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  1. Which seats have you got? We're flat 2 row L I think?
  2. Going to the Plymouth show as only an hour-ish from me, normally have to travel to Birmingham to see any shows! Haven't been to a WWE show in awhile so not sure how much tickets tend to cost for Raw or Smackdown in comparison to £50 for NXT?
  3. Sorry, I just lurk and read the threads...will try and post more than once a year!
  4. I honestly had it in my head that I was #16 so this was a surprise! Haha!
  5. Hannah 23 Getting married in 2 weeks! Customer Service Manager yep thats pretty much it! :)
  6. I am really enjoying this season, but I agree with Jimmy they are trying to fit too much into one series. It's weird for me watching 1 episode a week, as I only got into Dexter this year, so watched seasons 1-7 in the space of a few months. Only 4 more episodes to go and its all over :(
  7. I've met Billy Gunn. Not much else to say about that! lol
  8. Haha its okay I will let you off this time :P Thanks everyone :D
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