, and lost your marbles!" IMAGE #4 Let the wedgie wars commence. IMAGE #4 Okay, Okay I take it back the spinoroni isn't the lamest attempt at breakdancing ever, just stop crying! IMAGE #5 Musical chairs at the hardy household was a site to behold.
  2. Hi I have applied to join the league my username is the same as here MadMutant. Thanks
  3. Image 1. Hey I could really use a hand here! .....um..... OK Image 2. The ref looked on in awe at what ultimate warrior could acheive with his mouth. Image 3. Edge: I no longer want to be the rated R Superstar, I am now Mr. Sparkle. Jericho: - Hey sparkles are my thing! Image 4.The look in Jerry Lawlers eyes made Randy really regret knocking off his crown! Image 5. Guy in crowd: Yes the atomic wedgey! Best Wrestling Move Ever!
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