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  1. Were there noticable differences between the two belts?
  2. It's a long time since I've seen it, but wasn't that the whole point of the angle? That he was a monster with no social skills, and didn't know how to interract with women, and didn't know right from wrong, and either raped and murdered her or came across her already dead and had sex with her, cause he was too anti-social and scarred for any alive girl to spend time with him?
  3. Cool, thanks. I guess it's a shame that by being a tag belt, and by definition being one of a pair you never know whether it was one that was used for certain belt shots to win titles or whatever. Still cool that it was one held by all those great tag teams.
  4. You say you want longer runs, but then also say having twice as many main eventers going for the belt is better too. That would inevitably lead to shorter reigns, as like it or not, different guys want their chance with the belt. And all those things are totally down to personal opinions. Who's to say who should be a world champion and who shouldn't? I'm sure if we listed 10 champions and asked everyone which ones did or didn't deserve to be champion, you'd get 10 different answers. I've not been reading your recent posts, I only came back on today. :lol In the 80's WWF there weren't half as many main eventers as there are now. It was basically Hogan v the latest challenger, which worked when there were 3 months to build a fued, and everyone looked forward to PPV matches because that was the only time top guys wrestled. And 2 of the 4 PPVs didn't even have normal matches, which meant title matches were limited to 2 big PPV's a year, plus some Saturday Nights Main Events, and the odd other ones. The other guys had fueds amongst themselves, which was ok if they only fought every few months, but now with 12 or 13 PPVs a year, plus top guys wrestling every week on Raw and SD, that's a LOT more fueds and matches. There wasn't a shortage of great fueds or angles, because there was probably 1/50th of the matches that there are now!! Excactly, and none of those were main eventers. They'd be the same as many upper midcarders nowadays, who are always on shows, but never get a title shot or a main event fued. I don't think that, but that doesn't stop bookers, Vince, or the wrestlers themselves thinking that everyone is entitled to a chance to have a good run as champ. I don't hold with the theory that longer title reigns makes it more prestigious. That's like saying if Man United win the Premier League for 10 years on the run it makes it more prestigious, because it's hard to obtain. Does that make for good viewing though? Alternatively, you can go into every PPV with Cena as champ knowing there's absolutely no chance of him dropping it to the latest challenger, cause they'd never give that person the belt over the another 6 guys who are bigger stars. Personally I like going into a title match not knowing who will win, not knowing it's a foregone conclusion. If lots of people get a chance at the belt, that means there's more chance of a random person winning it at any given time. If one guy keeps it for a year, you know an upper mid-carder has no chance. Well the majority of PPVs have the World Title match as the main event. If you never wrestle for the title, you'll never be in the main event.
  5. Doesn't the title holder make more money? I'm expect they probably sell more merchandise if they're in the main event every week than just having a non-descript fued. That's frankly ridiculous, how do we know what would have happened if they'd got the title? That's like saying Rock or Austin would be just as popular today if they'd never held the belt! Also, they were barely main eventers, with the exception of DiBiase. Perfect never had a main event match at a PPV, or had a title fued above IC level that I remember. Rude had an IC run, and then one PPV match with Warrior, which he lost. By the same token, who cares about a main event match where Cena beats the 14 successive challenger? He's already boring enough when he does lose the belt every so often, how dull would it be him keeping the sole title for a year?
  6. And which ones would you say deserve it? And is that deserve it from your POV, Vince's POV, casual fans POV, internet fans POV, people who attend live show's POV? All of those people would have different lists of who deserves it. What people need and what people want are probably two different things. As are what people need and what fans or Vince want. Deserve it from who's POV? Again it's all opinion. I don't think Benoit or Rey deserved to hold the belt, but lots of other people do. Swagger IMO should have held the belt, and will probably hold it again, because he has everything you need to be a champion. You obviously think differently, which proves my point. What it would give us is a different contender every month, like it did previously, and lots of title changes because 16 main eventers all want the title. The fueds would be shorter, because the next top star would be stepping up.
  7. Cool, thanks for the info Belty. :xyx How much did Ax want for the belt, and do you know how much it went for on Ebay?
  8. I disagree that less titles is better, and Belty, aren't you contradicting yourself if you say that less titles is better, but then longer title reigns are also better? If there's only one title, that's twice as many main eventers to share the same number of title runs, hence by definition the average title run will be shorter, as all the top stars will still want to hold it. Less titles also mean more pointless fueds over cups of coffee and the like, as the writers struggle to find fueds for twice as many people not involved in the title picture. Also, I agree entirely with Dante that most of those guys would never have had a title run if there was only one title. And Belty your reply was that DiBiase, Perfect, Rude etc never got title runs, as if that was a good thing? Personally I think it sucked that those guys never got to hold the title, as would the majority of internet fans would think it sucked if Eddie, Rey, Benoit, Hardy etc had never held the title. Plus you can add to that list Swagger and Sheamus. Less titles = less title runs for the main eventers, and a much smaller chance of anyone breaking into the main event.
  9. For those young 'uns, or people who don't know their title history, there's some spoilers for the IC tournament on Vintage.
  10. I thought the ending was great as everyone, although I recorded it onto tape and it must have run over the 3hrs cause it went off as they were about to do Gabriel's splash, did I miss anything after that? However, as good as it was, I'm a bit disappointed that Wade Barrett after winning has been lumped back in with all the other guys. I'd rather have seen him out on his own, and they could still have run the same angle with the other 7 guys who were annoyed they didn't get a contract or whatever. I don't see how they rationalise Barrett joining up with a load of guys without contracts to rip up his own workplace? Especially when he's not been friends with them, they were enemies during NXT. Also, how can anyone say the rest of Raw was rubbish when it had the dance off! That was awesome!! lol As to the main event and people being unsure about why they chose Punk, you have to remember there's always a split of people voting for someone they like and want to see, and someone they want to see beaten up by Cena.
  11. How would Vince know the team concept is outdated, he hasn't used it properly for years!! And why would that make a difference anyway, is he saying that with Cena v HHH v HBK on the card, the buyrate is determined by matches with midcarders in?? The problem with Wargames (bearing in mind I've only seen one) is that although the idea of 10 men in a cage is good, in reality its actually really boring, in the same way that the start of the Rumble can be a bit dull. Sure it's someone coming in every 90-120 secs, which is cool, but the start doesn't really mean anything, because nothing can happen until all 30 men have entered. In the same way 20 mins of cage match with no possibility of any pinfalls or an ending just leaves you waiting till everyone has entered, to see what happens. And with Wargames there's not even an exciting ending, just one pinfall, which usually (if you go off Fatal 4 way or greater matches), cause all of one team get pushed to one side, and then one guy is pinned. You can see it coming a mile off, just like the end to ladder matches. Imagine the Elimination Chamber with just one pinfall at the end. War Games would only be good if they combined it with Survivor Series and had it as an elimination. Although, if the team concept is outdated, why would they run Wargames?
  12. I also thought Kane's promo was awesome. Personally if I'd written that promo for him, and then seen how the rest of the show was booked I'd have gone and smacked the booker!! They get Kane over with a great promo, and then instead of capitalising on it and having him replace Taker (which makes sense stylistically), they go and put Rey in instead!! I agree with Magic, Rey is not only boring, but he's also often unbeleivable. They are far better high flyers (Evan Bourne), but I guess they don't sell masks, or be over with the hispanic audience. I'd rather Vance Archer had won, he looks like pretty good at least! Also, when they say "vegetative state", they don't mean he's brain damaged, they mean he's in a coma. Obviously coma is a taboo word or something. So they can bring him back whenever they want with a "omg he's come round from his coma".
  13. He did get a backlash like Cena does, just instead of fighting against they turned him heel. He got booed like Cena does, probably worse as there weren't lots of little kids cheering for him as there is with Cena.
  14. I think Hogan slamming Andre should be number 1 in any countdown of WM moments. Personally I wouldn't have this number one anywhere near my top 25 moments, but I was never a big fan, and I didn't write the article. lol It's a long time since I watched the WM XII Iron Man match, but from memory I'm pretty sure it was more entertaining than any match Benoit was ever in. Most of his matches I found pretty boring.
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